20 things you can expect as a traditional (2D) animation student that they never tell you:

  1. you will love your rough drawings more than your clean
  2. if you don’t flip your drawings your teachers will know. oh they will know.
  3. you will draw an insane amount of detail at first in hopes to impress your teachers. don’t. they’ll get you to inbetween that shit and it’s not fun. trust me, there’s a reason successful cartoon shows have nice, simple, clean designs.
  4. line weight is hella important. as is colour theory.
  5. storyboarding is not easy. it’s actually in demand rn because of how time consuming/difficult it is. lots of fun though especially if you’re a creative person.
  6. the animator’s survival kit is your bible. doesn’t matter that thing weighs as much as a small child. take that shit with you everywhere. it is now your baby.
  7. glen keane is considered a deity amongst animators.
  8. your teachers will likely look hella young but irl be much much older. this seems to be a side effect of working in kid’s shows for over 10 years. it is a good thing.
  9. every animator knows the impending dread of deadlines. yes, this includes your teachers. it is likely many of them will be working at studios/their own projects the same time as teaching. that is why they are immortal and their wisdom incomparable.
  10.  speaking of deadlines, say goodbye to a regular sleeping pattern and balanced lifestyle
  11. if your wrist starts to ache like a bitch then start drawing more with your shoulder. loosey goosey baby. loosey goosey.
  12. life drawing is essential. don’t skip that shit. anatomy is important. even if your character has six arms and five eyes you still need to be able to make them move.
  13. you are regarded as a dying breed amongst the 3d kids. that’s ok. give them a pencil and paper and ask them to animate a 4 legged walk cycle traditionally. see what happens.
  14. however if you’re anything like me, maya will look like a foreign language to you.
  15. srsly wtf is maya? what sacrifice to the animation gods must i make to understand this program?
  16. watching your favourite cartoons and animated movies regularly is important not only to motivate but is essential bonding time with your classmates. only now everyone wants to talk about how beautiful the backgrounds in steven universe are as well as cry over the character designs.
  17. perspective is hard. period.
  18. there is always that one kid in class who’s already done their 10,000 drawings and are untouchable. those are the ones to sit near in the hopes you can try and get some of that raw talent to rub off onto you.
  19. coffee/energy drinks/sugar will rise to the top of your already crumbling food pyramid.
  20. you improve lots. and some days something will just click and all of a sudden you’re firing out 40 frames an hour. 

and finally no. 21 the most important thing of all: bring a blanket and something squishy to sleep on and leave them at school. there will be emergency nap times. sometimes weekly. sometimes daily.


#i dont see this talked about enough #the look of pain on magnus’ face after he has to send somebody he cares about to the clave #he’s lost so much in this world and you can see how much this pains him to give somebody up #he had to give up camille the woman who saved his life and who he thought he was in love with #then he had to give up iris #one of his kind #and iris said something about warlocks being a dying breed right? #and he just turned one over to the clave to protect his friends #just imagine how bad that must make him feel #he’s watching his people slowly die out and being murdered by valentine and he still turns her over because its the right thing to do #and because they both hurt people he cares about and he wont ever let anybody hurt them #even if it means hurting himself #and nobody else seems to notice how hard these things are for him #except maybe alec #who takes the time to ask him how he feels about camille #and the way he looks so worried about him after he sends iris to the clave #i just #i have so many feelings about my son #he deserves all the good things in the world #somebody hug him #alec hug your boyfriend

House of Horrors

For Request Post #52, #4: some guys and girls go into one of those theme-park haunted houses with the fog machines and the narrow hallways and the shitty rubber decorations… but it’s not dudes in costumes following your group, it’s actual monsters trying to split you up and get you alone so they can impregnate you all. a monster that puts its baby in you will leave you alone, but the others won’t. how many monstrous babies are you going to end up waddling out of the exit with?

“Man, this carnival is super lame,” Dan complained as he and three of his friends surveyed the rickety rides and games. “I can’t believe we actually paid for this!”

“Shut up, Dan.” Megan rolled her eyes. “We wanted a break from studying for finals, and this was way less expensive than the movies.”

“I do kind of feel like I’m in an episode of ‘Scooby Doo’, though,” Cindy admitted.

The only one who really seemed excited was Paul. “This is classic Americana, you guys,” he enthused. “Places like this one are a dying breed. We should make the most of this experience while we can!”

“Dude, I think these rides might collapse in a strong wind. I don’t want to die tonight, so I’m not risking it.”

“The games are probably all rigged, too.”

Paul looked around desperately for something redeeming. “Ooh! I love haunted houses! If you guys go in there with me, we can leave afterwards. Please?”

Paul was a master of the kicked puppy look, and as poor college students, they couldn’t afford to go anywhere else that night.

“It can’t be worse that organic chemistry,” Cindy agreed with a shrug.

