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American Magic Candies

Because candy is different all over the world, even the wizarding world.

* Jelly snakes - like gummy worms, but about a foot long and snake-looking, and it slithers like chocolate frogs move

* Rainbow pops - lollipops that tie-dye the inside of your mouth

* Pop arts - looks like a pop tart with plain white glaze, but when you heat it an image appears of a famous painting

* Lucky clovers - white chocolate with caramel filling, colored to look like a four-leaf clover; contains a single drop of Felix Felicis- not enough for really good luck, but just enough to lift the spirits and give just a little bit of good fortune for about an hour

* Memorlings - tastes like mint m&ms, except they help you recall information that you forgot or that didn’t have your full attention when learning it


How Tattooing Really Works

1. Tattooing causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling immune system cells to the wound site to begin repairing the skin. Specialized cells called macrophages eat the invading material (ink) in an attempt to clean up the inflammatory mess. 

2. As these cells travel through the lymphatic system, some of them are carried back with a belly full of dye into the lymph nodes while others remain in the dermis. With no way to dispose of the pigment, the dyes inside them remain visible through the skin. 

3. Some of the ink particles are also suspended in the gel-like matrix of the dermis, while others are engulfed by dermal cells called fibroblasts. Initially, ink is deposited into the epidermis as well, but as the skin heals, the damaged epidermal cells are shed and replaced by new, dye-free cells with the topmost layer peeling off like a healing sunburn.

4. Dermal cells, however, remain in place until they die. When they do, they are taken up, ink and all, by younger cells nearby so the ink stays where it is.

5. So a single tattoo may not truly last forever, but tattoos have been around longer than any existing culture. And their continuing popularity means that the art of tattooing is here to stay.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

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Water Under the Bridge 01 - M

Min Yoongi 민윤기  - Gambling!AU

Warnings - swearing, underage alcohol consumption, substance/drug abuse, weapons and gore, sex!!!, choking, spanking (more to come)

Summary - Relationships come and go, people you once knew become strangers passing you on the street, not even glancing your way. Someone who once laid beside you can become a demon, long talons digging into your skin as they keep their insidious hold on you, whispering lies in your ears. Only you can tell the difference between these demons and your own.

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There’s a story about a woman who lingers around town, snatching up children and sending them off to foreign countries for profit. She’s like the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz, except no one thinks she’s real. Instead, she’s a figment of imagination, a story to scare children into sticking to their parent’s side and to never stray off too far alone. Too bad she’s only fake until she comes and grabs your baby right from under your fingers, picks them up as you turn away, grabbing your stroller when you look off for just a moment.

They call her Mama, but she’s not as bad as they think. She scours the streets and takes the homeless babies from the underground train stations and bridges drug addicted feigns hide under for seclusion. She’s the fairy god mother no one wants to visit them, she’s the snake that tells Eve to eat from the forbidden tree, she’s the one in the dark alley way luring addicts in with bags of fine white powder.

Mama loves children, that’s why she does it, and she doesn’t sell them off. Instead, she puts them to work, sending them to the trains with opened palms, glossy eyes, and quivering lips—turning them into beggars.

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Carl Imagine ~ Birthday Surprise

After the reader finds out that she is pregnant, she decides to make Carl a special surprise for his birthday…


Originally posted by carls-left-eye

Warm sunbeams streamed through the windows of your room as you sat on your bed, holding a small picture in your hands.
And this small picture wasn’t just any picture, it was an ultrasound picture.
Carl didn’t know yet, but you had the perfect chance to tell him served for you on a silverplate.
Tomorrow was his birthday and since it was his 18th Birthday, Rick and the others who all already knew about the baby thought it was a great idea to surprise him at midnight when he came back from his shift in the tower and this wouldnt, if everything would work out the way you wanted, stay the only surprise.

You stroke over the small bump that was already showing but mostly stayed hidden under your shirt before you fumbled on the ultrasound picture.
You were nervous, very nervous.
You weren’t quite sure how Carl would react, yes, you loved each other, but you knew that you couldn’t raise a child with love and air only, especially not in the world you were forced to live in and you just hoped that he would see it as hopeful as you did.
You had thought about how you should tell him since the moment you found out that you were pregnant.
That you would do it on his birthday was an idea you had pretty early on, but how you’d exactly reveal it wasnt sure to you until last night.
You had laid in your bed, Carl sleeping next to you as the perfect solution came to your mind but for that, you needed Carol.

You stood up, stuffing the picture carefully into the pockets of your pants before you walked down the stairs, already smelling the scent of a baking cake
“Carol?”, you asked as you walked down the last steps before you heard her voice.
“In the kitchen”, she called out while you walked over to the kitchen, nervously fumbling onto your clothes before you walked in and saw Carol looking up and giving you a small smile.
“What’s the matter?”, she asked looking at you.
“Could you do me a favor?”, you asked as you sat down on the chair towards the kitchen island she was leaning against.
“Well what would this favor be?”, she asked chuckling slightly while you sighed before you raised your voice.
“It’s a girl”, you said while a small smile painted on her face.
“It’s just…I haven’t told Carl yet and I thought that maybe if you got the stuff here you could dye the inside pink, I thought his birthday would be a good day to tell him”, you said, a half smile on your lips while you waited nervously on her response.
“Guess the beets will have their comeback”, she said smiling while she nodded over to the last leftover acorn cookies that were unintentionally dyed in a light pink tone.
“Thank you, really”, you said, giving her a smile before you walked outside to catch some fresh air.

Just hours later you stood in the living room with the others, around you some decoration you had found in the houses, as well as Daryl on a few of his runs.
The cake Carol had made stood on a small table in the corner of the room, balloons surrounding it while you couldn’t keep your glance from wandering over and over again to it.
The voices of the others sounded dull in your head while you sank into your thoughts.
It couldn’t be long until Carl would come back and the more you thought about it the more nervous you got.
“Are you okay?”, you heard Rick ask, before you looked up and saw him looking a bit concerned at you.
“Just nervous”, you mumbled, forcing a smile on your lips.
“It’s all gonna work out”, Rick said, patting your shoulder as he gave you a supporting smile.
“I hope”, you mumbled feeling how your heart got faster with every single moment.

The next minutes felt like an eternity until you finally heard the click of the lock on the front door and Carl’s voice sounding through the air.
”I’m back”, he said loudly before you could hear how he dropped his keys on the commode and began to walk around.
”Hello?”, you heard him ask before the foot steps suddenly stopped.
”Oh no you didn't”, you heard him laugh before he stepped into the room.
“Happy Birthday!”, the voices of all of you sounded through the room as Carl walked in.
His glance wandered over to you, a big smile painted all over his face before you walked towards him and pulled him into a tight hug while you could feel how your heart pounded against your chest and you could feel yourself beginning to slightly tremble.
“Happy Birthday”, you muttered again into Carl’s shirt before you let go of him, smiled one last time at him and pecked his lips before he walked over to Rick and who gave his son a hug.
From this point on you watched every step Carl did, knowing that every second brought you closer to the moment he would cut the cake, until he actually had the knife in his hands and cut a piece cake and you could feel your heart beat increasing.
His glance went from amused to kind of confused as he saw the pink frosting inside, while you could feel how your heart began to pound even harder against your chest and you knew that this was the time to tell him.
“Carl?”, you asked while you could feel your voice already trembling.
“Yeah?”, he turned around before you walked towards him, the picture in your hand before you looked nervously up into his still confused looking eyes.
“I’m pregnant”, you muttered revealing the picture laying in your hands while you saw how a smile formed on his lips and you could feel how a massive burden lifted off your shoulders.
“And well ‘cause it’s pink…?”, you began asking while laughing slightly before he looked smiling at you.
“It’s a girl”, he said somewhere between still not getting what was happening right now and complete happiness.
You nodded before you felt how Carl took you into his embrace, holding you tightly while you could hear the happy voices of the others around you.
“How am I supposed to ever give you a better birthday gift?”, Carl muttered slightly chuckling as he let go of the hug and let his hands wander to your waist. You shrugged you shoulders laughing before seeing how Carl’s glance wandered to the small bump that was showing under your shirt.
“You can”, you said before he could ask and felt just seconds later how his hand placed on your belly.
“I-I just haven’t really realized it yet”, he muttered but still with a big smile on his face before he looked up to you.
“Don’t worry, you got a few more months for that”, you laughed, before placing a soft kiss on his lips.

And over these next couple of months, Carl didn’t just realize that you both would soon be parents, you both also grew even closer.
It wasn’t all easy, of course, but you had each other and everyone around you who did their very best to support you.
And in the end, as you could finally hold your daughter in your arms and look at Carl, you knew that every little bit of work you had already done and every little bit that was laying before you was more than worth it.


missjtumbles  asked:

Hi! I've been on a huge dice kick lately and was wondering, do you have a fav set of dice? Whether its by looks or maybe its your "lucky" set?

This is SUCH a difficult question! I can’t choose so I’m gonna list my top three:

TDSO Metal Polished Dice - they are shiny and heavy and pointy, so they feel very satisfying to roll

Gamescience Precision Series - they look like gems!! And the opaque versions come in super unique colours that I haven’t seen elsewhere

Koplow Opaque Rainbow Set - they’re just cute and simple, easy to read and colourful!

I also love anything with swirls of dye or glitter inside, they are wonderfully mesmerising, but there are too many variations of those to count here :)

You dye his hair.

Disclaimer : Mild smut, swearing and daddy kink.

Words : 1701


Imagine, it’s the day of the month where you have to dye his hair.


The sun is already up high in the sky when you opened your eyes. Your naked form is wrapped all around the satin sheets, while your head is using his bare white chest as pillow. You smile when you feel the ach from last night between your legs.

You put yourself closer to him, liking his warm body against you. You started to slowly drawing his chest tattoo with the tip of your finger. Goose bumps arise on him, and, not even a second later, it’s powerful enough to make him tremble a little.

He groans in his sleep.

That sound is enough to create a pool of wetness between your legs. You bite your lower lip, looking at his naked form with envy. You lift yourself so you can peck in his softly. Your hands goes lower on his stomach, caressing it all the down till his navel. The movement of your hands is stopped when you feel his on your hand, tangling his fingers in your hair.

Lifting your head off of his neck, grinning slightly. You flip your right leg on the other side to be on top of him. You can feel his hard meat pressing on your middle. That position makes you feel in power. Even though you clearly know you’ll never truly be the dominating one.

You take both of his large wrist inside your littles palms, putting his arms by each side of his head. You lean towards his perfect face and peck his mouth. You smile when you see that he still have some of your ruby red lipstick from last night all over his lips.

“Good morning, puddin’,” You say teasingly while starting to move your lower waist against his.

His intense eyes his piercing yours. He doesn’t pronounce a word. He doesn’t need to. His hard face and his hardening cock say it all.

A cheekily laugh comes out of your mouth and you start to rock your hips faster, liking the effect it have on him. The wetness of your pussy creates the sensation between your legs that you were seeking for.

You close your eyes and let out a loud moan.

Suddenly, you find yourself being on your back, the weight of the Joker stopping you to move your waist.

Mornin’, baby,” say his raspy voice.

His rock hard cock is pressing tight against your clit, making you struggle to not beg for him to start moving. You know he won’t. He’ll just keep you waiting, dripping for more until you turn completely crazy. Only for his own selfish pleasure.

You’re little pussy want more, hum?” He snarled.

Yes, daddy,” you say in a girly voice.

Even after I totally destroyed it last night? Even after I feed it twice with my baby making cream, it’s still hungry?” He start to move his hips slowly, teasing you. With each stoke, the head of his cock his bumping against your sensible clit. You can feel each and every vein molding itself into you. He wants you to moan, to explode with desire.

You nod your head, not trusting your voice.

His hand is suddenly wrapped around your neck. The pressure makes you search for air at first, but after a couple of minutes, you become use to it.

Answer me.” He say severely with a mad smile on his face.

His crazy blue eyes are connect with yours. His hair fall in front of his pure white face. You squint your eyes at the sight in front of you, but you rapidly come back into normal, praying hard that he didn’t see it. You’re prayers are erase as soon as they come when you see him looking at you with interrogation. His movement are abruptly stopped. You swear in your head. Fucking shit. It’s not today that you’ll get fuck.

What, baby?”

Your hair.” You said bitterly.

What’s about them?”

You have a regrowth.”

Not even a second later, he’s already out of the bed and into the bathroom, probably looking at his precious hair. You shouldn’t have shown anything. Or said anything, just brush it off. You know how important his hair was for him. It was a part of what made him, him. Just like his red lips. If he didn’t have one or another, he wasn’t the Joker, the Prince of crime, he was simply just another useless gangster.

You get out of bed, putting on your dark blue nighty dress and go after him. His hair are a complete mess, like if he had passed his fingers in it more than a thousand times. He’s looking in the drawers like a mad man, searching for his dyeing product.

You sight and go straight for the drawer next to the mirror. You open the door and you take out the vibrant green hair colorant.

Is that what you looking for, puddin’?” You ask pointing at the box in your hands.

He turns around faster than the wind, looking worried. His face is all tensed up, but when he sees the little box you’re holding, it unbend instantly.

Oh, baby, what would I do without you?” he asks, lifting his hands towards you.

