dye pot


NcyPooh’s TS4 Beauty Salon hair clutter.


Hot comb Accessory found in ring category.

Hot Comb deco object, open jar of grease, Eco styling gel, hot comb stove, dye pot and brush, Rubber band pack that includes other swatches of bobby pins, scrunchies, and ties. There is also a pack of duck clips and a tool hair cart with built in dryer.  The hair cart is only in black but the dryer comes in 4 other swatches. You can also change colors of the dye used in the dye pot.  Everything is as low poly as possible.  The hair cart may appear shiny in game but no other issues noticed.  Please let me know of any issues so that I can fix asap.  Thank you.

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Three attempts at gradient dyeing silk dupioni. Each time I refined my techniques and got different results.

I initially thought that dyeing a larger piece of fabric would give me more freedom to position my pattern piece, but the larger fabric was much harder to control in my small dye pot. The third, most successful attempt (right) was achieved with a more diluted dye concentration and slower, more deliberate movements compared to my previous efforts. It looks subtle compared to the other results, but it is much closer to what I wanted and is still plenty vibrant in person.