“It’s huge,” Megan observed, impressed despite herself. The haunted house wad indeed much larger than any of the other “attractions.” It also seemed better maintained.

“'Guaranteed to fill you to the max with horror,’” Dan read the sign by the entrance aloud. “Yeah right. It’s always shots of air and guys in dumb masks jumping out at you.” Paul turned the pout up a notch. “But, I’ll suffer through it for Paul–if he proof reads my history term paper.”


As they passed through the door, Cindy glimpsed another sign. “Entry is taken as agreement to absolve the owners of any consequences incurred within.”

The first room was a hall of mirrors, and they stumbled around trying to find the path through. By  the time they realized the mirrors could move and were secret doors, they had all been separated from one another.

Cindy found herself in a room that resembled a misty forest. A full moon was painted on the ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint. She jumped as there was a howl right behind her. The petite woman whirled around to see a slavering werewolf.

“You got me!” She giggled. “That costume is something else. You guys sure didn’t cheap out on makeup.”

The werewolf prowled forward, backing her into a corner.

“Th-that’s enough. Let me go.” It didn’t. It pinned her to the wall, one clawed hand at her throat, the other lifting her short skirt. “Hey!” she shrieked. “I’m gonna report this!”

She was lifted up the walk by her neck and suddenly had barely enough air for breathing, let alone further protest. She squealed as she felt her panties torn away and a long, thick member force itself inside her. The beast humped her rapidly, licking the side of her face. It was only when a large knot locked her to her rapist that Cindy realized it wasn’t just a costume. The monster came for what felt like forever, then it pulled free, dropped her, and disappeared.

Cindy was still trying to catch her breath when she felt a strange pressure in her abdomen.

“Ooh… What’s going on?” Her belly was steadily pushing outward. She desperately pushed back with both hands, but it did no good. The growth continued until her previously flat tummy resembled a large beach ball. Worst of all she could feel squirming within, and far too much for a single infant. She whimpered but pulled herself slowly to her feet and waddled to a door across the room. She had to find her friends and get out of here!

Dan found himself in a mad scientist’s laboratory, complete with surprisingly realistic body parts laid out on a metal table. There was a second table fitted with restraints, but it was empty.

Suddenly, Dan was struck on the head from behind and blacked out. When he awoke, he was strapped down on the second table. A leering man in a lab coat was peering down at him.

“You’re a perfect specimen for my experiment,” the man declared.

“Very funny,” Dan spat angrily. “You could have given me a concussion, asshole! Let me up.”

The man ignored him, instead fiddling with a mechanical panel of some kind. “My creature needs a host within which to develop, and you’ll do nicely.”

There was a flash of light, and the body parts were suddenly gone. After another flash, Dan cried out in pain and fear as his stomach was suddenly bulging with something the size of another person shifting under his straining skin. The doctor laughed and disappeared into the shadows, the straps releasing on their own.

Dan struggled upright. He shuffled slowly toward a door at the end if the room, weighed down by his heavy gut.

Megan wandered through a space made to resemble a cemetery, searching for an exit. She thought she heard the sound of flapping wings, but when she looked, there was a pale man in a cape. He smiled at her, fangs easily visible.

“You want to please me, don’t you, Megan?” he asked, and his eyes seemed to glow.

Megan wanted to say “no” and demand to know how this guy knew her name, but instead, she found herself saying, “Yes, I am your willing servant.”

“Remove your clothes, let me see you.”

She wanted to run, but her body stripped as requested. It was like a strange dream after the that. The vampire had sex with her, her body participating enthusiastically as she screamed on the inside.

The vampire withdrew and patted her belly as is rounded to look like she was nine months pregnant. “One should do,” the vampire mused. “I can’t be greedy when you have the whole house to explore and I have you friends still to meet.”

He transformed into a bat and flew away. Megan was only in control of herself again after he had gone. She rubbed her tender belly as something kicked from inside. Just what the hell was this place?

Paul wandered along the edge of a swampy pool. He rubbed his arms in the chilly mist that seemed to be blowing in off the water. It was almost like he was really outside!

He tripped as his ankle caught on something. It turned out to be the grip of a slimy swamp monster.

“Cool costume,” Paul told the creature. “How’d you manage the slime? Is it gelatin?”

The creature dragged Paul toward it at the same time as it blanketed his legs and began fumbling with his fly.

“What are you- Whoa!” In the time it took Paul to speak, the creature had begun slipping inside his pants and subsequently inside Paul. The young man could only moan as his abdomen distended around it’s new sloshy occupant.

The haunted house lived up to it’s warning, as by the time the coeds found one another and staggered outside, each was stuffed near to bursting with all manner of creatures. Their life-packed bellies practically dragged along the ground, skin drum tight, heaving in all directions as the monstrous spawn tussled within.

“Great idea, Paul,” Dan fumed. “Could this stupid night get any worse?”

