Just a little something I feel about the Dy'Kletiun

I own one, and I’m used to down-to-the-ground characters. Characters like wolves, or just regular dragons. Ones that are fleshed out with personality’s, and maybe a few powers here and there. But when you think about the Dy'Kletiun, you see…

They are both a grounded character, and another type.

When I think of Nyk, I see a character that is grounded, so far. He will grow.

He has a Tai'lume. He’s a dragon. But the Tai'lume and Dark Matter change him.

You think of an ant, to a planet. Then go to Dys to a planet. Now go to their Tai'Lume, to the planet. They can crush it. They are as big as can be, large creatures of mass power.

And now to think…. I have one. I have a small tiny speck of that.

I can rule the fucking world with that tiny speck.

Because, in real life…

He’s a mother fucking Dy'Kletiun with a Tai'lume.

And we will crush you.


Now there originally was way more to that, but I can’t remember it. I was stressed out and ranting to Dakota-25, and Nyk came up, and I was just telling her about what they were. And it was the most amazing speech ever, but I can’t remember it dang it.


Here is the scanned version of Ayu and what I’ve managed to compiled over the years with her design. I haven’t worked on this as much as I wanted to, plus I forgot to (whoops), so I should be working on her some more, along with Carmine and Upsilon. Hurr hurr! Enjoy because I am not getting the scanner out again without my parents permission.

Art © to me.
© to Alli | MatterIntoTheVoid.


I am not sure about his designs seeing as I got some previews from budders on her Dy, Epsilon, which happens to be the sister of Ups. Yes, nice little brotherly, sisterly love there! I am working on him in the process of a few other things; I’ve wanted to give Alli a preview of him for a while but never got the chance to, so here you go buddy <333 Enjoy it!

Art © to me.
© to me.
 © to Alli | MatterIntoTheVoid.


HAZZAH I’m happy now.

Have a glowing Syndicate :> Kind of like Glowing Darikey from way back that looked pretty bad.. eh.

Synd’s core is red because she’s actually infected with Anti-Matter (well not really infected. She is control of it but it causes her to go manic sometimes). Syndicate’s core used to be blue, but after dieing it changed.

The only Dy with a white core is Gemini. Gemini has Light Matter in her but her life is very short when you consider this. Full body of Synd will happen eventually haha. And maybe a better glow… Eh I like it!


Also, before I forget, I was listening to Kings and Queens the other day (Unplugged and CD version) and it got me thinking about the Dy’s and how they’re represented from which Alli (MatterIntoTheVoid) has explained them in her decent perspective. I dunno, it was the lyrics themselves that made me think that that song, specifically, represents them in a way.

Kings and Queens

Into the night
Desperate and broken
The sound of a fight
Father has spoken

We were the Kings and Queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the Children of a Lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell

Into your eyes
Hopeless and taken
We stole our new lives
Through blood and pain
In defense of our dreams
In defense of our dreams

We were the Kings and Queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the Children of a lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell

The age of man is over
A darkness comes and all
These lessons that we learned here
Have only just begun

We were the Kings and Queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the Children of a Lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell

We are the Kings
We are the Queens
We are the Kings
We are the Queens

I hope I wasn’t the only one thinking that. I believe I am, but ya know, least I was thinking?! Welcome, Alli, for another song suitable for them :DD Because I love it, for I am / was planning on use this for Ayu <3

Completed stand alone reference of Syndicate.

The gold band on her tail are removable.

The blue is actually paint except for what is on her feet-pads.

The black stripes are her “imprint” as the Titan of War and the Sun.

Her core is a deep red orange color.

She has yellows/red/browns/oranges because she was born and lived in a warmer climate.

She is a long tail Dy.

She is a rage Dy.

Snarly teeth go snap snap.

Also she is a near furless Dy due to her injuries that had her become a Rage Dy, buuuut she has armor that carries the plume on her jaw (made of dark matter).

Yes those are spikes sticking out of her sides and tail, they are bits of her Tai that manifest themselves on her Dy shape.

Yay for refs!

Will be doing a full on thing for her. Onto the mouwf.

Done for the night, but here’s a current Reference for the Dy.

It’s relatively difficult to make them a Reference do to the endless combinations of fur/vents and what not.