Feeling the blush rising in your cheeks, you get out of the bathroom to go back into your room. You put on a old shirt already stain with old dyeing product. You go back to the washroom, carrying a chair with you.

“C’mon puddin’, come and let your baby take care of you!”

His wicked smile make you bite your lips in need.

And daddy will take good care of you after we’re finished.” He said, his voice holding many promising, that you cannot wait to see.

You smile while opening the box and take out the tube. You take out a little pot and put the dyeing powder inside of it with water. You start to mix it and when it have the right consistency, you put the white latex gloves and wait for the water to be at the right temperature.

You slowly start to wet his hair with a little bit of liquid. You start to message softly head at the same time.

A groan comes out of him and you feel him leaning towards you.

“Oh, yeah, just like that baby” he spoke in daylight.

“You like that?”

“Keep going, and maybe you’ll get a reward after.”

Hurry up ! The voice in your head tells you.

When his head is damp enough, you start to apply the dyeing product, with the brush that came with the package, at the roots of his hair. Your tongue comes out of your mouth. You’re so concentrate to do a good job, that you don’t even realize it. If there’s a spot that you missed, he’ll know it, and he’ll make sure that you know it, too. And not in a good way.

“Someone is eager to have her prize,” he state, chuckling.

“Well, if it is the same as the last time, I have all the reasons in the world to be eager,” you answered.

“It will be even better.”

“I doubt it,” you tell him.

“And why’s that, (y/n)?”

“Last time, I couldn’t walk straight for a week, and you put so much galloons of cum inside of me that I had to stay on the toilet for a good hour to get it all out.”

He leans his head back in laugher. A cheeky smile comes to your lips while thinking about that memory. The joker had had a really tough week, and he explode when he came back at home for you to told him that his hair were due. He fucked you hard and fast on the counter of the bathroom for a good two hours, coming in you more than once and telling you all the filthy things that was passing through his mind at the time. At the end of the night, when the sun was starting to show itself, you had the counter border graved on your stomach and you were all sticky with sweat. You remember the feeling of your cum mixing with his running down yours legs and down the tile floor. You though that he would let you go, but you were wrong. He lift you on the counter and put your legs up and let them fall down on his muscular shoulders. He started to eat all of your magnificent juice till the last drop.

You shook your head violently. It’s not the time to get distracted, your head tells you. Your pussy, though, is telling you another story.

Ten minutes later, you put the brush back into the pot.

“Just have to wait 30minutes now,” you tell him.

He lift himself out of his chair, stretching his sore limbs. You lick your lips in desire when you see his arms muscles flexing, deliciously.

Fucking green hair.

30 minutes later.

You put his head under the jet to wash of all off the excess product. When it’s done, you cut off the water and take the hair dryer beside you and put it in the higher level possible. You brush his hair how he does it in a normally basis. As his hair becomes dryer and dryer, you can see the vibrant green coming through.

Finally! Finally, you see an end to this fucking torture that he put you through.

Five minutes later, set down the engine. He looks into the mirror while passing one of his hand full of rings into his hair, examining it. You’re not nervous.

You know you did a great job.

He turns around, his face void of any emotions. You look at each other for a good minute and then.

He smile, taking your small hips between his big white hands and pull you closer to him. He caress your face, still smiling.

“That’s a very good girl. Daddy is proud of you.”

“Does that mean you’re going to take care of me?” You ask, your voice full of hope.

“Yes baby girl,” he says, pressing his hips hard against yours. You can feel his long and hard cock throbbing in his short. “Daddy’s going to take care of you.”


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The city looks so pretty, do you wanna burn it with me?
‘Til the skies bleeds ashes and the fucking skyline crashes
They catch us with matches to ignite the flame
And all the hopes of a youth deemed fucking insane

aka savages is totally a mavinsay gta au and no one will convince me otherwise


What makes tattoos permanent?

Tattoo needles punch through the epidermis allowing ink to seep deep into dermis. 

Every time the needle penetrates, it causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling the immune system cells to the wound site, to begin repairing the skin.

It is this very process that makes tattoos permanent.

Specialised cells called macrophages eat the invading material in an attempt to cleanup the inflammatory mess.

As these cells travel through the lymphatic system, some of them are carried back with a belly full of dye to the lymph nodes, while others remain in the dermis.

With no way to dispose off the pigments, the dyes inside them remain visible through the skin.

Some of the ink particles also remain suspended in the gel-like matrix of the dermis, while others are engulfed by dermal cells called fibroblasts.

Dermal cells remain in place until they die. And when they do, they are taken up- ink an all-by the younger cells nearby. So the ink stays where it is.

With time, tattoos do fade as the body reacts with the alien pigment particles, slowly breaking them down o be carried off by the immune system’s macrophages. As the dermal cells are very stable, much of the ink remains deep in the skin for a person’s whole life.


I have been playing these games since 2012 and yet I have somehow failed to actually examine the blueprints of the portal gun until now.

And I thought the turrets were ridiculous.


•Bucky Barnes Imagine•

•Setting: A/U prolly takes place in the 40’s so no dead Bucky•

•Warning: Mentions of Sex, Cussing, Birth.•

•A Babies Hold•

The cries echoed throughout the hospitals walls, as the unlovable scent of birth caked the walls and etched to the warm atmosphere around the room. The bright beige light above the lady seething under the stern gaze of the nurses and doctors was making it hard for her to focus on one thing let’s not even mention having a super soldier beside her crippled form chanting to her it would all be fine soon, wasn’t really making it feel anywhere near fine- not even by the slightest.

“Just a few more pushes, Doll.” He rubbed her moist cheeks, then bent down to kiss her sweat filled forehead. Taking a hold of her clammy palm while rubbing it lovingly. All the while she screeched and bristled as her women hood was ripping open, their first child slowly making its way out.

“The heads out,” The doctor exclaimed as he clapped in adoration, “Just three more pushes, and your done!” He claimed grabbing a plush white towel to wrap the infant. She tried to push stronger and hastily, but it was around near impossible. It hurt, and the poor mother to be was was just beyond exhausted. Albeit, around ten minutes, She had found James cutting the cord that connected her and their first born son. The lady sighed in relief as happiness washed over her entire body, running her slender fingers across her creased forehead collecting the beads of sweat that had formed. She had came to the conclusion the A/C was either broken or they were too cheap to lose money. Either way, it was like a sauna in this hell hole.

“Sweetheart, look at him…” James exclaimed as he showered his son’s elfin head with kisses, The doctors and medics had cringed in disgust. The baby boy was just born, the nurses didn’t even shower him yet… And here was Bucky enthusiastically smooching his blue son, filled with veins and other fluids. His wife had gagged and looked away, only to find the doctor removing a needle and a string of black thread. She had winced, did he just finish stitching her without feeling it?

“Look, Doll he just opened his eyes!” The brown headed man exclaimed again, as his son had opened his baby azure pools, there was absolutely no expression on their sons face, but to the new father it was his first “Father & Son” moment in history.

“Bucky I’m a bit tired…” The mother trailed, closing her warm brown eyes, and falling into a dreamless abyss of slumber, without a second thought in mind.


“-And Daddy would buy you anything you want, just ask it.” A lady stirred around in her hospital bed, hearing weird noises coming from around the white bed side.

“So, what do you think Uncle Steve would do when he finds out your name is Steven?” James chuckled as he tried to tickle his son. He looked so peaceful, and happy there was just absolutely no other way to explain the scene before the mother. His cheeks were laced with wrinkles, as his eyes plastered nothing but joy, his lips spread into a wide grin, he looked so mesmerizing.

“Now, let’s get you all filled up so when mommy wakes up, she can burp you,” The new mother watched as her husband had carefully placed the milk bottle at his sons mouth and propped his small head on his arm while slowly feeding his first.

“You literally look extra sexy.” Her breathy reply came as a mere whisper. Bucky’s head jerked up instantly a warm smile was engraved at his canvases.

“How are you?” He asked, concern written all over his features. His smile carefully faded and was now a simple look of worry for her health. If anything happened to his love, he wouldn’t know what would be of him.

“I feel good.” She joked, trying to sit up. “So how long was I out Buck?” She had motioned him to sit beside her, patting the matters next to her. He stood up fearfully, fixing the infant in his hands before sitting next to his wife. He watched her pleading hands outstretched to hold their kid, he kindly accepted. Handing her the bundle of joy.

“You were out cold for a few hours, I was worried.” James watched as his wife had cradled their son, then looked up to gaze at his blue pools.

“I’m sorry, are you alright now?” James shrugged and looked at the opaque milk bottle he was still holding on to. Watching as the numbers of milk had decreased every time he would flip the bottle, he was worried and she knew exactly why.

“Did anyone from our families come to visit?” She asked, knowing the answer to her simple question. She silently watched as the baby in her arms had went to sleep, while her big baby was slouched beside her feeling disappointed.

James mother had hated the thought of him dating his high school sweetheart, chanting to her self that it was a simple faze- her son was after all a flirt as well as the biggest player in their country. Well that turned out wrong, he had stuck beside her like super glue. When the time had come for James to ask his beloved for her hand in marriage, his mom claimed she would disown her son if he were to act on his own. He didn’t heed her much though, going with his plan and ended up marrying her- to this day his mom had not spoken a word to her son- saying that they were not meant for each other, and this was a big mistake.

“Steve still didn’t come, he said he had a meeting at two o'clock to attend, hopefully he’ll be here in a few more minutes,” James twirled the bottle in his hand as he released an audible sigh of exhaustion and ran his fingers through his quiff. “The other guys came to visit but you were sleeping. Howard bought you roses, and Peggy bought you your favorite chocolate, they both plan to come over tomorrow to see you.” He sighed once again, then turned his head to meet her gaze. Pointing to the chocolates and roses at the stand beside her. “There all very supportive… Except my parents…” He trailed, dismal weaved through his tone, he went back to hanging his head low, while twirling the bottle between his colossal hands

Her brows pearled together, forehead creased, her view averted to the joy in her arms, noting how he opened his mouth to snore. The baby was shaping to be an exact replica of his father. Her sudden giggles had cracked the older man’s thoughts as he turned around to see what had made his love laugh.

“He snores just like you!” His wife exclaimed, watching as Bucky faked a smile, he was hurting pretty bad… She had guessed his parents approval really mattered to him. Or was it just that he wanted someone to be beside him while his love gave birth to his only son.

“I love you,” She started but was interrupted instantly. “-More, I love you more-” Buchanan continued, placing a hand on their sons head. Finishing her sentence while dropping a kiss on her nose.

“It’s gonna be pretty hard having sex now…” She stated watching as her husbands face became scarlet. He chuckled, his body rumbling, while he dropped his head down to hide his embarrassment.

“Ehh, I’ll still find time to bang you. We need a sibling for Steven. Preferably a baby girl.” They both nodded their heads agreeing on a second baby.

“Maybe we’ll name her Sarah-”

“What’s up with you and naming our kids after my Friend?” James laughed, She joined in not moments after. It’s true, Steve was practically her second husband. He was the first to know of the sudden pregnancy; seeking his advise on how to surprise Bucky, Steve bought her everything she ever craved when James couldn’t. Also, when James was out on meetings, and won’t make it till midnight, Steve Rogers came along and kept her company all the while looking after the pregnant women. They had both agreed to name their first born after Steve, but kept it a secret and chose a fake name to provide the platinum man with.

“WHERE IS MY GRANT!!!” A burst of the door got the small family by surprise as the little baby in her arms began to weep. Buchanan silently glaring the bigger man daggers while his wife was rocking her son around in her arms.

“Shut the fuck up!” Barnes hollered, as he pulled Rogers ears apart. “Ow!” Steve whined, trying hard to peel the fathers clawing nails from his bitty ears, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He pushed Bucky then dusts himself. “Can I hold Grant?” He asked, his hands pleadingly outstretched to the mother before him.

“His name is Steven.” The lady stated, “Steve Jr, for short.” Bucky corrected, going back to his seat next to his wife. Draping an arm around her shoulders while she posted a small kiss to Steven’s head.

“Oh, wow… Thank you- Pleas can I hold Steven-” He held Steven and sat on a hospital chair where Bucky had taken refuge while feeding his son. He sloppily yet carefully placed the child on his knees and held the head with his arm. Admiring his small features. While slowly fixing his blue and white baby blanket that wrapped the kid like a snug burrito. Bucky and The mother watched it all happen silently. James holding both her palms while they all shared similar smiles.

“He’s so beautiful…” Rogers stated in a whisper. “If only his grandparents could see it-” He stopped mid sentence, knowing full well how much that had brought sadness to his old dear friend.

They both nodded in agreement, but He knew James was dyeing inside-  his parents wouldn’t come to praise their work of art.

“They’ll come around,” The brown headed mother stated, for her husband to hear. He nodded sadly but returned to watching Steve feeding Steven Jr.

“They’ll come around someday…” Bucky chanted to himself, while snuggling closer to his wife, basking in the feeling of Steve at least accepting his son.

Weeks came by, then months followed, and years seemed to pass as their small baby boy lived with Bucky, Steve, and the mother- of course. It was wonderful. Life seemed more interesting, like there was something keeping them living, They guess it was taking care of another breathing human. Bucky has been stressed more then usual. He wants his son to have his own room, but that would mean they would have to move out of Rogers apartment. Which said man had greatly disagreed on.