Cindy gasped and they all turned to the tiny girl whose face was barely visible over the gargantuan orb of her engorged womb. “I think my water just broke…”

Miyazaki Films

1. Dragon kid finds a recent orphan and doesn’t tell her he’s actually a river who steals (and probably murders) for his boss who has a gay twin. The orphan girl’s parents are literally pigs but she saves everyone by growing some balls, walking into hell, and coming out with a new hairband and a new grandma. 

2.  Some dumbass fucks with a powerful being and is cursed to die painfully but instead of help him and replenish their dying breed his family kicks him out. He tries to be a hero but is torn between three assholes who would rather die than compromise. He falls for a knife wielding maniac and they carry around a gods head to prevent one of the assholes from having it until the god takes it back.

3.  Midget girl and her folks are afraid of a cat. She is saved by an invalid who falls for her.

4.  A kids dad died in a hurricane and now he’s determined to do the same. A girl falls from the sky and he thinks it’s a good idea to get tangled up with her even as he keeps getting shot at. Pirates end up being the good guys in comparison to the goddamn government who want to kill the girl and take her necklace. They all end up on a floating island which technically belongs to the girl and the head of the government whose apparently a king by blood. They blow up the floating island so he can’t have it.

5.  Children hallucinate a creature and vanish periodically trying to find it. Their lax father thinks he’s crazy. He’s right.

6.  A young foster child hallucinates meeting her grandmother as a child in the harbor town where she grew up. She learns that she’s being a selfish bitch by blaming her family for leaving her when in reality they all just died. Plus her foster mom loves her more than they did so twice shame on her.

7.  After being a coward during the war a man literally turns into a pig. He lives his life on a private island saving people and making money off it. When his plane gets busted up by a goddamn flying cowboy he meets a young girl who insists at being shot at while she finishes fixing his plane. She yells at pirates to make them good people again and her kiss magically turns him back into a human. He also gets a hot Italian widower as a wife.

8.  A wizard guy who honestly eats pretty girl’s hearts helps a not so pretty girl out of danger. He flies off to his walking castle but a fat witch assumes the ugly girl is with him so she curses the girl to be old. The now old lady finds his castle some goddamn way, gets inside, befriends an orphan and a fire demon, and spends a lot of time doing woman work: cleaning, cooking, laundry, and taking care of a man during his constant exenstial crises. Eventually her love for him makes her young again. Mostly. He flies off to be in a war to protect her but she protects herself and still he almost dies. They realize the fire is his heart and do a lot of stupid shit to it before putting it back in his chest. A decent prince falls for her but instead when the wizard wakes up she makes out with him. They live happily ever after with the orphan in their flying castle.

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Can you tell me your top 5 of Benedict's performances? I know it's hard but I'm curious :)


This is the most challenging question to ever receive as a Bc fan. The faves change from day to day, from moment to moment and from gif to gif (thanks to amazing gifers like @elennemigo, @221bcumberb, @anidoorkitty and @whenisayrunrun ) luckily you have caught me on a day where I’ve been making clips for a future post and have come down with a case of CBF! So being in this state of mind, I think it’s a perfect time to do this list so here it is.

 *warning long post*

1. Richard iii

Bc takes us through the rise and fall of Richards thirst for the crown. From the moment we see young Richard cowering in horror while watching his brother being murdered, to the minute he decides to kill the king, not for his family, not for revenge but for his own dream of sovereignty, and to witnessing Henry Tudor stabbing the last breath out of Richard and proclaiming the “the dirty dog is dead”.

Bc delivers Richards devilish, smooth talking and deliciously devious dialogue with such ease that you can’t help but kind of root for Richard at times because he makes you believe that his Machiavellian dealings are for the greater good. His bone chilling cradling of his newborn nephew, his wooing of the widow of the man he killed. Are that of a man who just wants to be respected, loved and seen for his use rather than be mocked for his disability that he carries on his back.

Bc’s talent of tears and rage and downright madness was just PERFECT. I fell in love with his Richard iii. I felt pity, sadness, attraction to his wicked determination (as terrible as his deeds were) and most of all, affection for his deformity that was the catalyst for his anger and need to prove to the people around him that he could be a normal man that was capable of being a king. Bc’s Richard iii was the best possible example of a master class in acting. Proving yet again that Bc is the best actor of his generation.

2. Sherlock 

The greatest disappointment to come out of BBC Sherlock was the reaction of a group of fans who tried to destroy what MG and SM created because of a certain expectation they were invested in. Most people who hated S4 missed out on what the entire point of this version of Sherlock was about and that was to introduce us to Sherlock Holmes before he became known as Sherlock Holmes. Bc became a star in 90 minutes and the ACD canon would never be the same again.

