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I'm not going to thank the republican no votes who wanted to go even further in stripping health care from millions of americans. The dems and what few 'moderate' republicans actually exist(a dying breed), sure, but not the tea party who wanted to include such measures as 'your insurance shouldn't cover hospitalization, maternity care or prescription drugs'.

Look, yeah, that’s a thing, but they also actually dug in and said “No” to Trump. They proved that they can’t all be bought and sold, and that they have limits. 

I respect the steel they show when faced with a demon, even if their motivations are…unsavory.

I’ll take what I can get these days.

The Ugly Side of the Fish Keeping Industry - Fish That Shouldn't Be

Fish keeping is a great, rewarding hobby to take part in, and has grown into a huge industry over the years. Commercial fish farms breed fish to be shipped to retailers all over to provide us with a wide variety of fish species to stock our tanks with. But in the demand for more interesting fish and the next trend in fish keeping, some fish are being bred that just shouldn’t be.

Dyed fish - Few fishkeepers nowadays haven’t heard of the horrors of dyed fish, but they are still being produced and sold to unsuspecting newcomers to the hobby. The dye is harmful to the fish, results in many deaths to those fish that can’t handle the brutal application methods, and usually fades over time anyways as the fish surviving the horrible ordeal work the contaminant out of their system. Be wary of any fish whose colors look unnatural - but don’t confuse dyed fish with “Glofish”! Glofish are genetically modified fish created originally for a scientific study. They are not dyed and most for sale now are actually naturally bred from existing specimens.

Rosetail Bettas - Rosetails look absolutely stunning, so it’s no surprise they’ve become quite popular and are in high demand with breeders. But rosetail bettas’ beautiful fins come at their own detriment - they are huge, heavy, and make swimming incredibly difficult. This is so much so that mature rosetails pretty much never look like that beautiful flower petal - finned fish anymore. They usually are so inhibited in their swimming that they inevitably shred their own fins to make their lives a little easier, opening them up to infection and disease in the open wounds they create.

“Balloon” fish - I’ve seen this trait most often bred in livebearers, gouramis, and ram cichlids. It’s a trend that really needs to stop. Balloon fish have shortened, malformed spines that cause their bodies to be stunted and smushed. Because they don’t have the room in their shortened bodies for their organs, they bulge out to form a large “balloon” stomach area. These fish have notably shortened lifespans and are more prone to disease.

Hybrids - Hybrid species sound like a harmless introduction to the hobby, but things start getting complicated when we can’t tell which fish are hybrids and which are the species we’re looking for. Hybrid Synodontis catfish have become so prevalent in the trade that it is difficult to find fish that aren’t hybrids. Without being able to tell exactly which fish a hybrid was bred from, there’s no real way to tell how big it will get, what it’s housing needs are, or how best to care for it. In addition, there are some fish species that are endangered or extinct in the wild that have been preserved by commercial breeding for the fishkeeping hobby. If those fish species lose favor or genetic purity, we could lose them entirely.

Many “Monster” Fish - Now this one isn’t as much a problem with the fish themselves as how prevalent they are in the hobby. Commercial fish farms should not be breeding these fish as they don’t belong in any standard size tanks and certainly never in the hands of a novice fishkeeper. There are those out there capable of keeping them, but they are advanced fish keepers and certainly no where near a majority. Fish like common plecos, red tailed cats, bala sharks, arowannas, and knife fish (to name just a few) just don’t belong in your average pet store and certainly should not be mass bred for any unknowing new fishkeeper to horribly stunt in a grossly undersized tank.

Fish like these shouldn’t be mass bred by commercial fish farms and shouldn’t be cropping up in our fish stores, but they won’t be going anywhere any time soon if there’s still a demand for it. Make an effort not to buy these fish yourself and support their production, but also make sure to let your local stores know that you’re not happy to see them selling these kinds of fish. If retailers stop ordering them, the suppliers will stop breeding them, and we’ll have less fish in the world living horrible lives because of the things humans have done to them.

Weekly Crossover Idea (3/???)

