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Make an Ice Bowl

This cool container is perfect for displaying fresh fruit or chilled treats.  It’s decorated with flowers and fruit, but you could use anything - how about cute plastic toys?

You will need:

2 bowls (one smaller than the other)


sliced fruit, veggies, flowers, leaves for decorations


1. Fill large bowl with 1 inch of water (2.5 cm) and freeze for 3 hours. Place smaller bowl in center of large one.Center using packing tape.

2. Pour water almost to the top of gap between the bowls; then drop in the decorations. Use a fork to move them into position.

3. Place in the freezer for eight hours. Remove the tape and the small bowl; then turn the large bowl upside down so that the ice bowl drops out.

4. Use your ice bowl to serve summer fruit, ice cream, sorbet or any other dessert that is best kept chilled..

Top Tip: If the ice bowl doesn’t slide out right away, put the large bowl in lukewarm water for a few minutes.