Bucky had said about a month ago that he wanted to be alone with his own family- He wanted privacy. But Rogers countered that he was also a part of his family so he has no choice but to live with him. But it was getting quite crowded. Steven wants space, and that’s something he can’t get when his parents room is now so small due to having two beds.

But Steve have a feeling that’s not really just the reason for the sudden need for privacy. It felt more like Bucky just wanted to get away from Steve’s place. Last week Jr walked in on Rogers and his girlfriend doing the dirty. It didn’t exactly take a genius to state the obvious, their son didn’t understand but The father had made it such a huge deal about their son being scared for life after what he had just witnessed.

Another reason Bucky wanted a place for their own, was for the lack of sexual activity going around them. Steve Rogers, suggested that when they had  wanted to “do it” he would just take their son out and give them isolation. So the couple agreed… Only to have Steve call the happily married duo in the middle of their session, braking the news that their son - Jr - had fallen off a tree and now has a pretty green cast wrapped around from his forearm all the way to the tips of his fingers. James blew up… - killed his friend for putting his son in danger, then killed him more for interrupting them and not waiting until they were done.

“Come on Jr, open your mouth.” A mother laughed as She pushed a spoon full of peas in her sons round slobbery lips. She watched silently as he chewed on the greens and spit it out instantly once he saw his uncle walk by the kitchen to grab a water bottle. Jr had  jumped up and down on his baby seat, his moist small fat paws went up signaling his uncle to pick him up. While his chin and below was covered in chewed greens.

“Hey buddy!” Steve greeted, as he grabbed a napkin and cleaned his chin. It’s so hard teaching that stubborn child to eat- She supposed it was like the old saying ‘Like Father Like Son’.

“Hey (Y/N),” The bleach haired man leaned down and kissed his friends head. “Should I feed him?” Rogers asked, placing Jr back on his stool.

“I bet you 10 bucks and this kid for a whole night you can’t-”

He grabbed the chair beside the boy and sat himself near his 'nephew’. Then started to feed the baby the sage circular peas.

“How do you…-” The brown headed girl rubbed her face in frustration, “-Never mind just feed him the whole bowl pleas…” She shook her head in disappointment, noting as her son ate from his uncle. He was eating the peas like crazy- as if they were pieces of caramel rather then the strong taste of peas. She didn’t know know what her dear blond friend had that she lacked, but when She was feeding him half the bowl he never even took an inch of peas below his throat.

Her head rested on Captain America’s forearm as he made funny faces to trick his nephew into opening his mouth. The mother closed her eyes and basked in the sudden quiet atmosphere. Listening to her friends heart beat lure her to a state of sleep.

“You alright there?” Rogers voice vibrated around her, as he set the small bowl aside and ran his hands along her hair- in hopes of coaxing her into speaking her mind. “You seem stressed…?” He asked, taking note of how her hair had started to grow whites at the brim of the roots, and wrinkles adored her cheeks.  

She nodded her heavy head, for the past week, ever since their kid had walked in on Rogers, Buchanan had been searching for his own apartment… While juggling work. So The family barely even has time to see him. It’s gotten so bad, she wouldn’t even see him when he got back from the night shifts- and would wake up to a bed half empty. He’s really keen on moving without Rogers knowing, or agreeing.

“You already know- Bucky wants to move out, and Jr just won’t help, he keeps waking up at night crying, Bucky usually puts him back to sleep. I haven’t seen my husband for so long. And I’ve been sexually frustrates. We haven’t done anything in a month.” The girl admitted releasing all of her pent up anger on the bulky blond man. He looked down and pulled his friend closer to his chest.

“Hey, if it’s hurting you that much, I’ll help.”

“Well…?” James trailed uncertain- hoping to whatever force that was greater then him his wife would be impressed, “I think this would be great… What do you think…?” Bucky continued, trying to win the argument by showing his gratitude towards the place.

They walked around in the new apartment that was for rent, it had a very nice interior. Two rooms, two master baths, kitchen, living room- with two walk in closets, and a dining, what else could they possibly ask for?

“I think we’re ready to move…” She smiled warmly as James sighed in relief and embraced her from
Behind. Instantly pecking the tip of her neck. “Let’s thank Rogers for finding this… Yah?” He nodded, silently agreeing to the unspoken arrangement for dinner in a fancy restaurant.

It’s been exactly two days since Rogers promised he would help. Already the blond bad pinpointed an
Apartment out for rent. It was the sweetest act he’s ever done, considering the man didn’t even come home the day he promised it.

“I haven’t touched you in so long…” Bucky breathed out, as his baby blues trailed from the tip of his wife’s head all the way down to her round ass cheeks. “Now what brought that to mind…?” She questioned walking back to him once She had thrown her trash in the bin.

“You just look so beautiful.” He embraced her, Inhaling her sweet berry scented hair. “I want to move out as soon as possible, I want to feel you possibly pronto.”

“How old is he…?”

“He’s two…”

“He’s still a mistake…”

“How is he a mistake Mr. Barnes…?” Steve asked, holding Jr in his hands, while the kid busied himself by drawing over his uncles shirt.

“James Barnes doesn’t even know the first thing about babies-”

“Well, he’s been taking care of all of us. (Y/N), Jr, and me.” Steve admitted, anger written on his face, “I haven’t paid a single bill since their son was born .” Steve watched as Bucky’s parents expressions morphed into surprise. They had guessed in a few more months their son would come running for their help- but that wasn’t the case- not by the slightest.

“Look, Bucky and his wife would be here soon… If your still not ready to accept your sons kids then pleas leave. He still hasn’t gotten over the fact his own son doesn’t even have grandparents- I don’t even want to guess what this would do to him if he found you guys here. ”

Steve put down his nephew his gaze silently trailing behind the small kid who had run over to his toy box, Jr grabbed the toy car, then begun to empty his toy box- curtesy of Steve Rogers.

“Just look at him…” Steve continued absentmindedly, his soft blue eyes washing over the innocent child. “Do you really have the heart to hate him?” The grandparents minded as Steven came back to his uncle handing him the fake phone.

“Mama, mama!” Steven chanted. Shoving his fake blue phone in his uncles hands- “Dadda! Dadda!” Steve nodded finally understanding the kid- fishing  his real phone from his pocket he dialed Bucky’s number. Then gave it to Jr’s waiting chubby fingers . The small kid ran away with the smart phone, leaving the grandparents and Steve alone.

“Pleas… Can’t you just act like you like him for James sake…?” Rogers was interrupted by the little kid giving his phone back, he pulled it to his ear and heard Bucky laughing, probably to something their kid said- “Tell your uncle to open the door buddy…” Then the line went dead. And all the color from Steve’s face had drained away instantly. Leaving him to look like a corpse bride.

“There here…”

“It’s fine… Let them in.”

Steve nodded- understanding that this would change everything. He went to the door creaking the hinges open- as the happy couple came in not noticing the grandparents sitting in the living room. Once they saw their sons grandparents everything went silent.

“James … (Y/N)…” They trailed uncertainly, watching as Steven came running to his father. James instantly held his wife’s waist bringing her closer to his side- while picking his son on his left side his arms dangling around Bucky’s neck.

“Meet my family…” James stated indifferently. Hitting the door with his foot to jab his friends hiding form behind the door- obviously promising him he would do much more harm later.


Hallelujah, I hate this prompt but it had to be published- ignore it if you hate it.

Publishing Details:

Date: Saturday August, 6, 2016

Publisher: Fatema

Words: 3391

Chapter 20


Allowing my eyes to burn from the sun shining directly in them , I realized Caden finally let me out after fighting my ass for three days prior . Something severe had to happen in order for him to give up spending time with Jaylin because he always complained about never spending time with her and now he’s giving that up . I swear at times this nigga was stupid as hell because he could never decide on what he really wanted . Smiling to myself , I felt like I was alive again because I had her back under my wing .

Who would have known that an evil personality living inside of me could get her back ? In all honesty it’s crazy how it started off with Caden being the only one in love with jay and now look at me , an actual sucka for love . Thanking my mother for one of the most valuable things she could ever teach me which is appreciating a good woman , I thanked god for allowing me to find something real and allowing us to have a second chance . I couldn’t be nothing but grateful for that , in my eyes that was a true blessing . She was a blessing .

Stroking Jay cheek slightly , I left a soft kiss on her cheek as well as her neck . Watching her sleep with heart eyes , I gushed over her pure beauty . Moving the covers , I admired the slight booty poke she had going up against my side . Licking my lips , I slapped my morning wood across both of her ass cheeks before busting out into a silent laugh , almost crying . Doing it a few more times , what cracked me up most was she act like couldn’t feel it , girl I got a big ass Dick and you mean to tell me you can sleep through that ?

Leaving her alone to rest , my still tired eyes landed on a white piece of folded paper that rested on the marble night stand not to far from the bed . Running my fingers across the table , I retrieved the note and opened it , anxious to read what was inside .
’ Uh Chris man , I’m letting you take back over for a while . Jaylin witnessed me kill some body last night and I scared her man . She hates me , called me a monster and all so uh yea . You know I’m never butt hurt behind anything or give a fuck about how people feel about me but as you can see , with jay I do . Just take the medicine so I don’t come back out because I don’t want to face her and disappoint her again . Uh , thanks .

-Caden ’

I read aloud lowly . Sighing , I scratched the back of my head before letting out a low chuckle . My young nigga was crushed , and I didn’t know what to do . Slowly getting out of bed , I noticed jay had scooted over towards the wall . Looking at her confusingly , I waved her off . My eyes averted to the wall clock and read that it was currently 9:45 in the morning . Groaning , it’s early as fuck wtf am I doing up? Cracking my tense bones I decided I would take my hot shower early before jay wakes up and take over the bathroom .

Grabbing a pair of polo Ralph Lauren briefs from my top draw I pranced to the bathroom .” it’s bout time I dye this shit ” I grumbled rubbing my fingers through my hair roughly . I’ve been wanting to go turquoise for a while now , and on a scale from one to ten , the want to do it was at ten .

Turning the nobs on the shower , I adjusted the water to the temperature I would like , scorching Hot . Making sure my towel was on the rack , I proceeded to grab my axe shower gel only to clench my jaw at it not being there . Before I could step into the shower , I rummaged through the bottom cabinet , knocking all of our stuff out . ” I’m not picking that shit up ” I murmured . Finally getting what I wanted , I smiled and got back inside of the shower . I hope Jay doesn’t have a problem with picking that shit up because like I said , I wasn’t going to do it ,

As I washed my long body , I couldn’t help but think about My life with Jay after high school . Marriage , kids , and simply an happy ending. I was planning on being with this girl for the rest of my life but I’m so nervous to ask her if she feels the same . I’m like Caden , I’m scared to witness how disappointment feels . I’m already one insecure nigga so when it comes down to talking about serious relationship topics , I’m scared to say anything ..

Smiling big , I pictured our little girls walking down the aisle throwing the flowers as the sound of Brian McKnight blasted from the speakers that was hung up all around the hall . Next came my soon to be wife walking down the aisle in this big white dress while I stood at the alter waiting on my beautiful bride . The smile that graced my face in my tiny vision , put me in an happy state of mind that I believe I can’t be taken out of . At least not today , I won’t allow it .

With my thoughts running me crazy for over an hour , my fingers were starting to get soft because of the hot water and by now my body had to be more than clean because I’ve been scrubbing since I’ve entered . Cool water hit my skin giving me sudden chills , making me uncomfortable while also alerting me that I had used all the hot water . Hopping out the shower after turning the water off , I wrapped The towel around my waist securing it so it wouldn’t fall off . Opening up my cabinet I pulled out my bleach , developer , dye brush & container.Pouring the necessary substances into the bowl , I used the tail of the brush to mix it until it was a pancake like substance . Flipping the brush back over , I dipped it in and started no where in particular .

One empty container later , I looked myself In the mirror and watched as my hair turned from a dirty blonde to almost platinum . Not trying to give it any longer to turn , I quickly rinsed my hair out with luke warm water . Squirting some of jaylins bedhead shampoo’conditioner combined in 1 on top of my head , I scrubbed the liquid substance through out my whole head, making sure I didn’t miss a spot .

After washing my hair a good three times , I rinsed out the suds . Slowly standing back to my feet , I used the towel from around my waist to dry my head . Stepping back to my station , I squirted the turquoise dye inside the mixing bowl and added a little bit of developer . Stirring the substance , I neatly placed it on my head before using my hands that were protected by the blue gloves to spread the dye around .

as I waited for the dye to settle in , I went on ahead and cleaned up the bathroom to kill time though I said I refused to do so. Not wanting to hear Cali mouth , I stopped being lazy and put our things back neatly under the counter . Picking up my phone , I sat down in my bean bag chair and propped my feet up on my small table I had in the middle of my room . Using my right hand to scroll through unread messages , I deleted them all out of respect of Jay . Most of them messages were from old hoes that I no longer have . Getting on my twitter , I lurked my TL trying to find anything interesting but came up with nothing .

