dye project three


Each dye pot was on heat for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Off heat, the iron was washed out after another 30 minutes. The remaining dye pots were washed out after 90 minutes. All materials were rinsed in warm water, washed with TNA soap, and air dried.

Once washed, of the alum pot 49.5g wof (36g material, 6.5g thread, 7g wool) was placed in a tin after bath, in hope to push the colour (from green to lime green). The bath was warm water and 1% wof stannous chloride (0.5g). It was submerged for an hour, and then rinsed/washed, with no noticeable effect.


I chose the ragweed-pure to be the basis of a hand-embroidered word: eclectic. This is a word I value and connect closely to, as it’s apt to describe my work, and my life, and how I approach both.  Once I had selected the font I wanted to used, I traced the letters onto the fabric, using a time-fade fabric marker. Starting in the middle of the word, and with a random colour of either thread of wool, I began to fill in the word, line by line. I worked down from the centre, and then up, each line a different source (either wool or thread, and/or dye pot result). There was no plan or order to it, though it was recorded as it went.