Sherlock starts off as a man with a fortress of coldness who insists he has no need for friends or relationships, armed with a lifetime of brotherly advice that caring was not an advantage. But once Dr. John Watson comes into play we start to see that fortress slowly melt and the addition of the people who would become his Baker Street family, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson and Lestrade, we begin to see that Sherlock was so full of emotions and the capacity to care, that he wanted to care, he just didn’t know how to care. Bc’s portrayal of the world’s only consulting detective was brilliant and beautiful. Bc help make brainy the new sexy. He also made Sherlock’s drugged out alter ego, Shezza, look sexy too. Of course it helped that the writing and the location of this modern day Sherlock were also brilliant. But looking at those cheekbones and lips carrying a fluffy head of hair that you wish you could run your fingers through, just once! That perfect silhouette of a man dressed in the finest suits. The purple shirt of sexiness, the black suit, the blue shirt of sexiness!! Ok sorry I got CBF for a second there…

What I really meant to say was that Bc’s acting brought new life into this 100 year old literary character and it certainly made me invest my own feelings into these characters that I wouldn’t have any interest in. Bc’s Sherlock was rude, cocky, manipulative, arrogant and flawed, but you loved each of those characteristics because Bc made him lovable even at Sherlock’s worst, he took you through the whole range of emotions and that wasn’t just with one series, it frequently meant each episode! The fact that we got to watch Sherlock grow into a man capable of being a best friend, a kind and caring human being who tried his best to protect his friends, and a man who learned how to forgive and not judge the past mistakes of those around him. Because after all we just might be human. Even Sherlock Holmes. I am forever grateful to the Mofftiss for creating this show and for giving Bc a chance to show the world, what the London stage and various other people in the industry had already saw in him. For me the only Sherlock Holmes is the BBC version that could only have been pulled off by the talents and efforts of Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Christopher Tietjens

My first thought is always I heart Christopher Tietjens, because I really do. He was the last of a dying breed. He had 2 women who tried to “burst him out of his glass cabinet” the wife who failed because she didn’t deserve him and the woman whom he really loved and waited for, the woman HE deserved. Christopher survived his name being dragged through the mud, a wife who socially embarrassed not only herself but made him look like a cuckold. 

He survived the war, not because he was lucky, but because he wanted to live to come back to the only woman who loved him and accepted him for going along with the parade. Bc’s Christopher Tietjens was a stoic beautiful man when he needed to be, and man enough to cry when the women he loved tugged or threw daggers at his heart.

I know I overuse the word beautiful when it comes to Bc’s acting but Chrissy was so painfully beautiful that all you wanted to do was give him a hug and take him back to Groby so he could live out the rest of his life as an english country gentleman. Another perfect performance from Benedict!

4. Alan Turing

This should have won Bc’s his first Oscar. If you want to truly see what Bc’s talent is capable of you don’t start with Sherlock, you start with this role. Benedict was able to conjure up the spirit of Alan in this performance that even Turing’s own family was blown away by his portrayal. Bc’s ability to display the eccentricities of Alan, the deep emotional bond and love he had for both Christophers and of course Bc’s master class of acting for easily portraying a genius mathematician at work.

The tragic ending that cut Alan’s life short, made us all want to learn more about Turing and his work. It made us angry at how this man was treated as an enemy, instead of a war hero who helped saved millions of lives. Bc reached into our hearts and brains with his charismatic, tragic, beautiful portrayal of Alan Turing.

5. Doctor Strange

IF ever a role was so perfectly cast it probably was Benedict as Dr. Stephen Strange. Not only does he come super close to looking like the comic book hero that was created over 30 yrs ago, he is able to adopt the persona of an arrogant and brilliant doctor who gets into a car accident that cuts his career short and with all hope lost, seeks treatment at a place that not only gives him the cold hard truth about himself, but it teaches him that in order to grow and learn he would have to open his eye to other realities.  

Stephen learned that all is not lost and there are other ways to help people, most of all, to help himself. Bc is so bloody perfect as Doctor Strange that upon first viewing, I just sat there and cried. I was so proud of him because even though I had very limited knowledge about this comic book character, he convinced me that HE was that superhero that the world needed. Benedict made it all look effortlessly. The American accent, the physicality of being Doctor Strange was just AMAZING. Bc has that ability to make himself into anything that is called for. As someone once said, young, old, strong, weak, whatever you call for that character to be, Benedict can play it and play it so well you don’t even know he’s acting. Not only did it convince us his fan base, but he basically won over the entire comic book community as well as the general public. 

Bc made Doctor Strange into a blockbuster that got overall positive reviews. That is the power of Benedict’s talent. You talk about a good script, you can talk about a good director, but that only goes hand in hand with an actor that can pull it all off and by god did Bc pull it off!

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Switching Up A Gear - Chapter 1

Summary: Megan is fiery Omega and the Manager for Team Stark, one of the most successful NASCAR teams on the circuit. Her boss Tony recruits a new driver to work alongside their current one Steve Rogers, she soon has to cope with two Alpha males butting heads, and when she finally meets the new driver she’s in for a surprise.
Pairing: OC Megan x Bucky Barnes
Triggers/Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, none really for this chapter.
A/N: This is a Avengers/NASCAR AU, and one that will also include the Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, however i have decided to make sure i explain things for people not used to this genre within the story, so if you don’t know, or haven’t read A/B/O before i can assure you that this story will make sense!