A message alert had popped up across my screen from an unknown number and my face scrunched up confusingly on who it could be . Replying with a ” who this ?” I waited on their response . Minutes went by before I finally got a response telling me it was lana , one of my old hoes that was trying to see if I wanted to come through to get my dick sucked . Shaking my head , a bitter chuckle escaped my lips . It kills me on how bitches try to come around when they find out you got yourself a girlfriend . As long as I have Cali , I have no reason to even be around a hoe because all a hoe doing is trying to please me and as long as Cali is around , I’ll forever be pleased and satisfied . Letting her know I’ll pass and exactly why I’ll pass , I blocked and deleted her number from my phone . ” fucking slut ” I grumbled .

Sitting my phone on the table , I placed it on the charger and got up from my seat . Laying on top of Jay , she didn’t budge and I was starting to think she was a heavy sleeper . Kissing her lips , she stirred a little but didn’t wake up . ” wake up baby ” I mumbled in her ear . Pushing my head away , she pulled the covers up over her head . Sucking my teeth , I wanted her to entertain me and wake up but she wasn’t ready to and I wasn’t about to make her . With nothing else to do , I watched her sleep for 45 minutes until I was ready to rinse my dye out of my head .

” not bad ” I smiled at my reflection . Running my fingers through my now turquoise curls , I used jay blow dryer to dry my hair . Wiping the counter and washing my previously used objects , I made my way into the closet to look for today’s outfit . Pulling out a black pyramid hoodie and black wind breaker , I slipped on my camo cargo pants and reebok questions before throwing on a plain black v-neck . I wasn’t gonna put my jackets on right now , we weren’t leaving out until later .

Out the side of my eye , I could see my phone lighting up as well as I could hear the loud obnoxious vibration coming from it . Quickly picking it up , I answered once I seen it was my mother who was calling . ” hey ma ” I whispered into the phone , not wanting to wake Jay up again .

“ why are we whispering ? ” she whispered causing me to chuckle . Stepping out the room , I closed the door behind me .“ Jaylin was sleeping and I didn’t wanna wake her ” I said speaking louder .

“ oohhh I’m sorry baby , y’all still coming to see me ? ” she asked in her cheery voice . Moma had called about 2 days ago saying she wanted to see Jaylin and I in person not over a cell phone screen . Technically , she saw Jay but Jay ain’t see her . She was to busy sleeping .

“ yes , I’m looking for her duffle bag as we speak ” I mumbled going down to the wash room. Grabbing the stack of clothes that were neatly folded I carefully placed them into the huge duffle . Jaylin had no clue we were going visit my mom in VA today , but she will know once she see us pull up at the private jet . Alexis is flying to Baton Rouge with August then they driving down to New Orleans to meet mama A so that leaves Jay and I here alone but moma begged me to fly to VA and as promised , we’re going .

Not only that , I’ve been missing my mommy and we all know I’m a momas boy and it’s about that time I make a trip to see her . Now if Caden was to be out right now , moma would be wanting a whole other week or two to see Us because Caden would probably be in a funk about lasting his event & fall into a small spell to where he wanted to be alone .

“ does she even know ? ” she questioned .

“ nope ” I said making sure I popped the p .

“ poor child is going to be so nervous ” she chuckled .

Joining in , ” I can only imagine but look moma I gotta go finish packing our stuff . Tell pops I said wassup ” I Fumbled with the zipper on my bag .

“ alright baby , y’all have a safe flight and call me when y’all land so your father can come pick you guys up ” I could hear the excitement in her voice . Looking at the phone , pick us up ? She act like i can’t drive but I let her talk just to hear herself talk . “ alright moma ” I chuckled .

“ love you sweety ” she pitched .

“ I love you too ” I said hanging up. Picking up jaylins MCM bag from the floor , I went into the bathroom and put her most used necessities inside . Deodorant , shampoo & conditioner , body wash , loafers , her own towels , flat irons and all that other girly shit she had laying around my bathroom . I swear it felt like we lived together at times .

Jogging down the steps , I carried the 4 bags to the trunk of my range rover and sat them down inside . Once I was sure of everything being inside , I pressed the button causing the trunk to slowly lower it self . Walking back inside the house , I walked into the kitchen and pulled out Jaylin and I’s favorite breakfast items so I can make us a nice breakfast before we leave .

Before I could even began to start cooking , the door bell rang constantly . Clenching my jaw at someone being at my house before 12:00 , I angrily made my way to the front door .” Calm down Chris just calm down . Think of your happy place ” I coached myself . Believe it or not , having Bipolar disorder was hard to deal with . Just the slightest things pisses me off and make me want to kill people . Rubbing up and down the side of my mouth to soothe the pain from clenching my jaw so tight , I swung the door open with force .

Mugging Naomi as she stood in front of me with her shoulder length hair slicked back into a ponytail and her semi-classy outfit on , she looked up at me with a smile . Only reason why I could tell she was looking at me was because of the sun reflecting from the door to her huge glasses that shaded her eyes .” What the fuck do you want ? ” I gritted .

“ I was just coming by to say hello Christopher and to just see how you were doing . I mean , I was your everything at some point ” she pretended to flip her hair . Pushing her so I could step out , I slammed her body up against the bricks . Making sure the front door was closed , I looked back at Naomi . Caden was trying his hardest to break free and demolish this bitch for having the nerve to come to our house but I was trying to have a good day .

Keeping him calm while trying to show this bitch I’m not playing with her , my nerves were getting badder and badder and I had to let her go unless I would smash her head into pieces . ” get the fuck Naomi . Ima tell yo ass one more time , stay away from me and my fucking house bitch . Next time you come around me or mine , I promise ima slice your ass up ” I threatened .

Dragging her to her car , I made sure her knees were fucked up by the time we made it to her drivers side . Opening her door for her , I threw her inside and slammed the door . ” don’t come back bitch ” I hissed , kicking her car , denting it. backing out fast , she drifted off of the street , out of sight .

With my anger level at 100 , I slowly walked back inside the house with my hands in my pockets . Slamming the door shut with my foot , I didn’t care if it woke Jaylin up or not . Wanting to punch someone’s face in , I rushed to my medicine cabinet . Knocking back some of my nerve pills back , I didn’t bother to drink nothing to help wash it down . Nothing seemed to upset me more than letting someone else upset me and take away my happiness . I’ve battled with that for years , not letting people get to me that is . It always seemed so hard for me smile through the bullshit , almost impossible .

Slanging my pill bottle across the room , I was trying my hardest to stop myself from having an emotional break down . Breathing heavily , I anticipated on going wake jay up so she could comfort me but I didn’t want to be selfish . ” Welp there goes my day ” I murmured , sadly picking up my medicine .

Taking a deep breath , I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes . Hearing a quick knock , I popped up quickly and walked towards the door .” Better not be you Naomi ” I warned . Opening the door , no one was there . Stepping out , I looked all around and found no one , not even a car was in sight .

” maybe I’m hearing shit ” I shrugged , stepping back inside the house . Before I could slam the door shut , I noticed a small sticky note on the first step . Picking it up , I glanced over it . Squeezing my eyes shut , the word crazy played over and over in my head as a vision of the paper wouldn’t seem to escape my mind .

“ you’re not crazy baby , believe mama . You’re not , you’re just different from others but guess what ? It doesn’t matter , it doesn’t matter baby because mommy loves you no matter what ” my moms comforting words sounded off in my head instantly relaxing me .

“ that’s right , I’m not crazy ” I slowly breathed in and out . Opening my eyes , I glanced back down at the sticky note before balling it up and throwing it away . Walking away from the trash can , I paused and took two steps back . Retrieving the note , I opened it to see if I could recognize the handwriting and indeed I did .

Brianna nor did Naomi know when to stop fucking with someone , they constantly press your buttons. Naomi thought I wouldn’t notice the faded hello kitty on the sticky note , and Brianna thought I wouldn’t notice her handwriting . I pay attention to everything , that’s what they don’t know . Looking at my car keys , I licked over my lips ” let’s take a ride ” I muttered ,

Without any second thought , I was in my All black Matte lambo speeding towards Brianna’s house . With the guidance of Caden , I was there in no time . Parking my car down the street , I shoved my hands in my pockets and made my way towards her house . Normally , I would leave the violence to Caden but calling me ’ crazy ’ pissed me off . Bitches don’t realize they don’t know what’s going on in another person life for them to do the dirty shit he do .

As I made my way up her front door step , I planned it out in my head what I was going to do to her . Chuckling darkly at the few choices I had , I knocked on the door . Waiting on her to open the door , I leaned against the house whistling . After about 30 seconds , she opened the door with nothing on . ” hey baby ” she smiled .

“ wassup ” I smirked . Throwing her arms around my neck , I picked her up and walked upstairs .“ You missed daddy ? ” I questioned lowly in her ear . My eyes lurked around the room for anything that could lead up to anything I did . When I figured out that they had no kind of cameras , I walked both of us inside her room .

“ so much daddy ” she giggled . Rolling my eyes , how you miss someone you only kissed ? Stupid ass sprung hoes . Laying her down , I tied her arms up to the bed .“ What you doing baby ? ” she asked . Blind folding her , I lowered myself back down to her love box.

Hearing her breathing hitch up a notch , she assumed I was about to devour her love box .” Eat it baby ” she encouraged in a seductive voice .” Mhm ” I responded . Pulling my gun out of my waistband , I shoved it deep inside of her . ” you wanted some dick ? I got your dick baby ” I cackled .pounding my gun in and out of her , her cries and pleads for me to stop was making me feel good inside . I don’t know what it was but I felt so , so alive .

This sudden thrill to kill her made me feel inadequate and driven by a need to feel power . Now I see what Caden gets out of this , power . He loves feeling in control and having the upper hand , as well as just having fun with taking someone’s life . He was addicted to blood . I wouldn’t say I was addicted to blood but it intrigued me in a weird way . To a certain extent , I would make both myself and Caden feel good by making someone suffer . In my eyes , we are thrill killers . Killers who may torture , rape & degrade you before taking your life .

“ you’re about to die baby girl ” I warned . Taking off her blind fold , I wanted her to watch me end her life . As her eyes widen at the sight , Right when I was about to blow the trigger I heard someone coming inside the house .“ Fuck . You better not say shit bitch ” I said sternly . Rushing into her closet , I slid the door closed and locked it .

” Brianna , daddy’s home ” I heard I’m assuming her father say . Making myself comfortable in her closet , I had a perfect view of her room through the cracks of the closet door . Heavy foot steps was heard coming up the stairs and my excitement was through the ruff . Shooting my eyes towards Brianna , terror took over her completely .

“ he- what the fuck is this ? You had some nigger in here you little slut ? ” her father yelled . He had to be her dad because the nigga was white and B is mixed . “ no Robin ” she cried lowly , ignoring the fact he just let the word nigger fly out of his mouth .

” yes you did . I’m gonna teach your nasty ass a lesson ” he smiled evilly . Unbuckling his belt , he pulled down his khaki work pants .” Robin please , you don’t have to do this ” Brianna shook her head ,” but I do baby , how else are you going to learn?”

Not allowing myself to witness this man rape this girl , I busted out of the closet with my gun aiming at his head ” step away from the girl old nigga ” I said sternly . With a mean mug gracing his face , he pulled up his ugly work pants and charged at me .” I knew there was a nigger in here . Come’ere bitch ” his thick country accent flew out . Where tf did her mom find this nigga at ? Tennessee ?

Shooting him in the knee , he fell to the floor in agonizing pain . ” what you gonna do me now ? Huh tough boy ? ” I chuckled lowering myself down to him . Spitting at me , I moved to the side unless it would have got all in my face . ” you’re so disrespectful ” I smiled wickedly .

Standing to my feet , I waltzed over of the bedside and untied Brianna from the ropes that left blue bruises around her wrist . ” put clothes on and grab as much as you can ” I instructed. Nodding her head quickly , she got up and slipped some comfortable clothes on before packing about a weeks worth of clothes.

“ meet me down stairs in 5 ” I told her . Once again nodding her head , I looked at her piece of shit step father and kicked him down the stairs . Listening to him groan and already beg for mercy , I chuckled . Now I see why Caden enjoy what he do , the shit is fun , amusing and it gets rid of stress .

Jogging down the steps , I kicked his body to the slide door & kicked him on to the back patio . Moving the outside furniture away from him , I stripped him from his clothes . Although Caden forever used unwanted sex to harm someone , I was totally against it . It made my skin crawl . ” you one sick bitch” I yelled . I may not be able to yell at and fight Caden but I can yell at and fight this monster laying below me .

Dropping my gun , I started to beat him with my own bare hands , wanting him to take pain like a real man . I was trying to make him suffer but I didn’t have the proper tools to do so , instead I had to go with alternatives ” Brianna , get me some scissors or a knife please ” . Scratching the back of my neck , it was funny how I came here to kill this bitch and the whole script flipped . Maybe it was a good thing that I came here , could be possibly stopping something that happened countless of times before .

Something inside of my head was telling me to leave , let him go and mind my business but Caden , who’s voice was very loud and heard was telling me to kill his ass because if I didn’t I would be leaving it open for him to run to the police and making Brianna testify to put us inside of jail .

