An Ocean Away, Part 1 - Angelica Schuyler x Reader

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‘Can you imagine!’ Your governess, Mrs. Bell, exclaimed from her seat next to the window. She was fanning herself, this summer night was a hot one. ‘All those young rich men. Oh, how I wish to be young again. But you Y/N, you must find a man tonight. If you wear that purple dress tonight and for once keep your mouth closed you might be asked to be courted!’

‘I’m not feeling well.’ You said. That was a lie. You had never felt better, but you really didn’t want to go to a ball tonight. A whole night of just shaking hands and men whispering compliments to you that they didn’t mean wasn’t very appealing to you.

‘I don’t care if you’re dying, Y/N! And Dolly, will you please hurry up with that wig?’ Mrs. Bell complained. Dolly, the maid, didn’t respond. She was busy trying to keep the big gray powdered wig on your head. It itched horrible and your skin still needed to be powdered until your summer’s tan was unnoticeable. And then the corsets and skirts…

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Someone got new hair…and that someone is me:) I’ve never dyed my hair before and it was such a fun experience. I don’t know what took me so long to take the plunge. Granted these are just highlights but my virgin dark brown hair was bleached to make this happen. (by a professional) SO FUN! I do feel like a mermaid<3