Dating Dylan O’Brien

Request: So I loved your dating stiles stilinski imagine where you added circumstances to the list could you do one for Dylan?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 2,119

A/N: I really loved writing this! A huge thanks to @imaginesxteenwolf for helping me come up with most of these scenarios, cuz I honestly suck at that.

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Dating Dylan O’Brien

Meeting him on the red carpet

Dylan talked into the interviewer’s microphone as he answered a question about Teen Wolf whilst on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards.

He shifted his weight onto either foot, starting to get antsy for the awards to begin, wanting to know if they’d won anything. Tyler Posey stood next to him, checking his watch every so often, probably waiting for the show to start too.

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Imagine: Being Stiles’s pregnant girlfriend and not making it.

Paring: Stiles x reader

Fandom: Dylan O’brien / Teen Wolf / Stiles Stilinski

Warning: Feels, angst… death ( sorry)

Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OjiOn5s8s8 - Lullaby - Nickelback  

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Your cry of pain echoed through out the Stilinski house hold in the middle of the night. John Stilinski had woken up in an instant and rushed to his son’s room where you, Stiles’s pregnant girlfriend,  had been sleeping but all he saw was an empty room. Another cry sounded , the Sheriff quickly rushed down the stairs but halted when he found you, gripping your stomach in pain, at the bottom.

“Y/N?!” he called to you.

“John, It’s time!” you screamed in agony. Sheriff quickly jumped in to action grabbing his coat and car keys, slinging the coat over you before picking you up and rushing out to his car. Once he had gotten in to the front seat and started the car, you had started to call out for Stiles. 

Mr. Stilinski turned on his lights and raced to the hospital, while doing so he called his son.

“Stiles! Y/N is going in to labor! So help me god if you are not there while she is giving birth to your child! I.Will. Kill. You! We are headed to the hospital! Be there!” 

Stiles’s P.O.V

The pack had been sitting in Scott’s living room for hours, searching through lore books, trying to find out what the dread doctors are were. Everyone had started to nod off when Stile’s phone began to ring . A chorus of groans made there way in to the air as he picked up the call…

“Oh my God!” Stiles shouted, jumping up form the floor after the call had ended.

“What is it?” Lydia asked she too was on her feet.

“It;s Y/N, She’s gone in to labor.” The whole pack stood up and followed Stiles out the door, in to his Jeep and made there way to the hospital.


“ I can’t do it! “ You screamed 

“ Y/N your doing perfectly keep pushing” you nodded to Melissa  quickly before pushing again.

The door to your room swung open to reveal your boyfriend, Stiles.

“ Baby? It’s okay, your gonna be fine” He reassured while lacing his fingers with your own as his other hand caressed your face. You nodded again giving another push.

Soon enough the head of the baby was showing.

“One more push Y/N, come one baby! You can do it!” Stiles whispered in your ear. You held your breath and gave one last push, soon the baby’s cry were heard.

“A girl” The Melissa smiled. A small smile crept across your lips as you glanced up at  Stiles.

“ Do you have a name yet?”

“No we-” Stiles stated to say but you quickly cut him off.

“Yes- Claudia Allison Stilinski ” You said tiredly. But you felt an odd sensation in your stomach and your face scrunched up in pain. Stiles looked at you in concern.

“Y/N?!” he shook you. Your hand lost it’s grip on his as the monitor began to flat line.

“ Stiles you need to wait outside!” Melissa shouted as she called for a doctor.

“No..NO!” he yelled but before he could take a step forward John was dragging him out of the room.

“Dad!! Let me see her!!” 

“ Stiles! You don’t want to see that!” He told him sternly.

“ Please!” 

The rest of the pack helped restrain Stiles from going in to the room, tears in their eyes. Lydia, Stiles best friend stood in front of him, reassuring him taking his mid off of what is about to come.

Melissa came out a few minuets later.

“ We’re sorry, we did every thing we could.”she told them tears streaming down her face. Stiles broke down on the floor in tears, Lydia hugging him as he sat against the wall in tears. 

Soon Stiles just sat their staring in to space as he mourned over the mother of his child. Melissa moved towards Stiles once again but this time she held Claudia Allison Stilinski in her arms. He looked up noticing his daughter slowly he stood up and reached out for his child. 

Claudia squired happily when Stiles tickled her chin slightly, a smile crept across his lips as he held you.

“ I am gonna tell you so much about mommy, what she looked like, how much fun we had together, I’m gonna take care of you…” the pack moved forward to look at the baby.

“ Look Claudia, Who’s this? It’s auntie Lydia” Stiles spoke in a tiny voice while passing her to Lydia.

“ And that’s Uncle  Scott, Auntie Malia, Auntie Kira and Uncle Le gonna teach you how to be awesome.”

“ We’re going to be a family”

A/N: Sorry if it’s shit, i just really fancied writing something like that!

Never Before (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I didn’t proof this so sorry. Assassin is coming, promise.

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3309

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Dating Stiles Stilinski

Requested?: Nope

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 1,672

A/N: Based off this post by @imaginesxteenwolf. This is my first Teen Wolf thingy ever, so please don’t be too harsh on me. 

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Study sessions that turn into something else

“Stiles, I’m bored.” You announced, rolling over on Stiles’ so your face would be right below his.

“Yeah, well I am too, but we have a Bio test tomorrow and I’m not sure you’re so ready for it.” He replied, not looking up from his text book. You put a hand to your chest dramatically, pretending to be hurt by his statement.

“How’dth you dareth to say this to I, Y/N L/N?”

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