Having both Caden and I fucked up , I pushed what I’m assuming the good side of me was saying to the back of my mind . With a clenched jaw and flexing fist , I began to daydream about what my Cali was doing and if she was up or not . Turning my frown into a slight smile , I took at seat at the small circle patio table . If she was up , she would have noticed I was gone and called my phone by now to see where I’m at and if I’m okay .

The love I had for this girl was indescribable & it was evident because as you can see I can’t stop thinking about her . It seems as if I couldn’t get enough of her even if I tried to. I was addicted to this girl in a crazy way . Nothing like Caden was though . I’m able to control myself if she’s gone too long and I’m not addicted to her as a whole . If anything I’m addicted to her mind & how she acts and comes off as a young woman growing up
In this fucked up world .

She has morals . She’s not like these hoes out here that would settle for anything . She knew her worth and she wouldn’t dare settle for less . I use to think she was only hanging around Caden because he has money , well we have money but she proved me wrong when I was told she didn’t even know we came from money . She was considered a wife in my book when she showed that she was in this relationship because she truly cared about us and actually loved us as a whole . I couldn’t appreciate her more for all the things she has done , one is not giving up . We’ve been searching for someone who wouldn’t give up on us and we finally got her . Our ex bitch we thought was in love with us turned out to be a flunk , but that’s a story for another day .

I was so wrapped into the reasons why I fell and still is falling for Jay , I hadn’t realized that that Brianna was standing in front of me with the pair of purple scissors waving them in my face . ” thank you ” I nodded taking them from her grasp. Stooping back down to the dad , I looked back at Brianna .” Come do the honors ” I demanded. Looking at me with an scared expression, she shook her head no repeatedly .

“ I can’t do that , please don’t make me ” she begged . Sighing roughly at this pussy ass bitch , I went on ahead and cut his penis off myself . All his juices seemed to skeet on Brianna causing her to sprint into the house and watch from the window as she cleaned herself up .

Ear piercing screams was heard loud and clear coming from this mans mouth . Groaning , I held my own dick in my hands trying not to freak out . Seeing him in that pain and actually being the one to cause it made my stomach turn and almost made me feel as if that’s what was happening to me . Relaxing my muscles , Caden was inside of my head coaching me on how to relax and keep calm during my first murder . Somewhat thanking him for that , I was fully relaxed with my adrenaline rushing .

Pouring the near by gasoline that was in an container all over his body , I called Brianna outside to join me . ” wassup” she mumbled stepping out from the slider door . Throwing the rest of the gas all over her body , I watched in pure amusement how she jumped around and tried to get the flammable liquid out of her eye.

Lighting a cigarette , I sat on top of the table and took a puff from it . Closing my eyes , I let the smoke fill my lungs before exhaling. ” you just knew you was off the hook with playing with me huh ? Thought it was okay to call me crazy huh ? ” I chuckled . ” you don’t know me girl , and it’s sad because I think if you did you wouldn’t do or have done the things you did to me , or to anyone I care About ” I smirked .

Between Tired of playing mr nice guy and being ready to go home because I was starving , I lit my lighter and put it down to the flammable substance . Watching the step father light up in flames , Brianna tried to run from it but I lit her end before she could get the gasoline off of her body with the hosepipe .

With both of their bodies completely on fire , the house was starting to go up in flames and I needed to get the fuck . Being trapped in the backyard , I had to jump the gate in order to get to my car . As I walked down the street I looked towards the house with a smile on my face , smiling about the fire . Fire was an appealing sight to me and it sent me into a flame frenzy making me want to light everything up .

Once I made it to my car , I got in and slowly drove down the street . Looking at everyone who surrounded the house , I could see the flashing lights from the fire truck in my rear view mirror . Chuckling evilly , I was one evil ass Nigga and I loved it . No matter what , even if no one loves Caden and I crazy asses , I love our crazy asses .


Rolling over I didn’t crash into another body so that means Caden wasn’t in the bed with me . I was still some what scared after what happened last night and even more scared that I may have upset him with my sudden distance . When he didn’t respond to my screaming last night I felt like he had just given up on me , knowing he was feeling like I has just given up on him .

Deep down in my gut I knew he felt the same way and that wasn’t in my intentions . I never want him to feel that way again because I know how it feels when someone is giving up on you and it’s not a good feeling . Although he did the wrong doing , in the end I feel guilty and like its all my fault . Technically it was my fault because if it wouldn’t have been for that boy trying to talk to me at the ticket booth , none of this would have happened .

I didn’t mean to yell at him , I was just scared and paranoid at the moment. More than that , I was traumatized . I watched some ones life skip away from them because they decided to be childish and throw a cold drink at the back of our heads . People don’t know how crazy other people can tend to be but yet they still do shit in a ” try me and find out ” matter . In a way the guy caused this upon himself , but maybe that was his way of retaliating from when Caden punched him when he got caught flirting with me .

Pots and pans clashing from downstairs took me out of my thoughts my nerve racking thoughts . Scrambling to my feet , I slipped my tiny feet into his house slippers and proceeded to the bathroom .Turning on the faucet water , I grabbed my noxzema morning wash and applied it to my face . While Letting it sit for 2-5 minutes I brushed my teeth .

“ so clean ” I smiled brightly after I rinsed my mouth . Gathering water into the palms of my hands I washed the soap off of my face . Once all gone my face felt nice and clean . Jumping at my bed hair , I fluffed out my luxurious curls . Rolling my eyes at its obnoxious long length , I contemplated on cutting it some .

Slipping on my booty shorts , the fresh smell of bacon hit my nose as I opened up the bedroom door . Hearing my tummy growl I gradually made my way down the stairs to see Caden putting his wrist to work in the kitchen . Chuckling at my childish music antics , I watched in awe as Caden grinded his hips slowly to body party that was playing through my pink beats pill . Now I see where it has been all this time .

Smiling , I hesitantly wrapped my arms around his waist . ” morning baby ” his voice came out nice and smooth .

“ morning stanka bug” I said kissing his back . He was fully dressed so I wonder where he was going . Turning around , his eyes were back to it’s normal brown color , letting me know it was Chris .

“ where’s Caden ? ” I asked taking a seat at the island . Pulling a note out of his pocket he passed it to me .“ what you not happy to see me ? ” Chris smirked as I read the short note that Caden left behind . . Frowning I really hurt his feelings and now he feels that I am afraid of him . I was afraid of the sight that played out in front of me but not as much of him . But what’s worst is , he thinks I hate him . I will never . I could never .

“ yes I missed you ” I mumbled pulling him in between my legs , sitting the note on the counter . I made a mental note to apologize to Caden the next time we spoke to each other .

“ you hurt Caden’s feelings I hope you know that , nigga don’t even wanna come out for a while ” he chuckled a little but I didn’t find anything funny . Caden is not the type to be butt hurt behind anything and for him to wanna leave let’s me know I have that affect on him . In a way I was happy that I was the only one who can get him to show his true emotions but I wanted to bring out his good emotions , not his angry , depressing and sad ones .

“ I didn’t mean to, but I missed my nice baby tho ” I smiled kissing his lips .

“ I missed you too , and my shit ” he growled poking my vaginal area .

Moaning ,” you’re gonna burn the eggs ” turning around he frantically took the eggs out the pan . By now I was hollering with laughter .

“ that’s not funny ” he spat playfully . Laughing some more I couldn’t even get my words out .

“ don’t be mad at me baby ” I giggled . Fixing my plate he sat it in front of me with a glass of apple juice .

” I’m not mad , shit was kinda funny ” he chuckled sitting in front of me . Saying grace , we both held each other’s hand . After saying amen , we both dug into our delicious breakfast .

“ so what all did I miss ? ” he asked cutting up his pancakes .

“ uhh you missed quiet a few things ”

“ like what ? ” he questioned .

Chewing my bacon slowly ,” well you know Caden and I had sex ”

Slamming his fork down against his plate ,” y’all what ? ” he gritted .

“ I thought you knew ” I looked at him confusingly .

“ I don’t know shit ” he spat . This was different coming from Chris . He always my calm little baby but right now not so much .

“ I thought you had switched back ”

“ I did , but I thought I was just inside of you to calm down ” he mumbled bitterly .

“ I’m sorry ” I pouted.

“ continue ” he said going back to his breakfast .

“ he killed some one last night but you know that since he said it in the note , uhh he wants me to have a baby ” I rushed out the last part .

“ what did you say ? ” he asked with a hint of excitement in his voice .

“ I told him I wasn’t ready right now but I would give you guys children ” I smiled at him .

Swallowing hard ,” did he nut in you ? “

“ yes ” I mumbled not wanting to lie to him .

“ then you’re already pregnant ” he grinned , but looking at my facial expression he knew something wasn’t right .

“ you killed it didn’t you? ” he looked at me with disgust .

“ I had no choice ” I argued .

“ you did have a choice and you made it by yourself ” he yelled getting up from the island .Pulling on his sleeve .“ Chris sit back down so we can talk about this ”

“ move ” he spat pushing me with full force making my body hit the edge of the counter . Raising up my shirt I studied the soon to be bruise . That shit hurt like hell .

“ get dressed cause we are leaving in a few ” was the last thing he said before disappearing upstairs .“ I don’t even know if a baby was even conceived , I took the plan b pill before I could even give his sperm time to fertilize me ” I yelled after him . Hearing the door slam extra hard , I wouldn’t be surprised if it was hanging of the hinges .

Sighing loudly I hurried and cleared up the mess in the kitchen before going through the downstairs closet searching for an outfit .I was forever saying some dumb shit to hurt either Caden or Chris . Maybe I should just start keeping my mouth shut and it’ll help their attitude .

Settling on a pair of shorts and a random hoodie , I slipped into my Jordan air gamma 12’s . Taking a seat on the floor , I switched the channel from lifetime to spongebob . Patrick always made me happy when i was sad . Sighing lowly , I threw my head back against the soft couch . Cackling loudly , Patrick was by far the funniest one on the show . He was so stupid yet care free . Nigga called the crusty crab ” uhhh is this the crusty crab ? ” ” no it’s Patrick ” what A dumb ass .

“ you ready ? ” Chris poked his head through the threshold of the door . Subsiding my laughter , Nodding my head I stood to my feet from the hard tile floor and dusted my butt off .Walking to the kitchen I grabbed the big bag of munchies , and two powerades .

Chris lifted up my body off of the ground and carried me bridal style to the car . Relaxing some in his arms , he sat me down gently in the passenger seat . Closing the door , he mumbled some shit under his breath . Sucking my teeth , him and his attitude was about to piss me the fuck off .” where are we going ? ” I asked breaking the silence that filled the car .

“ sit back and ride ” he mumbled gripping the steering wheel tightly . Huffing loudly I unbuckled my seatbelt and and climbed to the back . Plopping down I stuck my head phones in my ear and zoned out .


“ wake up ” Chris said shaking my body gently .

Looking at my surroundings , ” where are we ?”

“ at my private jet , let’s go ” he demanded pulling the bags from the trunk . When did he pack this ?

“ Chris where are we going ” I wanted answers now .

“ just get the fuck on the plane Jaylin ” he gritted . Some one obviously didn’t take their medicine this morning cause I could see the change in his eyes .

“ you said Caden wasn’t coming out for a while ” I glared .

“ too fucking bad . I’m back ” he spat . Now I knew it was no one but Caden . Mugging him , I watched intensively as his eyes transformed to a monster green .

“ can you stop being fucking mad at me ” I gritted punching his back. Turning around he gave me the most deadliest look but I didn’t dare back down from him .“ get the fuck in here ” he roared grabbing me by my hood .

“ fucking stop ” I cried shoving him . I didn’t wanna go back to this life . Being man handled and treated this way . Clenching his jaw , he continued to do what he was doing while I was just standing there looking like a lost puppy .

“ Mr.Brown the plane will be taking off in 2 minutes ” the pilot smiled before rushing off . Sitting down he pulled me on to his lap. My arms instantly found it’s away around his neck and face rested on his shoulder .I was to this day still scared of flying , and I’ve been flying my whole life . If jumping off a swing counts .

“ fuck you be giving daddy attitude for ? ” he growled into my ear .

Shrugging , ” are you still mad at me ? ” I asked looking up at him .

“ nah baby , I understand why you would be upset . I basically slaughtered a nigga in your face ” he grumbled pulling me closer .

“ yeaa ” I spoke quietly .

Kissing my neck ,” you still love me ? ” he asked biting my earlobe .

“ sure do ”

“ show me how much you love me ” He whispered , sending shivers down my spine . Just after He whispered that he grabbed my waist and pulled my body even closer to him in the seat. Straddling his lap , I started to take my shirt off and before I could get it over my head he had already snapped my bra off and threw it over the seat. Reaching down , I unzipped his pants . “ hurry up and take this shit off ” I ordered .

After his pants were off I stripped down to nothing. Wanting to be rough , he pushed me off of his lap and made me lean over the chair in front of us . Smacking my ass , I heard him grunt from behind . Licking my lips , I began to rub my pussy because he was going to slow for my liking .

Slipping his dick inside of my tight wet hole , I moaned lowly . Pushing his self deep inside of me , I bit the cushion on the back of the seat to help from crying out loud . Trying not to make too much noise , I was having respect for the pilot . Caden sped up inside of me while slapping my clit , causing it to throb .

