Major 🔑 alert. Keep the bugs away from your next campground with our new Camp Candle, or you can make your home smell great with our other new candles. FREE SHIPPING on our entire website until Sunday! Click the link in our profile to shop candles now! #forgeyourownpath #dyerandjenkins

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We’re giving away a Traveler Sweatshirt by @dyerandjenkins!

Rules to Enter:
1. You must follow both @dyerandjenkins and @ourcamplife
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3. Click on the link in our profile and sign up for their email list, which features cool adventure gear and content every week!

Winner will be chosen off the email list and will be announced on Monday!
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Thanks for participating in the @dyerandjenkins giveaway last weekend!! For those who didn’t win, @dyerandjenkins gave us a 30% OFF code for the traveler sweatshirt on their storefront. Be sure to follow @dyerandjenkins and visit the website link in their bio to shop!


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“Howlin til you’re blue in the face ain’t gon’ fix shit”
We’ve collaborated again with the uber talented @1924us to create this t-shirt. Perfect for those who don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk.
OH! We’ve also rereleased our best selling “Pretty Lasses” tee, in white. The black ones sold out in 45 minutes last time, so click the link and grab them while you can! 📷 @janelle.baldwin #forgeyourownpath #dyerandjenkins

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Oh, we’ve released our brand new collection of candles on our website. We’re so happy to say that 10% of Sales from our new apothecary collection will go to an amazing charity called Forest Ethics. They work really hard to protect our planets forests and we are stoked to have partnered with them. We can all be happy that a percentage of your purchase will go toward an important cause. Grab your very own candle on our website!


Art: @1924us #forgeyourownpath #dyerandjenkins

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