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Here is a video I took of me blocking my latest lace shawl! Blocking is the process of pinning out a knit item to give it a specific shape… Much like wet human hair, wet wool (i.e. sheep hair) can be stretched into a shape while it’s still damp, and it will retain that shape once dry. This process is essential for lace knitting because it stretches the work out, showing off all the intricate patterns. The original video is almost exactly one hour, and I’ve sped it up to one minute. The GoPro is very easy to use and I love the result! Thanks @lolnickfox for letting me try it out!

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Recycle, Reuse: Re-Purpose Plastic Gallon Jug

A helpful, easy DYI for gardeners - turn a milk jug into a watering can. It doesn’t drip, is easy to carry and is easy to fill. Another great feature is you can make small holes for a super fine/gentle spray by using a small needle or larger holes for a more substantial flow by using a bigger needle.

Select your needle. Heat the needle with a match. Make your holes. You will probably have to reheat the needle every 2 holes. When you are finished, reheat the needle and wipe clean. Any plastic residue should be easy to remove.

source:frugally sustainable