Yanking me to him by my hair , he quickly threw me in the chair he was sitting in , lifting my legs up . Grabbing my waist , I wrapped my legs around his neck while he intertwined our fingers and held them above my head . Slamming hisself in and out of me, the high pitched screams and moans I was trying my hardest to hold in finally came out .

“ fuck baby I can’t take it ” I whined , pushing him back by his chest . Flipping us some way some how , I was now on top of him . Moving his hands from my perky double d breast down to my perfectly round ass , he gripped it tightly while bouncing me up and down on his dick . “ take daddy dick baby ” he encouraged through a choppy breath .

I was losing my grip on his shoulders so I dug my nails into his back.Taking his sudden pounding as a hint of enjoyment , I dug them deeper assuring my grip on him , ” fuck girl you got some claws ” he gritted . With my body shaking viciously , he knew I was about to cum and my sudden clench around his dick assured that .

Pulling out of me , he sat down in the chair and pulled me in front of him . Making me straddle his lap once again , he threw my legs over his shoulder and pulled my pussy close to his face . Sticking his tongue inside of my opening , he sucked on my clit before sliding his long juicy substance up and down my slit . Placing his fingers inside of me while he sucked , he was so good at this he had me shaking . Barely holding my legs up , I was trying to stop Myself from squirting all over his face .

Sucking as if his life depended on it ,
He left one of my legs up over his shoulder and sat me back down on his dick. Curving my hips in circular motions , he grabbed both of my breast and pinched each nipple . Squeezing them harder , I clenched my walls to Make him weak and let go .

“ shit Chris ” I moaned out on accident . Looking at me with pure evilness in his eyes ,He stood up with his dick still inside me and leaned me backwards on the chair in front.

“ you wanna call me chris now ? ” he gritted , a nice low grunt following after . Shaking my head no , I wish I could have taken it back but it was already too-late . Forcing my body down ,“ sit down , don’t say shit .if you make one sound you gonna get it even worse ” How could the pilot not hear all the noise that was going on back here ?

“ ahh ” I screamed lowly . Caden had done pushed his strong ass finger nails into my skin , ripping some .

“ I thought I said don’t say shit ” he roared . Chuckling at his angry ass , By now I’m knowing the pilot knew exactly what the hell we were doing . Biting my neck and pinching my titties , I hollered in pain . It hurt so bad but felt so good .“ you don’t have on a condom ” I moaned into his ear .

Scraping his finger nails across my back I felt the burning sensation of small open wounds ,” I know ” he Gritted through clenched teeth . Feeling him swell up inside of me , I hopped off and attached my lips to his thick dick .” Get the fuck up Jaylin ” he grunted . With his eyes rolling to the back of his head , I took in his size as far as it could go before making a ” hmm” sound .

“ shit ” He moaned loudly releasing his nut inside my mouth . Swallowing my mans cum , I licked my lips making sure I got every drop of it .
” I told you get up ” he panted , clearly out of breath .

“ but I didn’t ” I smiled before making my way to our bedroom that rested at the back of the plane . Walking inside the bathroom , I searched for mouth wash so I could wash my mouth out . Finding some , I gargled for two whole minutes before spitting the blue substance into the sink . “ come here baby ” I heard Caden say . Feeling lazy and tired , I ignored what he said and hopped on the bed .
Flicking through the channels , I turned the tv to Nickelodeon and let spongebob have my attention until I began to slowly drift off into a peaceful slumber.


Tapping my wrist watch , I shook my head in an disapproving manner on how long Alexis was taking just to get dressed . She knew we had to be on the road by one so we could catch our flight by 2:45 but yet she insisted on trying to look cute . Not only was she taking too long to get dressed but she was also very cranky this morning and I had no idea on why .

Last night we slept peacefully in our bed , so the reason of her being grumpy this morning is unknown . Hopefully the twins are behaving this morning and not acting up , they could be what’s pissing her off this morning but I don’t wanna assume and be wrong .

Kissing my teeth , I was about to walk upstairs until she started coming down looking beautiful as ever . Her natural face was glowing , as well as her other showing skin . Rubbing my arms that were filled goose bumps , I shook viscously as another set covered my body. That’s when you know your beauty is capturing when you can give someone chills. Me being August, I wasn’t about to let her know that .” bout damn time girl ” I groaned .

“ shut up ” she spat , clearly upset to the fact she couldn’t slip on her glittery uggs . Struggling , she sat on the bottom step and did all the things she could do to get her shoes on but it wasn’t working . “ fat ass ” I mumbled under my breath . Looking up at me with tears in her eyes , her bottom lip started to quiver .

“ no not the tears man ” I complained kneeling in front of her .

“ but you called me fat ” she cried . Slipping her foot into her shoe , I made sure her feet were comfortable before jogging to the kitchen. Opening up the oven , I pulled out one of the cupcakes she baked that was covered in pink frosting . “ here ” I said handing her the cupcake shutting her ass up instantly . And she says she’s not fat .

“ that’s all The babies and I wanted in the first place ” she smiled walking out the front door . Pregnancy hormones are hell , I swear to fucking god . Grabbing our last set of luggage from the foyer , I wasn’t too far behind her . As I loaded the trunk of the car , she stood on side of the passenger side waiting for me to open her door and put her in .Once she was settled and buckled up , I hopped in and took off .“ Gimmie a time ” I mumbled .

“ 1:30 ” she smiled eating her cupcake . Nigga was really happy behind a cupcake man . My phone vibrating in the cup holder distracted Lexi from eating her cupcake and a frown graced her face . Looking down at it , the name “ work ” flashed across my screen. Clenching my jaw at Mariah , I kept driving .

Mariah was currently feeling some type of way behind me leaving with Alexis to go meet my mom and I don’t damn know why . Side bitches don’t know how to be side bitches . To be honest she ain’t even that , because if she was I’ll still be messing with her but I’m not . Anyways , the hoe thought I was stupid enough to bring her around my mother . That shit is completely disrespectful & you have to be special to meet that one .

* Flashback *

Mariah and I were currently at Olive Garden having lunch before Alexis and I left for the weekend . Possibly a few more days , depends .
” so this weekend , maybe we can go to the water park ? ” she suggested with a smile .

“ not gonna work . I’m going some where ” I replied taking a sip out of my water . I tried to be mister nice guy and not completely cut her off , somewhat be her friend but she was taking my “ talking ” again as a sign of me wanting her when that’s not the case .

“ where are you going ? ”

“ this weekend Lexi and I are going to BR and then to New Orleans ” I said eyeing this bad shorty sitting across from us . She wasn’t really bad , I just didn’t want to look at Mariah .

“ what’s in New Orleans ? ” bitches is nosey .

“ my moma , my whole family really ” I shrugged .

“ so she’s going to meet your mom ?”

“ yup ” i stated simply .

“ are you fucking kidding me ?”

“ Mariah , what the fuck is your problem ? You keep forgetting I’m not your damn man . You not my girl . You is nothing but free pussy . What In the hell I look like bringing you to meet my moms ? ” I gritted . She was seriously about to piss me off always comparing herself to what I’m doing for Alexis . Do she realize she’s not a side bitch ? And I’m the only nigga she fucking with ? Obviously not , where tf is her sense ?

“ no August it’s not fair . You don’t just buy side bitches cars , and fuck them in it or have lunch dates with them like they aren’t shit ” she spat .

“ think about this Mariah , you are a side bitch . You get lunch dates while Alexis get breakfast , lunch and dinner . I only got you that car cause the one you were riding in was busted as fuck and I felt bad . So if you feeling special about a car feel un special cause Alexis is about to get another one ” I had to break it down to her and I don’t care if I came off harsh .
She needs to learn how not to catch feelings for a nigga that’s not even hers. Then your sister nigga at that .

” how could you not expect for me not to catch feelings when you say the things you say and do the things you do . Cashing me out on shopping sprees , after we have sex you saying how you wanna be with me and all the other bull shit ” she screamed . I was done with this conversation . She obviously wanted attention and I was not about to sit here and let her embarrass me in front these people and put my business out there .

Mugging her ,” you a dirty bitch for screaming that shit . I’ll see you when I see you ” dropping a 50 dollar bill on the table , I threw my coat on and walked out the restaurant .

* flashback over *

Shaking my head , I was speeding down the free way to get to LAX on time . Lexi seemed unphased by it considering she was into what ever she was playing on her phone .Give her ass some food and she shuts up for the longest. ” so what’s your dad like ?” I asked to make conversation .

“ well he’s nice, but I’m his little girl so you know how that goes . I don’t think he will be hard on you though ” she assured .

“ what’s his name ? ” I asked .

“ Idris Carter ” she said so nonchalantly .

“ Idris Carter , the Idris Carter ? ” I choked out . She must not know how serious this is .

“ uhh yea ” she chuckled confusingly .

“ babe you’re not understanding . Idris Carter is a type of nigga , niggas like me fear ” I explained , and I was the type
To fear no one .

Idris carter was the biggest drug lord in the state of Louisiana , Georgia , Texas and New York . His network was insane and cartels were even better . Not only was he just this big shot drug lord but he’s also an entrepreneur and has a lot of his own businesses , making money from left to right so I know for sure she’s coming from a lot of money . Idris had earned and still is earning a lot of respect from these young niggas , no one ever dared to cross his territory and tried some slick shit .

Yet, he got out the game about 2 years ago and ever since then he’s Been focusing on his dream , starting his own car dealership . Although in the eyes of the people who judge , carter had a good head on his shoulders . Nigga became a multimillionaire , making millions a week . In just one year he made more than 10 billion dollars and you have no right but to respect his hustle . But what I’m not understanding and need help understanding is , why is Mariah a stripper if carter is her father ?

They have to be related some how and I know it ain’t through their mother because I think when I met Alexis mom that morning , she would have at least mentioned her name and asked where she was but she didn’t even do that . A small wave of sympathy filled my heart for her because I don’t feel it in my heart that Idris would turn his back on his children without having a reason .

Wanting to ask Lexi , I felt as if it would be inappropriate and she’ll probably question how do I know she’s a stripper and when did she tell me this . Not wanting to go there with her today , I decided on keeping my question to myself and saving it for another day .” I figured you would react this way ” she chuckled as if it wasn’t a big deal also taking me from my personal thoughts . Does she not understand her dad would kill me ?

“ I can not fuck up on this trip ” I mumbled lifting the bags out of the truck . We had done made it safely to the airport and was now loading the PJ . Sitting our bags in the living room part of it , I walked outside back down the steps to make sure all our bags were not still inside the car .“ why not ? ” she asked signing the papers for car watch .

“ cause I’m gonna die ” that means no Mariah this whole weekend . I can’t afford for her to be the reason I lose my life . If Idris was to hear me talking to his other daughter that he clearly don’t get along with while being present with his other daughter , he’s gonna patch shit up and try to kill me for playing her .

“ come on you’ll be fine ” she smiled walking ahead of me . Close on her heel , I held on to her hips as she walked up the steps just in case she was to fall , I’ll be right behind her and catch her in time .“ I sure hope so ” I mumbled .

Kicking my j’s off , I plopped down on my belly & laid next to my baby moma and two kids . Placing my hand on her belly, baby girl started kicking like crazy. ” hey mamas ” I smiled at her belly . Kissing it , I felt a hard kick to my plump
Lips . Clenching my jaw ,” really Anaya ” I hissed . Not only did her baby feet hurt but she busted my lip . As the licks got softer and softer , I took that as her way of apologizing to me . ” it’s okay , daddy forgive you ” I muttered .Rolling out of bed , I walked to the bathroom and checked out my lip in the mirror . Licking my lips , I could taste the little bit of blood .

Pulling my dick out my boxers , I took a nice long Piss . Holding in my pee since this morning after having a thirst buster , I moaned at finally letting out my urine . Deshay heard me moaning and she barged into the bathroom , looking around fast as hell for a bitch.” Calm your fat ass down , I was just taking a pee baby and it felt good ” I chuckled . Relaxing , she went back to breathing normal and watched me .

“ Shake my dick ” I ordered . Shaking it for me , she flushed the toilet and slammed the seat cover down . Taking a seat on the toilet , she had a tight grip on my man hood and I couldn’t help but wonder what was she about to do . Licking her lips , she wrapped them
Around my shaft . Instantly feeling her warmth , some of my Precum shot into her mouth . Swallowing , she latched back on and started to give me head . Making my knees go weak , I moved her hair out of the way and helped her out a bit by pushing her head down farther .

Sucking my dick for a minimum of ten minutes , I shot all my kids down her throat and she swallowed with pride . Moaning lowly after she was all done , I took a seat on the toilet when she got up to catch my breath .” Head was so bomb baby ” I complimented . That had to be one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. The way she made it sloppy and deep throated an- it was just oh my god . Just thinking about it had me rising all over again .

Washing her mouth out , she looked at me and winked . Chuckling , I pulled up my pants and walked out the bathroom . Hearing both of our stomachs growl , I walked to the front to get charisma . Charisma was my personal chef for when we were high up in the air . I found her about two years ago and took her under my wing ever since . ” charisma , make me and the wife a delicious breakfast please shawty ” I smiled . Nodding her head ,” sure august ” she returned the gesture , letting her thick accent flow .

