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Prices for my custom hand dyed hair.
I have two different types of white hair available to dye, Blizzard is a matte white and Virgin Snow is the normal nylon (meaning it has the typical nylon hair shine). I have multiple different dyes available to choose from but, should I need to purchase a different color per request, I will ask you to allow time for the dye to ship to me and will also ask extra to cover cost of dye.I will more then likely already have the hair on hand but if I need to purchase additional hair for your dyeing, please allow extra time for the hair to arrive. I will also ask for the cost of shipping to be provided (unless of course I am buying additional hair for myself). If you provide the hair yourself, you can deduct the price per hank you paid for your hair from the total price (so if you purchase from DH, deduct $3.12 from the dyed hank price). I also offer MH and MLP rehairing commissions as well. Depending on what I have going on, I may or may not be able to take an additional commission. If I can not currently take your commission I would be happy to add you to a waiting list. I will be making another post with information on reroot commission prices so please refer to that for information. 
*Due to the change of dye brands, the dye I will be using is more expensive then the previous dye which means that the cost per hank of is also more expensive.
Rainbow (or 6 color combination)- $16 per hank 
     Purchase of 2+ hanks of the same type- $14 per hank
Multiple colors (2-5 colors)- $14 per hank 
     Purchase of 2+ hanks of the same type- $12 per hank
Single color gradient- $10 per hank
      Purchase of 2+ hanks of the same type- $8 per hank 

You can contact me through Etsy (I can make you custom lisitings based on what you would like done) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DLcustomcreations

Here’s a preview of a sailor Pluto inspired earring design I’m working on using mixed 3d printed materials, brass and red dyed nylon plastic. I’m still working out the kinks, but I think the metal border/backing really classes it up, as opposed to just the plastic. I also like the shiny metal next to the matte red.

If these were available on my Etsy would anyone want them, and if so would you want them to be clip-on or pierced? 



All photos from my dear friend, except that dirty desk and a yarn skein. 

Long time no posting. Jeez. Well.

I have a wonderful Fannibal friend in S.Korea, and she came to see NYC and me! ME! ME! It was really fun. We talked a lot of Hannibal, Hannigram, and murder husbands(?!), and mystery of season four. 

I do not wanted to let her go empty hand, so decided hand dyed a yarn for her. I basically got a color scheme from Will Graham, and dyed MCN(Merino-Cashmere-Nylon)yarn, and knit a cowl for her. It wasn’t enough for me. Something was missing- So. I had to crochet a mini Will Graham for her. Wish I had more energy to go to make a mini Hannibal, too. But dyeing, knitting, and crocheting all was like craft triathlon for me.

She asked me to bring my murder husbands dolls, so I was happy to oblige. She happily put them in a bed, and announced their holy union like a priest. I was there as witness. For us, finally, they are married, HAH! (Of course, kissed, too).

We had so much fun. She brought Hannigram fan books from Korea and i read it, we talk about them, eating, talking again, and so on. 

I got a title from Confucius. It means, If you have a friend come to see you from the far place, why not to be happy?  like that. Hope I translated it right… Damn. I haven’t use it for a long time. 

+I was too lazy to type each chinese char, so I searched and copy and paste it… It was my fault, damn. Ok, I typed it, erase the link. omg. what a newbie I am.


Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, also know as TheLaserGirls, are excited to announce their residency at the Museum of Art and Design, January 14-19!

Between the hours of 12pm-6pm on the Second Floor of the museum, the duo will have their series of 3D printed fingernails on display, and will be working live on new nail designs right in the space.

All are welcome to stop in at the Museum of Art of Design, located at 2 Columbus Circle, to see some awesome 3D printed works, and to ask us whatever you would like to know about what we do! It is also a great opportunity to check out the amazing shows currently at the museum!

Red Hotties

3D Printed Nails (dyed nylon)


By TheLaserGirls