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whoa! I’m actually really surprised by something! I tried to dye this wig awhile ago for a different cosplay, and i didn’t think it worked at all, i saw no change, but you can actually see some of the blue pigment coming through in high res photos! thats really cool ;-; 

first lon’qu photos back! this was my favorite cosplay of the con, I’m really excited to get more stuff back, especially because i accidentally smiled in some of them, and i want to see if they’ll show up or not :^D 

photos by Kevin Li 

Since people like the color of my Noctis wig I wanted to do a comparison to @ardawigs newest color “Blue Grey” which is the most similar to the color I got from dying an Arda wig.

It’s the best alternative in my opinion to dying =u=)b while it is on the blue side more it is still rather nice.

Left is my wig (I used a white Magnum long Arda wig for it) and the right is the Blue grey wig.

If you’d like to know how to dye your own wig to get the color I did I have tutorial up on how to do that.

bye-onara  asked:

i want to cosplay a female team skull grunt from pokemon sun/moon, what would you recommend for a wig? preferably arda but i'm not picky :) thank you! <3

Hello there!

Might as well answer two Team Skull questions in a row. :]

It looks like color is where you are going to get a little tripped up with Arda’s wig selection. I would recommend Magenta as the color, but not many wigs come in that shade.

If you were to go with Magenta, I’d recommend the Inigo. You’ll have to do a bit of styling on it so that it has the face-framing layers and the flips at the end. I’d recommend cutting in layers. The Jaguar might also be an option if you trim up the long front bits a little, but is a bit too layered in the back.

If you didn’t mind dyeing a wig (I’d start with a pink and dye it darker from there), the Viven might work if you wanted a more traditional style, and the Jareth might work if you wanted a more wild/punky style.

If you didn’t mind another wig company, the Helios in Raspberry Pink from Epic Cosplay would be a really good option, and would require the least amount of cutting of any of these options. This is the wig that I would personally go with.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff 


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Series: My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
Cosplay: Original Design Princess Celestia (Human) by @mew21cosplay
Photography by @shortfusepinups