Jumping on the bed , Alexis was on her side bouncing up , yelling for me to stop but I wasn’t hearing that . Jumping even harder , I laughed in pure amusement how she was getting highly upset and was ready to knock my shit back .” August you’re hurting my damn back . Sit your scrawny ass The fuck down ” she hollered causing my jumping to come to an hault.

Plopping down on to my butt , I laid on my side and turned on the tv . I was pissed tf off because I can never play with her without her getting serious and I don’t be wanting to argue with her so I just go mute . ” you gon watch that shit Lexi “I grumbled . Just because her ass is pregnant don’t mean I wouldn’t tap that ass .

“ shut up Alsina ” she spat . Yanking her to me by her hair , my mouth was close to her ear . “ keep that attitude shit up , I swear you gon wish you didn’t . You want a punishment ? That’s what you want baby ?” I questioned darkly . Shaking her head no quickly , I let her hair go and pushed her body up . “ can’t damn play with you ” I growled . Looking at me with sorry eyes , I waved her off and gave the tv my attention .

A knock on the door followed by a bell ringing let me knew that our breakfast was indeed hot and ready. ” come eat ” I told Alexis as I walked out of the room . Sitting down in the booth , I licked my lips at the plates that was placed in front of me . 4 plates total , each filled with pancakes , bacon , eggs & grits that had my mouth watering and eyes twinkling .

Once my baby girl had sat down in front of me , she began to fix our plates but I took the spoon from her and did it this go round . Knowing that our two kids are fat and greedy , I made sure to pile a large amount on her plate as I would do my own . One of the pros about her being pregnant is that we can be fat together and not be ashamed about it .

“ add a little more bacon and add some cheese in my grits . Make them cheesy like yours please ” she smiled cutely at me . Giving her what she wanted , I pushed her plate in front of her with a portion sized cup of Apple juice and a tall glass of water . Though I allowed her to eat way overboard , I monitored her juice intake . If I would let her , she would drink the container full of juice .

Eating in an comfortable silence , I looked up at the clock to see it was 3:25. Rolling my eyes , we had 6 more hours to go until we were in Louisiana and the shit was already boring . Taking a swig out of my apple juice , I tried to think about what all we could do while waiting to arrive back home . ” have you talked to jay ? “

“ yes . Her and Chris are currently on their way to virginia to visit his mother . She’s nervous ” Lexi giggled . Chuckling ,“ she has nothing to be nervous about . Moma Joyce is cool people and on top of that she gon love jay , I mean how can you not . She taking care of your mentally sick son ” I informed , a little too much .

“ mentally sick ? What you mean mentally sick ? ” she stopped eating her food to look at me and give me all of her attention . Taking another sip out of my juice , I cleared my throat .“ Chris has a bipolar disorder ” I started off , shrugging her shoulders she looked at me as if that’s not bad . “ I mean it’s bad but it’s not that bad ” she stated .

Shaking my head no , ” let me finish . Not only does he have bipolar disorder but on top of that he has post traumatic stress disorder AND on top of them two he has PD . Not just any Pd , it has still hasn’t been identified ”

“ why not ? ” I could tell she was eager to find out , just by the look on her face .“ Because , he has so much wrong with him , the doctors haven’t seen shit like it before . At first we thought he had paranoid personality disorder . Paranoid personality disorder is characterised by a pervasive distrust of others, including even friends and partner. The person is guarded and suspicious, and constantly on the lookout for clues or suggestions to confirm his or her fears. He or she has a strong sense of self-importance and personal rights, is overly sensitive to setbacks and rebuffs, easily feels shame and humiliation, and persistently bears grudges. As a result he or she may have a tendency to withdraw from other people, and find it particularly difficult to engage in close relationships. But from the looks of it with him and jay , you can’t really determine that .” I shrugged .

” okay and what else , come on this is interesting , I never learned this only about babies and things . ” she said taking out her notepad . Shaking my head at this girl ,” then we all thought he had borderline personality disorder . In borderline personality disorder, the person essentially lacks a sense of self, and as a result experiences feelings of emptiness and fears of abandonment. There is a pattern of intense but unstable relationships, emotional instability, outbursts of anger and violence especially in response to criticism, and impulsive behavior . What makes it hard to identify is , Chris has all symptoms from both disorders but maybe a tad bit worse . The medicine he takes helps but , he doesn’t always take it and that allows his second personality to take control ” I explained .

“ does his second person have a name ? ” she questioned . Nodding my head ,“ his name is Caden . I’ve met him before , you probably have to just didn’t know . When his eyes turn a monster green, you’re talking to the PD . ” I stated .

“ I wanna meet him ” she shifted in her seat . Her face now read concern and I knew it was for Jay but she had to realize jay was in good hands . “ don’t stress yourself , with his illness comes overprotectiveness as well as territorial problems & this would be the first time he let someone meet his mother so this means he would not harm her , at least not intentionally ” I mumbled the last bit .

Nodding her head slowly , we went back to our breakfast . As we finished eating , we went on to talk about the different disorders and schooled each other on things neither one of us knew . By the time we were done eating I felt as if I was ready to walk In to a hospital and work as if I went to school for it . Clearing the table , we both made our way into the game room to see what we could play to get our life for the mean time .

Going through scramble , connect 4 , and three trivia games in less than two hours , we were back to being bored trying to find the next game we could play . Bribing Lexi to play on the xbox kinect with me , she gave in as we both Started to play just dance 5 . Whipping her ass , she gave up and no longer wanted to go for a round two . Moving on down to call of duty , she started to beat my ass and lost in the end .
Now we were in a tuff game of twister and she was on the verge of falling on top of me . My current body position was left hand on green , right foot on blue , right arm on yellow , left foot on red . Looking a hot mess , Lexi didn’t make it no better considering she wanted to go across me instead of under me so at any giving moment she will collapse . ” spin Lexi ” I encouraged .

“ no or Ima fall and I ain’t falling ” she growled . Laughing at her , she looked a hot ass mess right now but I wouldn’t tell her that , wouldn’t want to piss her off and make her fall . Then she’ll be hollering about I cheated , if anything I’m breaking her fall. She falling on me , not the ground . “ I’ll spin for you then . ”

“ no I’ll do it , I’ll do it ” she yelled . Spinning it , instead of moving she just collapsed on top of me . “ look it’s a deerbra” she pointed trying to hurry up and get up , only to tip over because her head out weighs the rest of her body . Cackling at how funny she looked , I rolled all over the floor unable to help her . For the rest of our flight , it was filled with shenanigans . We had endless laughs , along with endless snacks . In the end our boring flight went from boring to not so boring in a matter of hours .


A wave of nervousness washed over my body in anticipation on seeing both my father and mother . More of my father because it’s been almost a half a year since I’ve seen him and to add on to that , I’m big pregnant with twins . The babies weren’t helping my tummy feel no better because they were acting a plum fool inside the womb because they was hungry .

We landed almost 10 minutes ago and now we are currently on the highway , driving to my fathers house that was ducked off in one of the higher class neighborhoods . The overall flight was good but the landing seemed to upset the babies and resulted in me throwing up . With august being the helpful boyfriend he is , he comforted me until I was feeling good enough to get into the truck he rented for the weekend .

With my stomach still turning , I gagged a little before sitting back and closing my eyes . I felt august hand come in contact with my thigh and the Ac temperature level go from low to high , cooling my warm skin. Licking my lips , I felt the car come to an complete stop and was afraid to open my eyes to the see that we were in front of my house .” Baby relax . We just at raising canes ” august chuckled , soothing my nerves a bit .

Placing my face into the palm of my hands , I took a few deep breaths . It was ridiculous how bad my nerves were , and I was actually feeling like they were bad for no reason . My hands were shaky and my legs couldn’t seem to stop bouncing up and down . Feeling the cool breeze from outside , august had done opened up my door for me to get out.

Getting out of the car, I fixed my v-neck and met august in the front of the truck . Latching on to my hand , he intertwined our fingers and lead us inside of the franchise . Standing behind me as we stood in line , he rubbed my belly trying to get a kick from the babies but they were too busy dancing because they were about to eat. There was no doubt about it that these kids were for august , just going by how greedy they are .

Ordering both of our caniacs , I sipped on my sprite while chewing on the crushed ice . My nerves had seemed to ease up a bit , letting me relax my muscles and actually map out the right words to say to both my mother and daddy once they see and hear the big news . Trying to push that to the back of my mind until the Time was close , I focused on getting my food and smashing that shit.

“ can we go get crawfish like old times baby ? ”
I asked . Kissing my temple he nodded his head yes before grabbing our bag of food . Rubbing my belly , I followed his lead to one of the tables that sat in the back where no one was . Sitting across from him , he slid my box over to me . Opening it , my mouth watered and taste buds did a happy dance at the sight of two pieces of bread , six chicken tenders and extra fries .

Saying grace , we both started to eat our second meal of the day . Closing my eyes as I chewed on a tender slowly , I let the taste from the sauce fill my taste buds . I don’t know what it is about their sauce but it always leaves me on this natural high and makes me want more and more and more . Dipping my fries in the sauce , I crunched on it before looking over at august who already cleaned his plate .

“ why you so nervous to see your dad all of a sudden? ” he questioned once he realized I was staring aimlessly at him . Shrugging my shoulders , I honestly didn’t know why I was so nervous . Maybe it was because I haven’t spoken to him in so long and for the first time in a while , not only is he seeing me , he’s seeing me with a pregnant belly .Explaining to august why I was so nervous , he nodded his head in an understandable matter before trying to steal a fry off my plate .

Sucking my teeth , I smacked his hand away making him drop the French fry back into my plate .” My food , not yours ” I grumbled out . Waving me off , loud obnoxious laughter drew my attention towards the entrance . Clenching my jaw at lashay , I watched as her and her clique of friends laughed it up at the counter. August eyes followed my own , and assumed it was someone I had bad bread with which it was but he still clenched his jaw as if the girl did something to him .

Lashay was my best friend for three years until I found out she was messing withJaylins boyfriend behind her back and neither did she like my sister . Ever since the day I found that out , jay and I both had it out for that bitch . Jay had it out for her because she was the bitch mark cheated on her with and I had it out for her because ain’t no bitch about to fuck over me nor my sister as well as we trusted her and she fucked all of that up .

If I wasn’t pregnant at the moment , I would walk up to her and deck off in her shit but I am and jay told me to be better than that . With squinted eyes , she looked over at me before pointing her index finger . She must have asked her friends was it me because they all nodded their head at the same time before smiling . Making their way over to our table , I grabbed my mace from my keychain and held it in my left hand that was placed under the table .

The closer they got to me the tighter I clutched on to my mace . August looked at me like wassup and I only signaled for him to keep calm by talking with my eyes . ” hey Alexis girl . You look so pretty pregnant ” she smiled trying to be friendly . Nodding my head ” thank you , that’s nice ” I stared blankly . Getting out of the booth , I brushed past her and walked outside to the car .

Looking through the glass doors, I could see that she was following close behind me . Turning around , ” what the fuck do you want girl ? ” I barked . Did she not get that once we fall off that’s it ? ” I want to talk Alexis , please can we get past this beefing stage we are in ?” She pleaded . Looking at her like she was stupid , ” get past the beefing stage ? Bitch you fucked over my sister with her nigga . Is you dumb ? Stupid ? Retarded ? Or all three ? I think all three bitch . It’s fuck you from now on forward girl ” I hissed out in anger .

Tears began to form at the brim of her eyes and I didn’t care , you don’t mess with my family . Waiting on august who was digging in his pocket for the keys to the truck , I heard the doors unlock and I got in . ” you might want to move before my man runs over you and your cheap ass weave ” I hollered before slamming the door shut .

Breathing heavily , I sent my sister a quick txt running somewhat of what happened down . I was too angry to txt it all and on top of that I seen plenty of typos and my fingers were beginning to cramp . Sliding my phone into purse , I laid my head on the window . ” don’t touch me ” I told august as he tried to rub my shoulder . Smacking his hand down , I heard him let out a rough sigh . Feeling like I had made him upset , I wanted to apologize but it seemed like my mouth wouldn’t open for anything in the world . Slowly looking at him , he sat in the seat looking straight ahead with his jaw slightly clenched .

My eyes roamed around the French quarter look alike place that was filled with all of my favorite stores , restaurants and my favorite movie theatre only enticing my excitement for going to New Orleans to meet his mom . My eyes lit up at the sight of what I use to call home and was eager to get out of the car and walk around , swollen ankles or not . ” I thought we could make one more stop before going see your pops , some place to take you out that nasty ass funk of yours ” he chuckled . Smiling at his effort , he parked the car and we both got out . Pulling him down so I could kiss his plump lips , he squeezed my ass as I devoured his mouth. Basically my way of apologizing and saying sorry for being mean to you although I’m knowing he would have liked me to say it instead of just showing an action but oh well .

Letting me lead the way , our first stop was to urban outfitters so I could buy myself some Mary Janes . Picking up a few different colors , august took them out of my hand and held them while I continued to shop . As time went by , I had three handfuls of clothing for once I lost all my baby weight and my baby didn’t once complain after being in here for an hour and a half . Paying for my stuff we made our way out the store and on to frock candy .

