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2Ds s/o dyeing their hair the same color as his

I just dyed my hair last night (not 2D blue, but ya know) so I got this covered for ya friend!

You had just finished rinsing the bleach out of your hair, grimacing at the smell that still lingered, even with the open window and fan going. The music you had been playing over the speakers quieted for a moment, signalling you had a text. It was a text from Stu: ‘Be home in a bit love!’

“Well,” You muttered to yourself. “Time to get my hair dried and put the dye in.” You gathered everything you needed to finish the job. You held the bottle of blue dye in your hands, smiling at the thought of matching with your boyfriend. As you started to work the dye into your hair, there was a quiet knock on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” You called.

A second later the door opened, revealing Noodle behind it. “Just me.” She grinned, coming in and closing the door behind her. She looked over the progress you had made, grabbing a pair of gloves for herself. “Want help with the back?”

“Yes please!” You smiled back at her and handed her the bottle, watching her work through the mirror. You two chatted about the events of the day and some new show Noodle had started watching. She had been desperately wanted to rant about it and you were ready and willing to listen to what she had to say. Listening to Noodle talk about things she was passionate about was so nice to hear, especially since 2D was the same way. “Annnnnnd… I think we’re done!” She stepped back and took off the gloves, tossing them and the now dye-covered bottle in the trash. “I think 2D and Russ said they’d be back in ten minutes.” She went and turned the water on in the shower, plugging up the tub. “Get in and relax while the dye sets– I’ll let Stu know to wait for you.” Noodle removed herself so you could relax, sending you a wink as she left.

After your hair had set and you washed it out, you stared at yourself with an astonished expression. Oh my god I love it so much! You thought to yourself as you picked up the wet, bright blue locks. He’d gonna flip. Your hair looked even better when it was all dried and fluffy. Granted, D’s hair was shorter and spikey, the color looked just as good on yourself as it did on him. It was time to show it off. 

“Hey Stu?” You opened the door to his room, seeing him sitting at his desk with a pen in his hand. Upon hearing you call him, he turned. His jaw dropped along with the pen he had been writing with. “What?” You stepped into the room, making your way toward him. You couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably at the shocked look on his face. “Do you…like it?”

“HOLY SHIT BABE!” 2D pulled you onto his lap, hugging you tightly. “You look beautiful!” He pulled back to run his fingers through your hair, smiling like an idiot.

We found a little Asian market near our flat today. I picked up some black rice since we’ve never had it before. It was pretty good with our lunch today. 😋👌 I really like the deep purple-black colour of the rice, but it did dye the pot a bit! 😅 We also picked up some ramen noodles, Korean chili flakes, and black sesame seeds. Asian markets are the best because you can find so many tasty vegan ingredients for an affordable price. We’ll definitely be going back! I see sushi in our near future. 😜🌶

Three attempts at gradient dyeing silk dupioni. Each time I refined my techniques and got different results.

I initially thought that dyeing a larger piece of fabric would give me more freedom to position my pattern piece, but the larger fabric was much harder to control in my small dye pot. The third, most successful attempt (right) was achieved with a more diluted dye concentration and slower, more deliberate movements compared to my previous efforts. It looks subtle compared to the other results, but it is much closer to what I wanted and is still plenty vibrant in person.