Switching Up A Gear – Chapter 1

Megan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the scent of gasoline and motor oil filling her senses and calming her nerves. Even with the ear plugs in, the constant roar of engines reverberated through her body and pushed at her mind. Racing was in her soul. She’d grown up on the circuit and had spent her working life so far doing everything from being a PR girl in spandex booty shorts to what she was doing now; managing Team Stark.

Her boss Tony Stark was the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, dabbling in everything from arms and weaponry to alternative energy sources. He was also a shameless flirt and had at least one scandal a year that Megan would have to work tirelessly with their PR whizz Wanda to quell in the press and work with their legal team for the appropriate out of court settlement.

Squinting into the hot North Carolina sunshine Megan felt the first trickle of perspiration run down her back, her red and gold uniform blouse sticking to her skin, her tight pencil skirt reminding her that she needed to switch to the jersey fabric when she was back on home ground, the local humidity clinging to her the moment she’d stepped outside. Adjusting her sunglasses she strode around the pits, her high heels expertly dodging the patches of spilt oil as she headed to the bay they were working out of.

Stepping into the relative darkness of the low roofed building, she hooked her sunglasses into the front of her blouse, blinking a few times as her pupils adjusted to the low light and to wet her contact lenses after the heat of the racetrack, plucking her earplugs out as she ventured further into the building.

“Hey Beautiful, looking hot”

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one. stay far away from them, as they are made
of half-strangled divinity. they are a
dying breed —- succumbing to darkness as you
( their divinity is true, but it is fading. )
two. kiss between their shoulder blades, for that is 
where their feathers lie. leave a trail
of butterfly-soft pecks right where the neck
ends and the back begins.
( they will ask you if their wings are beautiful. 
you have to say yes. )

three. tell them that you believe them to be holier than
what they truly are. swear to them that
you choke on their godhead
whenever their lips meet yours.
( commit blasphemy for them, and know that it is for the better good. )

01 : ANGELS  |  a mythological guide to falling in love  |  noel v.

The Weight of the World

Okay, this is the very first request I got (iconic), I hope you like it!

REQ: ‘Hello, I was wondering if I could send in a request for a Jughead x Reader where the reader is going through a hard time at home (maybe at school too) and she meets Jughead at Pop’s bc there is no other seats and he can tell by the look on her face and how dark her under eyes are that something’s up and asks her about it even tho he barely knows her?’

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: I don't think there’s any???

Word count: 1789

My relationship with my parents was never really an overly loving one. It seemed as soon as I was old enough to think for myself their voices would breakthrough and say things like “Y/N are you doing your homework? Have you enrolled in enough extracurricular activities? Don’t even think of going to bed until you’ve studied for every subject”. And yes, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if I had a healthy social life to balance this out, but my parents wouldn’t even allow me that, I’d have to come home from school straight away every day and get right into my studies, anything else was just unacceptable.

For most of my high school life, this was the way it was and I kind of just accepted it. That was until this year when it struck me that I literally had no friends because of this and I was absolutely miserable. I was so afraid of failure that even with my extra amounts of study, I’d stay up until ridiculous hours at night just to make sure I would definitely get an A on a stupid project or essay.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided that I needed to confront my parents and tell them I needed a normal teenage life, complete with friends and maybe even a boyfriend. The fact that this idea seemed so far-fetched made me want to cry. Today was finally going to be the day I’d face them.

 I mustered up all my courage on a particularly cold Friday after school and decided it was now or never. After I eventually reached my house, I carefully walked through the front door making sure to wipe my feet on the dull brown doormat that read ‘home sweet home’ as I’d been told to do so many times before. Instead of my usual pattern of going straight up to my room, I went to find my mother in the kitchen.  

 Just my luck my dad was there too, freshly home from work. “Hey, guys can I talk to you?” I started, barely noticing that my hands were shaking. I told them about where my head was at and I calmly explained that I needed more balance in my life. I guess I wasn’t that surprised when I was met with immediate retaliation. Spitting words at me like venom, they made it seem as though I was proposing something absolutely absurd, I could feel the weight of the world crashing down on me, suffocating me.

 When my mother said, “Y/N if you don’t fully commit yourself, you’ll never end up like us, you’ll be worthless and a burden on society”. That one statement made something click inside my brain, I looked up at her with tears stinging my eyes and said, “Mother, I never EVER want to end up like you and dad, I’d rather be dead than end up like you!” A look of shock flashed upon my parent’s faces and maybe a hint of remorse? I didn’t give myself time to analyse their expressions or wait for a reply, I quickly ran to the front door to get out of the house. I needed to get away, go somewhere, anywhere.

