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Sorry, I don’t speak English. But, I try to write in English only a little.
Even if the sentence is wrong, please forgive me.

I love the NPCs of Teraria.
I’ve updated the illustrations of NPCs previously.
It told me that like a lot of people.
Since I was very happy, this time I tried to draw all of the NPCs.
I hope you like it.
But..sorry, I wholly forbid the reproduction and manufacturing of my work without permission.

I’m going to draw a still NPCs.
Look forward to it!

by Taki


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In case you have been lucky enough to have acquired dyes, and were wondering how in the world to use them …   ^_^

New video tutorial is completed for this month’s $5+ patrons.

Part 2 of my multi part series covering how I pattern Cynder’s first pass in photoshop. I go over my patterning techniques when creating a new quadrupedal character from scratch. I have had a LOT of requests to see the patterning process, so here is your chance. This video covers her body patterning.

Videos will be sent out on the 5th of next month once payments for this month have processed.

$10 pledgers will receive ALL my past videos including:

How to get more popular on deviantart, Cynder patterning part 1, How to pattern a bean shaped body, how to pattern and sew plush braids, Embroidery over applique, Patterning in photoshop, Open mouth patterning tutorial, Gusset making tutorial, Applique tutorial, Satin stitching tutorial, Floating embroidery tutorial, Naz’s plush tail wiring guide, Naz’s minky dyeing guide, Naz’s guide to artistic motivation, How to make awesome plush expressions video tutorial, plush airbrushing tutorial, stuffing tutorial and plush photo editing tutorial videos

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