There are legends of a green-flamed vagabond and his two cohorts. They found a Pocket in Reality and used it to learn of universes not of their own - yet as they journeyed, unwittingly neglecting their duties, they’d found that their own Reality was sick - and so they returned to their homes, to heal the damage that had been done. To do so, they had to close the Pocket - but anywhere damaged is still weak, even fixed. The Pocket may yet open again.

Here’s my doodle for today. These are three of some of my older characters (i.e. pre-2013), from left to right: Yrzik, Aellos, and Dyfei. And since one of my friends was lamenting the lack of Aellos on her dashboard, I decided to do her a favor and post this. For reference: the last time any of these three showed up anywhere online was late January 2013, on my now-deleted blog.