Friends gifs for all OTP occasions

I feel like there’s a friends gif applicable for all OTP situations. 

OTP makes eye-contact?:

OTP fight?:

OTP get separated?:

OTP hook up with other people?:

Missed a few eps and OTP are having moments?:

Making friends with fellow shippers, the only people who can understand your ship pain?:

Staying up all night writing fanfics, making youtube videos and drawing fan art?:

ericadays-deactivated20170417  asked:

derek/lydia + "you didn't text me back." "is that against our rules?"

“You didn’t text me back,” Derek says a little angrily when Lydia walks in.

She looks at him with a raised eyebrow. “Is that against our rules?”

“What rules?” Derek asks with a roll of his eyes. “We have no rules. That’s what you said the beauty of this arrangement was.”

She frowns and tilts her head, thinking through her options and thinking through Derek’s reaction. There has to be a reason he reacted this way and the only reason she can think of is because he wanted her to text back, but why? Why would he want her to text back unless he wanted…

“You want rules,” she realizes. “You want rules between us. What’s your first rule?”

“You only sleep with me,” he says immediately.

“Already done,” she says, flipping her hair back. “You don’t sleep anyone else.”

“Done,” he tells her without blinking. “You actually have conversations with me.”

“You spend the night after sex,” she counters.

“We go out to eat together,” he says.

“You introduce me to your family,” she replies.

“This sounds an awful lot like dating,” he points out.

She shrugs. “Maybe it is. Let’s play it by ear.”