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dyaus-pita  asked:

Am I crazy or is there something really creepy about the popularity of Camilla/Beruka? Given the master-retainer relationship, Camilla's rather toxic personality and need for dependency, Beruka's own dependency on Camilla just to function in society, and Beruka's rather stunted, childlike understanding of emotions and relationships, you have all the ingredients of a classic abusive relationship. I guess I shouldn't be surprised given how this fandom seems to fetishize consent, but seriously, wtf

Yeah, I’m really not a fan of Camilla/Belka for exactly those reasons. Camilla’s dependency thing is not something I like to feed when it comes to shipping. 

I’m not a fan of any supports that emphasize how childlike Belka is. It’s one of the reasons I think her Saizou support is excellent; she displays genuine awareness of what she’s doing and has some agency. The Camilla support also implies that she’s really young; Camilla specifically says Belka was a young child when she took her in and Charlotte’s support points out that Belka wears Camilla’s implicitly pre-pubescent old armor. “I have provided for you since you were a child and your life is dedicated to me :D” is not my recipe for romance unless we’re purposely going for a codependent trainwreck.

I think that this fandom tend to fetishize loyalty/dedication a lot; look at the popularity of the otome neutral trio (Joker/Silas/Suzukaze), whose primary personality traits are loyalty to Kamui. Leon/Zero is also very popular but only a little better than Belka/Camilla as the game presents it. Like, a lot of Leon/Zero fic really fetishizes Zero being broken and calling himself trash and how he only lives for Leon in a light that’s clearly supposed to be romantic, but is actually disconcerting. 

One of my shipping litmus tests is “could these characters ever say no to one another if they needed to?” and most Leon/Zero fails that (Belka/Camilla definitely does, and honestly I think some Kamui/Ashura does, too, with the degree of low self-esteem he’s written with. It’s why I like to headcanon him as mildly codependent).


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