Finished the album art, here’s the front cover. Releasing this thing in just a few days. No printed copies unfortunately (yet?), but an infinite amount of digital copies will be available, of course. That’s just how digital things work.

I have so many unfinished games #1

This one was made with a friend. That jumping guy’s name is Lollergaggle. We had all these characters planned out and everything. At least one character was going to be called “Uncle Fitzfn-n-n”. I was going to be awesome. Someone else should finish it for us.

Light bug

Made for loopdeloop, January 2014. This was made in a semi-3D engine I created in Flash called ‘DX3’, it lets you make simple things in 3D but you can manipulate any of the parts as 2D at any point in the render pipeline and can use all the normal 2D effects you might find in Flash / AS3. I’ll write a little more about it later, allows some really cool 2D / 3D crossover stuff.

I have so many unfinished games #3

This one was made to be the sequel of a really old game I once made called ‘The Missile Game 3D’. I got this level working but was beaten by a total lack of time to work on games during my uni course, and then never felt the need to get back to it. Plus it’s using ActionScript 2 and there’s no way I’m going back to that.


I have a new game in the works that I have three goals for. One, make it fast. Two, use the new DX3 library I made for doing pseudo-3D graphics with nice lines in Flash (will post more about this later). Three, get it done.

Basic physics, basic graphics, basic control scheme, basic game state control, basic menu system, basic resource loading, basic camera behaviour and a rough cut of the game’s music all done so far, really going to try to get this pounded out. Go time.