Mutants are a dying breed, hunted over the course of a decade by governments and even their own kind. People claim that a new one hasn’t been born in the last twenty-five years- but a certain Captain finds herself on the run with a few of them in tow. The new mutants are alive- and dangerously gifted. (Farley is basically the unwilling uber driver to the gang as they try to escape to the mutant safe haven in Canada- the typical antics and betrayal ensue)

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I think I’m about to step on some toes, but I have decided to speak my mind at all costs because a voice that remains silent will always be caged. I want to talk about the “gentlemen” and how in today’s society it is a dying breed. Guys you cannot expect a woman to want you if you are constantly being an asshole. Yelling is not a turn on. Speak softly and watch how we melt like butter. When you get angry get away for a bit if you need to.As for me personally, My posts reflect who I am and what I like, however, I am not YOUR whore and YOU are not my daddy. Do not think you can text me and and start talking nasty from the get go. This is definitely not being a gentleman in my opinion anyway. If I want to sit on your face you would know it. Don’t ask these questions to the ladies guys. Wake the FUCK Up! Quit whining and moaning about how you can’t get laid. We are more than tits and ass. When you text me don’t ask me what I’m wearing. It’s none of your business. If I want you to know I’ll tell you. You aren’t scoring any points by telling me first thing how you want to lick my pussy or fuck me in the ass. This is a big no no for most women. Get to know us a bit first. If I post someone sucking a dick. Guess what? Doesn’t mean I’m thinking about your dick. Don’t send me your dick and say suck it. And yes someone actually did that !!Its not hard to be a gentleman guys it’s the little things that count. Open a door for us. Pull out the chair at a restaurant. Caress us. Ask how our day is going. Never assume a woman is a whore because she embraces her sexuality and her body. She will give it to those she chooses ,so please be respectful if that. There is an art to being a gentleman. learn it and practice it. Shout out to the gentlemen who do still exist. You guys are Bad ass in my book. May you get lots of really hot SEX and unlimited blow jobs. You’ve earned it!

From the proletarians nothing is to be feared. Left to themselves, they will continue from generation to generation and from century to century, working, breeding, and dying, not only without any impulse to rebel, but without the power of grasping that the world could be other than it is. They could only become dangerous if the advance of industrial technique made it necessary to educate them more highly; but, since military and commercial rivalry are no longer important, the level of popular education is actually declining. What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect. In a Party member, on the other hand, not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated.
—  George Orwell, 1984, in Goldstein’s book

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Can you recommend any Crabstickz blogs? I'm new here and I feel like there aren't any anymore. It's a dying breed

Sure! Man, I hate to admit that you’re right…

These may be more or less active and post more or less about him:

@chubawupbot @crabstickzfanart @christinatheone @chriskendallsbitch @crabgifs @crabs-for-fans @crabstickz-relief @godkendall @skylightkendall @ilikechriskendall @jessi-stickz @kendalliguori @olllllllllllllllllllllo @oscarsass @oscarshotelenthusiast @kitcat-stickz @starringchriskendall @nightsatkendalls @kickthestickzphan @bookgirlzzz @thisisaudwy

I hope that helps! Also maybe…




I hope this letter and Etika find you well. I have arrived safely in Stormwind this very afternoon. The road was long and I fear you may be more right than you realize about needing allies. Just from our own manor to the northern fringes of the Dwarven lands, the area is fraught with the undead. We’ve become a dying breed, dear brother, and our days are numbered. In the various towns and villages I picked up information on the recent events through the world. If the forsaken do not cause us to be bereft of life first, the demons will not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Stormwind itself has greatly changed in the near decade since my last visit with our late father. Gone is the park where the scantily clad women would frequent. Apparently the flying lizard decided it would look better as a flaming crater. Unfortunately I cannot say that the monuments which have been built there is much of an improvement over a gaping pit… At least that would have some character to it.

The people themselves are… strange and amusing to say the least. Even upon my very arrival into the city, I came upon a training drill being conducted by, what I presume is, the Guards of Stormwind. In truth, they need work and their commander reminds me much of grandfather and the way he would treat our own house guard. There was one raven haired beauty among them who did not seem like she belonged. However, she accompanied them on their drills none the less. I cannot imagine shorts like those are standard issue, no matter how nice the girl’s legs were.

There really isn’t much more to say unless you desire an exposé on the swill some of the bars here try to pass of as beer. I swear it was better last time.

I will write you again soon and please, give our family my love.


Ian Artemis Blackcrest

Lord of Blackcrest

Sealing the letter with his signet ring and the black and gold marbled wax of his family, he quickly tied the letter to the raven’s leg. Kissing Etika on the beak, he opened the inn window and watched the bird quickly disappear into the inky blackness of night. With a small sigh, Ian snuffed out the candle he had used to write by and retired for the night, swearing he would not do it again alone the following night.  

( minor mentions: @huntress-verlai @thestormwindguard )

Florence Welch

The hybrid gypsy child of two dying breeds: goddesses and rock stars.
Strength and power like a lightning bolt with the beauty and talent of Stevie Nicks. A goddess in human form. If angels walk the earth in disguise, she’s not hiding very well. She’s an angel in plain sight.