dyesha hicks

For those that could CARELESS about good ole’ V-day here’s a *photo series right up your alley, brought to you by @alcolestudios #bangalcolestudios

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#Model: @jusdyealready

“Love is a language spoken by everyone, but understood by the heart. And when it all falls to pieces my #glock #9mm is here to mend the broken parts. TRY ME!!!”

*FYI: you can always CLICK the image for larger yet lusty close up #JusSayin

Anyone that has known me for over 10+yrs knows how I view my body.
I’ve had a love hate relationship when it came to my figure, real talk. Lol.

I can say it came from an early age, when I fell head over heels in love with the idea of becoming a “Model”, but not seeing anyone that looked like me when searching through fashion magazines.

I’ve allllllllways had THIGHS. Not so much of a noticeable rear end, just these legs man!! Lol. How do I feel about my body now, one word, blessed. I’m grateful to be so unique. How do I feel about modeling with alllll these thighs? I feel it’s not my lost if people can’t except what I bring to the table, it’s theirs.

-Jus DYE in reality…