 The cool late afternoon breeze hit my face as I quickly walked down the street, drying my tears. There was really only one place that could make me feel better right now and I noticed myself walking there almost as if I was on auto-pilot.

 Ahhhh Pop’s, my place of solitude, and in my opinion Riverdale’s most iconic location. I walked up to the door and stepped inside. There was something about the retro vibe of Pop’s choc-lit-shoppe that made the atmosphere incredibly soothing for me.  I quickly made my way to the counter, ordering a chocolate milkshake, which was always my personal favourite. Pop handed me my milkshake with a big grin “Thanks, Pop, you’re the best,” I said with a weak smile. I turned on my heel to scan the rest of the area out for a free booth. To my disappointment, all the booths were occupied, mainly by happy looking families, which made my heart feel heavy.

 I started to make my way towards the very back of the choc-lit-Shoppe when my eyes landed on a raven-haired boy in a beanie viciously typing away on his laptop. I knew him to be Jughead Jones, we had advanced English together and he also happened to be my very first crush when I was 6 years old, I smiled to myself, thinking of how happy and innocent life was back then. 

He stared so intently at his screen and seemed so immersed in what it was he was doing, I thought he surely wouldn’t care if I came and sat down. At this point, I didn’t even really care myself I just needed to release my frustrations on this chocolate milkshake. So I stealthily slid down into the seat opposite him, placing my milkshake gently on the table in front of me.

 It seemed Jughead had the reflexes of a fox as he immediately lowered his laptop screen and looked at me with a furrowed brow and a blank expression “Um can I help you?” he asked in a questioning tone. I sighed, “Hey uh sorry, there was just nowhere else to sit and I just needed to sit a chill out for a bit, if it bothers you I can leave” I managed to blurt out. He looked at me for a second taking in my withered and sleep-deprived appearance, a look he himself knew all too well “No, uh its fine you can stay”. 

I gave him a weak smile and looked down at my shake expecting that to be the last of our conversation, thankfully I was wrong. “Aren’t you Y/N? We have advanced English together right? You wrote that tragically beautiful essay on Shakespeare, I remember” Jughead said closing his laptop fully, putting all his attention on me. “Yeah that’s me, and we most certainly do” I started, the corners of my mouth threatening a smile “I can’t believe the Jughead Jones is complimenting my writing ability” I chuckled, he looked at me with a puzzled expression so I continued “I’ve been reading the blue and gold and I’ve also heard you read a couple of your essays in class, you’re really amazing Jughead”.

 A small smile crept up on his face when I said this, which from what I’ve observed over the years was a thing Jughead never really wore. “Thanks”, his tone quickly changed and a more serious look had fallen back upon his face “hey do you mind if I ask what you’re doing here at this time? I mean usually every teenager in this godforsaken town is at home right now eating dinner with their parents or getting drunk with their friends, not hanging around Pop’s ordering chocolate milkshakes” He finished. 

A quick replay of the today’s past events flashed in my brain like a horror movie and the sting of it hit me all over again. The feelings inside must of translated onto my face because Jughead quickly said, “Look, I know it’s not my place but, if you need someone to talk to, I’m here, I know we barely know each other, but sometimes talking to someone you don’t really know about your problems, can be easier than talking to someone you’re close with” he had this look in his eyes that made me believe he was being genuine, so I decided to take him up on his offer.

 “Well, I won’t bore you with the details but my parents have just been putting me under crazy amounts of pressure at school lately, to the point where I have zero social life because every waking second of my free time is spent studying, so much so that I’m just emotionally and physically exhausted” I sighed, pausing for a second “So tonight I told them I was done trying to be their perfect child and I needed time for myself yano, to be myself and not some robot. This, of course, set them off and I pretty much got told I was going to end up on the streets doing drugs or getting pregnant and to not come crawling back to them when my life goes down the gutter, so I just left and decided to come to Pop’s for some chocolate therapy” I let a small breathy laugh at how ridiculous my parents must sound to Jughead.

 “Wow, your parents sound like a tough crowd Y/N” Jughead said looking right at me “Yeah, you’re telling me” I rolled my eyes. “So are you going to keep up your freedom campaign, when you get home?” He asked “Yes, I think I will, I need time to be an actual teenager and maybe make some actual friends” I lightly smiled. “Well, pass me your phone, I’ll put my number in it and you can call me whenever your parents are giving you a hard time or if you just want to talk, I’m usually the lone wolf type but us writers are a dying breed and need to stick together” He half smiled motioning for me to hand over my phone.

 I quickly obeyed his gesture “Thanks for listening to me Jug, you were completely right, it so much easier practically talking to a stranger, I feel like a small weight has been lifted” I replied with a goofy smile on my face. “Well technically we’re not strangers anymore Y/N, we’re connected on a deeper level” he said tying his number in and passing my phone back “Again, you’re definitely not wrong” I laughed “but now I think its only fair I get to know more about you mister Jones, you’re quite the mystery”. He paused for a second, icy blue eye peering into mine “Every great mystery becomes unravelled with time” was all he replied with a small smirk plastered on his face.

