okay so due to a request, here is my autism self-dx resources masterpost

notes: to a degree a lot of people may relate to these things, but that does not necessarily indicate that they are autistic. things, such as sensory aversions and special interests, are as powerful as described and are not dramatized for comedic effect or emphasis. just liking something a lot is not necessariy a “special interest”, everyone stims a little, and hates certain textures. these things must have a great impact on one’s day to day life. 

also, asperger’s only recently became something under the umbrella of “autism” thus a lot of articles you find that are about autism when googling are referring specifically to autistic ppl who may be completely nonverbal, need caregivers, lots of school accommodations etc so that information might prove useless depending on who you are. in that case it may be more helpful to search for articles that discuss asperger’s instead. i recommend researching thoroughly before coming to a decision one way or another.

i need help

a person on instagram has been harassing my friend who self-diagnosed with autism because their parents can’t afford an official diagnosis. i want to make a long, comprehensive post on why self-diagnosis should be supported (and why being against it is ableist, classist, and sexist, among other things), but i need help.

if you have opinions, experiences (esp. with psychiatrists/therapists/institutions), data, resources, anything, i’d like to put them in my post. i will credit you and put a link to any and every fact or story i share.

this isn’t just about autism, either. if you have any mental illness/disorder and have something to share, i would love to include it.

i really want to support my friend. 


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i know what you mean about Adam seeming Too Nice. He gets idealised a lot in this fandom which means its easy to slip and hc him as this angel. It's important to distinguish between a GOOD person and a NICE person, especially in the case of characters in DX:HR. Adam is generous and kind and self-sacrificing but he's also snappy, sometimes impatient and a bit of a shut-in. Don't even get me started on Pritchard lmao.

this is actually REALLY INSIGHTFUL AND HELPFUL THANK YOU!!! i think the disconnect between Adam being a good person but not a nice person is what makes him so compelling and i want to try really hard to not lose sight of that!

i know, but anyways Dx i don’t want that those downloads give cents to that person who stoled my account, so when i get it back, i will have to change my download links to something different

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Self-diagnosis is useful for people who can't get professional treatment at that point in time for whatever reason! It may not be too reliable, but professional diagnosis isn't either! It's much less reliable than people who haven't been through the system think! Also, there are different diagnosis patterns between doctors trained in the UK and USA! DID is diagnosed much more in America! Often people don't realise someone's ill, and it helps that person to speak up if they self-dx!