For 3 hours straight august and I spent our alone time walking around Perkins rowe and enjoying the sun set . It was exactly a quarter to eight before we both were tired and ready to settle down for the night . Struggling to get back to the car with my swollen ankles and thousand of bags , we had finally managed and put all of my things in the trunk of the car .

The car ride to my dad’s house was short due to Perkins Rowe being right around the corner from it . My anxiety started to pick up little by little as we slowly pulled into the drive way of the house . Smiling at my old home , my nervousness seemed to leave my body and be replaced with loving memories and old time laughs . Helping august with our luggage , I walked up to the front door and rung the doorbell .

Realizing I still had my key on my keychain , I used it to unlock the door . Stepping inside the house , laughter could be heard from my mother in the kitchen and a wide grin had graced my face at the sound of her voice .leaving the door open for august to walk through with the bags , I waddled as fast as I could to the kitchen where my mom had her back turned , talking on the phone.

Walking up behind her , I poked her with my belly causing her to jump from not knowing I was here and the fact she didn’t hear anyone come through the front door .” Oh girl let me call you back , my baby is here ” she cheesed before saying bye and hanging up . Going in for a hug , she stopped once she seen my large belly . Tucking my hair behind my ear , the nervousness I thought had went away was still bottled up inside of me .

“ when were you going to tell me ? ” she questioned in almost a whisper . Shrugging my shoulders slightly , I rubbed my belly out of habit whenever I was nervous about something .“ I don’t know , I was scared that you and daddy would be disappointed I guess ” I mumbled lowly .

” disappointed ? Baby you’re grown . We can’t be disappointed , not only you’re grown but you have your head on your shoulders and you’re doing good for yourself unlike that other bitch you call sister , mm what’s her name ? Momo or something like that ” she rolled her eyes . Holding back my laugh , I wasn’t trying feed into her shenanigans but it was so funny to me . Letting out my loud laughter , she joined in with me and shook her head .

Taking a seat at the island with the help of the stool that was under the counter , I made myself comfortable in the seat and rested my chin in the palm of my hand that sat on top of the counter . As my mom rambled on about her dislike for Mariah , I admired her beauty . Her long dirty blonde hair covered most of her face while her Chinese bang almost hid her eyes . Her ears were being occupied by her all gold hoops & to top it off , she had a smaller hoop at the top of her ear . It amazes me on how old my mom is yet she dress and act so young , I want to be like her when I grow older .

Anxious . I was very anxious to see my father now considering everything went so well with my mom . Wonder was all I could do now until I see him tonight , actually I had no idea on where he was and mommy was cooking dinner .” Where’s daddy ? ” I questioned .

“ he’s on his way home from work now . Where’s august ? I just know he’s the baby daddy , I mean isn’t he ? ” she stopped chopping up the potatoes to put inside of the pot to go along with the boiled shrimp who’s smell was evident through out the house . “ no mommy , he’s getting the stuff out the truck ” on Que, august walked inside the kitchen and ran towards my mom . “ momma ally , I missed you ” he cheesed kissing her cheek .

” get off my mommy boy ” I yelled seriously although they both laughed. Rolling my eyes , I huffed and got down off of the stool .” Where Jaylin ?” My mom asked with a bright smile . ” she’s with august cousin Chris , on her way to Virginia to meet his mom for the weekend ” I informed before walking to the lounge room to watch some tv .

Laying back on the couch , I kicked my feet up on the soft foot rest that was decorated in white fur . Relaxing my back against the couch , I flipped the channels back and forth between life time and Cartoon Network . A good movie was on as well as my favorite cartoons and I couldn’t just stay on one station .

Someone tapping my shoulder woke me up
Out of what felt like a 3 hour nap , looking at my watch I sighed at only being asleep for 10 minutes . Looking up , august stood above me with a plate in his hand stuffing his face .” Wake up so you can eat , and oh your father is home and he don’t look to happy ” he said seriously . Sitting up quickly , I shook nervously .

“ let’s just get this over with ” I mumbled lowly . With help from august , I got up from the couch and made my way inside the empty kitchen . Giggles from my mother could be heard coming from the dinning room , letting me know where I needed to go . Eyeing the bottle of wine that sat inside the ice bucket , I was so tempted to take a sip to ease my nerves but I knew I couldn’t so I did breathing exercises instead . “ come here baby girl ” I heard my daddy call out for me .

“ here goes nothing ” I muttered to myself . Taking one last deep breath , I walked to the dinning room as slow as I could dreading the moment to see his face although I missed him so much . Scratching my scalp with my stiletto nails , I walked up the 4 steps that lead to the dining room . Walking in my dad , august & my mother was engaged in their own conversation , laughing while eating dinner .

Clearing my throat , all attention was directed towards me and my dad’s eyes immediately averted towards my belly. ” what’s wrong with your belly? Take that basketball from underneath it girl ” he chuckled , hoping that I actually had a ball underneath my shirt . Covering my mouth with my hand , I was trying to hold back my laugh .

With amusement plastered across my face , he seriously sat in his seat waiting on me to drop a ball from under my shirt .” Daddy , I’m pregnant . There is no ball ” I laughed a little . Shaking his head no , he refused to believe I was pregnant . Walking over to where he was sitting , I raised up my shirt showing him my bare belly . ” see no ball ” I smiled faintly .

Covering his mouth with both of his hands , his elbows rested on top of the table . Moving his hands from his mouth to his eyes , I seen his shoulders slightly shake and a sniffle leave from his nose signaling he was crying . Frowning , I felt the tears at the brim of my eyes begging to cascade down my cheeks but I was trying not to look like a cry baby .

Taking a seat next to him , I rubbed his back before resting my head on the top of his shoulder .” Daddy are you okay ?” I questioned . Nodding his head , he removed his hands and wipes his eyes .” I’m okay baby , just a few tears of sadness and joy . Half and half ” he chuckled before clearing his throat . Frowning even more , I was confused on why he was sad causing me to have a slight panic attack . I was afraid that the sadness came from being disappointed in me .

“ don’t be worried baby girl , the sadness came from you growing up . I don’t want you or jay to grow up and have kids and get older cause that only mean I’m getting older and I’m too cute to die ” he dramatically sighed . The table was quiet for a minute before we all erupted into loud laughter , all of us except for daddy .

“ what’s funny ? I’m serious , I’m too cute to die girl . I mean I don’t know about your mother but me ? Hunny I’m flawless , Beyoncé told me that ” he cheesed . Clapping my hands while I silently laughed because it was just that funny , he looked at all of us with a blank expression on his face because we wasn’t taking him serious . “ yall some haters , hating on me because Beyoncé txt me that everyday ” he popped his polo collar . My mom cocked her head to the side , and rolled her eyes .“ So you texting Beyoncé ? ” she asked . Shaking his head no quickly , he pointed to nothing “ oh look it’s a deerbra ” he yelled out . Getting up
From his seat , he ran out the dining room .

Slapping my hand against the table as I cackled my life away , it amazes me how scared my father is of my mother .” What am I going to do with your father ?” She questioned . Shrugging my shoulders , my laughing had died down a bit as august was still going with his goofy ass . Shaking my head ,I excused myself from the dinner table and went on a small adventure to find my daddy . Searching all over the spacious house , I couldn’t find him anywhere which only meant he was in his cave house that was located in the backyard .

Watching my step to make sure I didn’t step in any mud or dirt considering I didn’t have on any shoes , I squinted to see if I could see the light coming from the small house that was located farther back . Walking to it using the small concrete strip , I knocked on the door softly waiting on him to give me the okay to come in . Hearing his deep voice blare from the back , deep within , I opened the door and wiped my feet on the small door mat .

“ daddy where are you ?” I called out looking all over . I noticed he had done some remodeling since the last time I’ve been inside his cave . He no longer had his celebrity bad bitches posted on the walls , instead they were replaced with pictures of him , my mother , jay and I . Of course Mariah was no where to be found on the wall . Shaking my head , in some ways I felt genuinely bad for her but in other ways I didn’t give a fuck . She’s grown , she knows how to stop being stubborn .

“ I’m in the game room section baby girl ” he yelled . Waddling to the game room section , I took a seat next to him on the couch . “ so what are you having ?” He questioned after 10 minutes of peaceful silence.“ Well I’m having a baby boy who we are naming Anthony & a baby girl that we are naming Anaya ” I smiled proudly at the names we came up with .

“ oh lord , twins ” he chuckled . Nodding my head , I chuckled with him as I watched him play the game . “ I just want you to know daddy loves you and I’m proud of the young woman you have become . ” he complimented before kissing my forehead .“ My grand kids are in good hands ” he added. Wiping my tears from my eyes , my daddy really made me feel comfortable . I was so worried that he would hate me that I hasn’t realized all the things I’ve done to make him proud .

Repositioning my self , I laid my head in his lap as his hand came in contact with my belly rubbing the babies for the first time . Smiling at their little feet kicking where their paw paw was , I looked up at him to see a few tears escape his eyes . Warming my heart , I closed my eyes and enjoyed my fathers presence as he continued to do what he do on his play station . Feeling like a little girl again in his arms , I was happy that tonight turned out well and no one was hurt in the end . Also excited that my father loved august , I was more than ready to meet his parents and learn all about him .

I’m sure there’s something I’m missing about august , I can feel it and my mission this weekend is to find out all about it . I’m just praying that his mother likes me because I feel as if the mothers feelings can play a part in the relationship a whole lot and I wouldn’t want for us to have to split up . Not wanting to ruin my happy moment , I allowed my daddy to play in my hair as I attempted to take another short nap .

It seems like the Leo is just sun showers and newborn giggles
there is the sound like floating orchestras as she dances by
Every move she makes is like watching a fire twirler, igniting heaven on earth and flames in tie dye caramel liquid
But inside her resides a vicious critic. A firm hand. An enemy she feels she must put up a fight
every day, and every night
Because do they like her? Will they like her? This conversation isn’t going the way she rehearsed in her mind, she may be theatrical in her joy
But her melancholy and self contempt roars just as loudly inside
All her life seems like making comparisons to everyone else
Why can’t she ever be good enough? and nobody really knows. She has come so far, to quiet the screams inside,
to let her smile burst like a golden balloon, to crackle like a flaxen pinata that scatters her Leo love dust across the room.
The Leo’s heart is the size of the Sun, and her essence can be found painted on the frays of the Milky Way
across the wings of Pluto, and through the oceans of Neptune. She loved so much, it ripped her whole body into a million pieces
Pockets of her heart lie everywhere


Submission: Sock tip

(this isn’t a question, it’s a tip)

I wear sockettes like these 

External image

over-top of my lolita socks/tights to protect the soles of them from getting ruined (by dust, the dirty insides of shoes, dirty floors etc.)
This makes them last a little longer and prevents the gross grey-brown foot-sole shaped stain from happening, in case you want to resell them (I’ve seen too many dirty socks in the sales comm). Just make sure they are obscured by your shoe so that they aren’t visible in your coord.

Note from Lolita Tips:

This is a great idea! I’ve had socks ruined by the dye from the insides of my shoes (specifically my R-Series shoes) and I think this is a great tip for getting around that. Thanks!

Women, dare to LIVE.

There is one lesson that I want each and every one of us to learn. YOU ARE INCHARGE OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.!! Don’t think twice before doing something that makes YOU happy.!!
You want to buy that one dress that you think is really awesome but you are afraid of what people will think? BUY IT!! People who objectify you on the basis of what you WEAR are SICK.!! You don’t have to listen to them.
Are you fond of food but are afraid of what people will say if you get fat? You don’t have to. Go ahead and SPLURGE..!!! If you do gain weight and want to get back in shape then DO IT..!!! Do it because YOU want to.
You don’t have to be worried of being too skinny if that is the only way you feel CONFIDENT ABOUT YOURSELF..!! No matter whether you are fat or skinny, YOU ARE YOU, and if YOU ARE HAPPY, then fuck the world.!!
There is no harm in wearing makeup all the time if it makes YOU confident..!! Forget what people say.
People say that a woman should not wear heavy makeup unless on super flashy occasions as beauty is on the inside and not outside. But guess what? YOU WORKING FOR YOUR HAPPINESS SHOWS EXACTLY HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE FROM INSIDE!!
Wanna dye your hair pink or some completely crazy colour?? Go do it girl.!! No one will think your crazy! And the ones who do are not ready to face their inner craziness and THEY are the ones who YOU should pity.
You ALL are beautiful and unique. Don’t let the world kill your uniqueness. Stand up and SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE DIFFERENT!
YOU ARE YOU and YOU ARE DIFFERENT. Let the world know that!
You do not have to change yourself. Do not listen to the society and kill yourself from the inside day by day, bit by bit. FREE YOURSELF.
The society is made of people who do not want to seem crazy to other people and hence tame themselves.
But girls, YOU ARE FIERCE RIVERS THAT HAVE THE ABILITY TO CRUSH HARD ROCKS TO SAND. Do what pleases you. Step aside from the crowd and show them your crazy side. The side that you have been trying to suppress. The side that makes you happy. The side who makes you unique. The side that makes you who you are.
Show that side to the people and seeing your bravery other people will come forward. Be an inspiration to them. Dare to dream. Dare to change the world. Dare to LIVE.

- Aarushi Kaushal