-A hardware store

From Old English “iren" - iron (the silvery-gray metal that rusts) + monger - from Old English “mangere” merchant, trader, broker - from “mangian" - to traffic, trade - from Proto-Germanic “mangojan” - from Latin “mango” - dealer, trader, slave-dealer.

Used in a sentence:
“Oh dear, the credenza appears to have broken; so I’m off to the ironmongery to acquire a new pintle.”

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-Characterized by excessive talk; wordy.
-Overly talkative.

From Latin loquax (genitive loquacis) “talkative,” from loqui “to speak” (see locution) + -ous.

Loquaciously; loquaciousness.

Used in a sentence:

"There are very few things in life that annoy me more than a person who is equal parts ignorant and loquacious!”

“Service and Sacrifice”

Keleria’s last moments in Tyria as she prevents a powerful mordrem from destroying the mercenary company she’s been with for years.


“I will never allow this!”

Drust’s twisted face stared up at her as she appeared, bark broken and sap laden, her own face one of desperate fury. She fell upon the dense ball of  energy he held above his head and it crackled angrily at her contact. White raced up her arms and bled into her natural luminescence, burning the red from her body with a pain she had no words for.

She could barely hear Dyani yelling a warning to the company, telling them to hold fire until Keleria could either stop the spell or at least dampen its magic warping effect. It was too powerful to stop dead, whatever Drust had pulled from the Mists, she could not stop it.

Drust began to laugh, staring up at her with an abominable likeness to her own face. Revulsion and guilt swept through her, gnawing at her as surely as the magic gnawed at her very body.

Keleria ground her teeth. “Mother, give me strength…” she  muttered.

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