*please don’t delete the text, only the picture will appear on your blog*

being part of the magazine will allow your blog to be showcased alongside other beautiful blogs. note: your follower count does not matter, all that matters is the quality of your blog :)

this will be a network featuring 1-2 blogs of each represented style in the form of a magazine-inspired article. the represented styles are as follows:

   -black and white
   -styles may be removed/added depending on the notes


   -you must be following d-aisychild
   -only reblogs will be counted, likes will be ignored
   -you may reblog up to 3 times


   -this is a network that will showcase blogs of various styles in the form of magazine articles
   -blogs will be chosen by december 30th
   -this is not a group
   -you will be notified if you are chosen!
   -if you’re chosen, you will receive an icon to put up on your blog that links to the network
   -members will receive a questionnaire that will be the basis of their article :)

this is the network- note that it’s under construction until all of the members join!

reblog this for a chance to be on my gold list! ♥

if you are chosen, you will receive

-promos anytime you ask

-help with any voting

-a link on my gold list

-a banner :)

-a screenshot of you following me

-a blog makeover (optional and easily reversible)


you mbf meif you’re chosen and not following me, you won’t be put on the list :(

REBLOG ONLY! likes will be ignored

must reach at least 50 reblogs (but can go over)

i will pick 5-10, and i will check out every blog that reblogs this :)