 We spent the next two hours talking about books and music, I felt surprisingly really comfortable with Jughead. And eventually as the night drew on I made my way home only to find myself not worrying about what my parents would think of me, but more so on my future and what a positive thing it would be. I also couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the new friend I had just made, my mysterious new friend who loved Pink Floyd and hamburgers. The self-described great mystery himself, Jughead Jones. He really was a mystery, one I was incredibly eager to solve and I had a feeling that in time I was going to do just that.

parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

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Look, I know all the arguments about how print magazines are a dying breed, that everyone looks for this sort of content online anyway, but I really miss physical printed issues of magazines for the goth subculture. Are there even any print goth magazines left? Gothic Beauty has gone digital, as has Auxiliary. And I don’t know of any others that may have been out there.

::sulks on the couch with her collection of Carpe Noctems::

The Broken Hunter

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Pairing: past Sam x Reader, past soulless!Sam x Reader
Word count: 2,293
Warnings: Talk of abortion, angst

Part 1 of 2

“No, Sammy!” Dean snapped, shooting a look at his brother as they drove. “I’m not stopping in a town, just so you can see your old school.” They were within 20 minutes of one of the high schools they had attended, and it had been one of Sam’s favorites.

At the moment, they were driving through some dense fog on a back road towards another town, another hunt, and more people to save. “What’s one day?” He asked, tired of this argument. “Besides, this fog isn’t letting up anytime soon, Dean.” Sam pointed out, shaking his head. Doing a double take, he slapped his brother’s arm. “Stop the car.”

Dean furrowed his brows. “What? All because I won’t let you nerd out?” He asked, getting pissed.

“Stop the damn car!” Sam looked over at him for a moment. “Now, Dean! Or I’ll jump out.” He was dead serious, and Dean could tell.

Finally, Dean pulled off to the side, putting the Impala in park. “What the hell is your deal, man?” He called after Sam as he rushed from the car. Sighing, he got out and saw what got his attention.

Sam was rushing down the muddy embankment by a river, towards a flipped car. It’s lights were still on, and part of it was in the water. With the ground as muddy as it was, and the weight of the car, it wasn’t a leap to guess it would sink very slowly. And, on this road, there was no way of knowing if another car would come along.

“Shit.” Dean breathed, shutting the door and rushing after his brother. Both of them had mud covering the bottom half of their legs, but neither cared.

Sam crouched down, looking into the car. “Dean! Call 911!” He yelled, looking around for a way to free you. He saw the trail of blood down your arm, it’s small droplets dripping onto the roof of the car.

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I've spent an hour looking for Punchtime explosion in the playstation store on my ps4 and i can't find it for the life of me.

It’s PS3 you nut

Cartoon Tie In Games these days are dying breed.

Music Series: Marry You by Bruno Mars

This is short but sweet, and I really like it. I think Harry is probably quite the hopeless romantic, at least I hope so as it would be nice to know I’m not the only one left in this world…dying breed, I think…sad…

Enjoy my creation for “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, which can be found on my Spotify Playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’, HERE.




It’s a beautiful night,

We’re looking for something dumb to do.

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,

Or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.

“I have an idea!” Harry giggles, kissing your cheek.

“Okay, let’s hear it then,” you smile and giggle. How could anyone be so adorable, you thought to yourself.

“Let’s get married!” Harry beams, eyes full and dimples shining. “Right now! Let’s go find…wherever does that…and let’s do it!”

“You’re crazy!” you laugh.

“I’m crazy because I want to spend the rest of my life with you?” he giggles again.

“No, you’re crazy because you want to get married and it’s only our second date!” you laugh as he kisses you.

“But I’ve been chasing you for months! You just finally let me catch you,” he smirks, his thumb tracing your lips and kissing them tenderly. “Loved you for months already.”

“You’re crazy!” you laugh as he wraps his arms around you.

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go oh oh oh,

No one will know oh oh oh, Oh, come on, girl.

Who cares if we’re trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow oh oh oh,

Shots of patron, And it’s on, girl.

You smile as Harry pays the street vendor for the bouquet of flowers, handing them to you with a kiss.

“Marry me now?” he smiles. “You have a bouquet and everything!”

You giggle. “I think you’ve had too much to drink.”

“I’ve not,” Harry chuckles. “Only the one. So what do you say? Marry me?”

You hug him tightly and kiss his lips softly, then whisper in his ear. “You’re crazy.”

I’ll go get a ring let the choir bells sing like oooh,

So what you wanna do? Let’s just run girl.

If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool.

No, I won’t blame you; It was fun, girl.

