dyed oxford


I bashed my way through the summer tourist crowd to the balliol front door to meet daisy, a total babe and a total mermaid. though we met in phonology class we got to know each other as fellow admins of oxford’s premier dog blog (open dogsford represent) - and what better way to bond than over dogs? speaking of, her backpack is the most adorable thing, daisy’s gift to herself post-prelims. so, now that we’ve got the most important topic out of the way-

while monet’s “blue period” is probably the result of failing eyesight and picasso’s is the artistic expression of depression, daisy’s “blue period” today (hair, skirt, bag) comes from her socks. space socks, dog socks, spot socks, stripe socks, party socks, lace socks. she tells me how she bases entire outfits on her socks, the outcasted shitty christmas presents reborn into their rightful glory. “I’ve reached the point that I don’t wear any tights that aren’t fishnets”, she continues. the docs/socks/fishnets combo is my favourite style decision. topped with the blue velvet skirt of which she owns five differently coloured copies - talk about a strong wardrobe foundation.

the jacket’s from her dad, the shirt is vintage, and the shoes are second-hand; pre-loved garms win again. daisy tells me that the bonus of buying second-hand docs is 1) they’re not scary expensive and 2) they’re not hideously uncomfortable. that’s more than enough to direct me to ebay, and I’m in love, in so much love, and the proud owner of chunky size 4 lace-up heeled docs. where are the fishnets at? as I get more of my friends talking about their favourite threads, I love them more and I love their love more, I’m waiting for the day I rotate through their outfits as if they’re mine. in advance, daisy, I’m sorry for stealing your look. it’s just too good.

we talk about what clothes mean to us; to daisy, it’s an extension of her identity, one that is freer and more expressive since coming to oxford. this resonates with me, both of us dressed to fit in at school, and now we both feel so happy and comfortable to express feelings and identity in jackets, dresses, fishnets, backpacks, colourful hair, and of course, socks. here’s to socks, our unsung wardrobe heroes, and to daisy, the raddest mermaid I’ve met.