A few things that are always common between both genders though:

  • Males are generally smaller than females, however due to the armored plating on the under belly/ neck/chest/ and the base of the tail, they are heavier.
  • Females generally are much faster.
  • Male coloration goes from light to dark, where as Female coloration goes from dark to light (something that was changed tonight)
  • Five toes on the front and back, always having a large claw as a thumb.
  • Wings among the species are more optional than anything else. With a  “melting effect’ they can get rid of or gain wings. It’s a matter of using dark matter.
  • Females have longer tails.
  • Both genders may sport large scythe like or otherwise harmful weapons on their tails.
  • Females usually have fur on the chest, but it is an optional thing.

For those of you with Dy, I’m sorry you have to like redo any reference sheets you made whoops.

Those of you who don’t have a Dy, and want one, come speak to me. The species is essentially "closed” but only in the fact that you need to obtain permission to make one. If I get enough interest again going I might make another round of adopts.

Will work on this later on today and add in things like the skull/jaw make up as well as other silly things like cores, wings, and pinions/feathers/customization.

.Void Touched.

Dy touched by Darikey’s Tai tend to take on his “bleeding” markings. Generally in white but it really depends on the Dy’s colors.

Also a  great look into their mouth. Om nom.

I’m going to bed now. I might make this guy a character though. I like him.

His vents are dormant. No Dark Matter around at all. Poor fella.

Albatross, The Titan of Fire and Suns

Albatross is a female Dy'kletiun. She once was a beautiful radiant Dy/Tai, her colors bright oranges and yellows like fire. However her vanity was her down fall. She boasted to be the best of the Titans and she was challenged by the Titan Gemini who offered a wager. If Albatross could defeat Gemini, Gemini would allow Albatross to claim her title of the best Titan and would teach Albatross how to create curses upon other beings.

However, if Albatross lost, Gemini would curse Albatross.

Albatross, being as vain as she was, took on Gemini’s challenge and wager. She was defeated quickly, cleanly, by Gemini and admitted her defeat. Gemini cursed Albatross, taking away her beautiful color and replacing them with the dull blackened colors of a dying sun. The bloody paw print on her shoulder being the mark of Gemini and anyone she curses.

Albatross was ashamed and now spends her years cursed and wallowing in misery for her foolish behavior. She rarely aids anyway and doesn’t listen to the prayers sent to her by other Dy'kletiun, ashamed to even show her face to them. There are speculations of whether that shame is caused by her defeat, or her cowardice and inability to try to break the curse.

.Synd Expressions. 

I wanted to draw last night, but I wasn’t really sure what. I settled on some facial expressions with Synd. Asked my buddee Cataly-st for some expressions and she gave me about three or four. The first one I did is on the left, it’s supposed to be Synd when she see’s fish XD She likes fish. Mostly her favorite seafoods are shrimp, lobster, and salmon. Crab is okay, (yes, exactly like me!). 

The second one is on the right, and was supposed to be an “WTF” face. 

Last one in the bottom center, was supposed to be her repressing some thought, a dirty one or perverted one, according to Vyn XD Hahaha. I dunno. I think I pulled that one off barely. It’s rather hard to decide how that would look seeing as Synd herself was not up to the idea XD Poor Synd! 

Artwork and Syndicate Visceral Kat ‘ell belong to me. 


This was that cool thing I did the other day.

I made an attempt to 3D model a Dy'kletiun skull and painted it all Synd like for color purposes but it’s not super great.

Took about 4 hours but it was nice to try! There’s some blaring errors in the mesh where I tried to do things and it just wasn’t having it. Those teeth were hard and painting was not easy.

Model made in Sculptris.

Synd and this 3D model are mine!

Thanks goes to Crispy for giving me some ideas with the Dy. I got too excited tonight and couldn’t hold off on drawing till the weekend!

Crispy I blame you, you gave me inspiration.

The title of the file to this is “SYND WITH NO FEATHERS?!?!?!?”

I’m not sure how to incorporate feathers (or if I even want them anymore!) but with Synd she was burned quite a bit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has no feathers or fur like other Dy do…

The original idea with Synd was that she was an illusionist and could manipulate her physical self, (she can’t just heal herself via dark matter due to the nature of her injuries and her death/rebirth).

Oh Synd. You precious baby.

Thank you Crispy :D

Hella cute monsters