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sapiosexuality isnt harmful to mentally ill people but mentally/developmentally disabled ppl! thats the only problem i have with ur posts, everything else is spot on and very good!!! i mean in so far as ppl are separating mental illness from mental disability. if you dont mean to separate the two (they're often treated as the same) you're still spot on i guess i jsut read that wrong. have a nice day!!!!

Actually I’ve brought this up before! It’s not just developmenally disabled people! Psychotic people and those with issues “”“”accessing reality”“” (i cannot think of a better term at this time sorry) also deal with it a lottt. ALL the time those with delusions and hallucinations and paranoia are told they’re less intelligent or what they say is less valid because of it, and ableist language like “crxzy” and “insxne” are just as much insult at our mental„ capacity?? as slurs directed towards developmentally disabled people like stxpid and dxmb. Basically the idea of not “”being in touch with reality”“” well is also an immediate way to get yrself labeled Not Smart

Basically every mental illness I can think of is harmed by society’s concept of intelligence and thus sapiosexuality, and I’ve even seen definitions that are really clearly direct attacks towards disorders like depression. I’ve seen lots of people add requirements like “be happy with yourself :)” and “eager to learn about lots of things!” Plus like, neurotypicals can (and REALLY OFTEN DO) even consider my tic disorder a sign of being somehow less intelligence bc “”i cant control myself” or w/e

Not to mention many mental illnesses effect your ability to do well in school - anxiety comes to mind as that’s what made me drop public school :0 And of course with academic intelligence being so important to sapios, that’s a Big deal

Of course! Those with developmental disabilities are definitely more? Directly harmed, I guess the right way to put it is? Like, when you think of neurodivergence and intelligence, it’s of course those with developmental and learning disabilities who are immediately targeted. I don’t at ALL mean to throw them under the bus, and of course those without developmental and learning disabilities can’t reclaim slurs like retxrd and stxpid. And in discussions about intelligence harming neurodivergency, it is important to highlight developmental and learning disabilities for sure

But when talking about something like sapiosexuality, it’s neurodivergence as a whole that’s effected because intelligence has a history of favoring the neurotypical and sapiosexuality is bad enough that it manages to exclude„ basically every neurodivergent person

Admittedly though I know I used mentally ill as an umbrella term in lots of my earlier posts, which was actually for personal reasons as I feel most comfortable labeling all of my neurodivergencies as mental illnesses :0 But I’ve tried to switch over to either disabled or neurodivergent recently to be more inclusive and make more sense

I hope this was clear!