Don’t say no, no, no, no-no; Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;

And we’ll go, go, go, go-go. If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

The two of you lay under the stars on the blanket on the grassy little hill, having loved your time together on your romantic holiday.

“I wish this would never end,” you say, looking around at the bright lights high above you. Harry looks at you, watching you stare up into the night sky with a content, peaceful look on your face.

“I know how we can keep it always,” Harry says sweetly, his finger lightly tracing along your jaw, then caressing your soft lips. You turn your head and look at him with a grin. “Marry me.”

You smile, thinking his teasing of marriage continues.

“What are you going to do when I decide to tease you back and accept your proposal?” you giggle.

“I’m going to grab hold of you and run to the nearest little wedding chapel before you change your mind,” he smiles. “I’m going to thank those stars up there that you accept. And I’m going to show you everyday for the rest of your life how much I am in love with you.”

You notice the serious look on his face and your heart speeds and stomach flutters, realizing he’s been serious all along. He hadn’t been teasing. He leans to you, leaving a sweet, slow kiss on your lips.

“Marry me…”

Just say I doooooo-ooo uhu,

Tell me right now baby, Tell me right now baby, baby.

Oh, it’s a beautiful night,

We’re looking for something dumb to do.

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it this dancing juice?

Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Bates Motel sentence starters
  • “I’m pretty sure the last time we spoke, you told me to ‘drop dead, bitch.’ Sorry I took it personally.”
  • “You don’t get it, do you? She’s ruined you.”
  • “She’s not a bad person, she’s just not perfect!”
  • “I’m just saying that there are different ways to produce an economy.”
  • “This is all a little peculiar.”
  • “Can I give you some advice? You gotta cut that shit out.”
  • “You had every right to defend yourself.”
  • “I didn’t defend myself! I killed the crap out of him!”
  • “You don’t just walk away from your parents.”
  • “Once you get past the blood and guts of it all, it’s really quite beautiful work.”
  • “Are you trying to say that you have something on me? Is that it?”
  • “I’m pretty used to things not turning out the way I expect and making the best of it.”
  • “I want someone to know the truth about me in this world, and I’d like that to be you, if you’re okay with that.”
  • “You’re the person that I’m closest to in this world.”
  • “You’re a dick!”
  • “There are ax murderers and whores stuffed under every rug.”
  • “Life’s a cesspool you claw and scratch and fight to swim out of, but you never get to the top!”
  • “You do errands for your mom. Well, aren’t you a dying breed?”
  • “He’s a lame-ass poser. Thinks he’s a character out of Scarface.”
  • “Such a pretty little kid. Such a trusting girl, and I couldn’t protect her.”
  • “Oh yeah. You’re that guy with the God complex.”
  • “You think you know what life is, that it’s something you just stay on top of with your soft words and your nice summer jacket?”
  • “You sit there in your little playhouses with your cocktails, and you judge the rest of us.”
  • “How can you ask me to live with this?”
  • “I will die if you leave.”
  • “Don’t you ever get tired of being so stoic?”
  • “God, you’re contrary.”
  • “Trust me, you can only do that for so long before you start sounding like Scrooge McDuck.”
  • “You know that’s the only memory I have of her where she sounded happy?”
  • “Once you start touching somebody’s body, the rest of it just kind of melts away.”
  • “It’s so funny how people leave their things. There’s such an energy in it, like the person’s still present somehow in the animation.”
  • “I’m not sure I’d refer to it using the term ‘magical.’”
  • “People who have had crappy upbringings can sense it in other people.”
  • “I see a kindness and a sensitivity in your face, and also hurt.”
  • “If someone’s always looking at you like you’ve done something wrong, talking to you like you’ve done something wrong, treating you like you’ve done something wrong, I mean, you start to believe that you’ve done something wrong!”
  • “Chaos seems to swirl around you, and I’m not sure why.”
  • “I’m not lying. I’m not revealing the whole truth.”
  • “She the one who won’t talk to me. She’s the one being irrational.”
  • “We were so close, her and me. We were all we had.”
  • “She was my whole world, my whole life.”
  • “I mean, I loved her. You can’t help who you love.”
  • “Parents do not have needs.”
  • “We all whitewash our parents’ sins, because on some level, because we have to.”
  • “I miss how close we used to be.”
  • “How dare you come into my house and say such an ugly thing to me.”
  • “Screw off, shit head!”
  • “Why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me?”
  • “Sometimes you hear and see things that aren’t there.”
  • “I came here to start over. We are starting over!”
  • “I’m just trying to help you, kiddo.”
  • “We have to be together. We’re supposed to be together.”
  • “Do you feel bad after?”
  • “It wasn’t anything more than what it looked like.”
  • “I love you more than my own life.”
  • “I don’t ever want to live in a world without you.”

as one of the dying breed who hasn’t played some edition of skyrim i’m starting to worry todd howard may be targeting me deliberately and at the end of my life he will appear like the grim reaper and press the latest edition into my hands, having got me at last