I don't support self DX, groundbreaking, I know


It almost trivializes mental disorders. I wish I had saved pictures, but I’ve seen people openly admit they self dx bipolar disorder, ADHD, AUTISM (granted, autism is hard to diagnose even by professionals sometimes), and schizophrenia to name a few of the more extreme cases. People who actually have these things find them exceptionally complicated to understand and they had to get someone else to diagnose it. Saying it is easy as deciding or BELIEVING you have something, not get treated, and act like you understand what these mental illnesses entail is disrespectful and I do not respect someone doing it. That is romanticization, I’d argue, though I wouldn’t claim the website as whole does this stuff as it is more like many of the insecure preteens and unsure young adults on Tumblr.

I have issues with anxiety. It’s very plain to see, really. However, I don’t diagnose myself with GAD because I’m not sure if I have an actual anxiety disorder. If my anxiety because an actual issue, I will call someone up and see what they have to say. They are professionals, not me.

“I know myself better than a professional”

I highly doubt a person who says that knows where their spleen is. Yet a professional would.

The major reason why someone feels the need to self diagnose something seems to be as if they wear a mental illness like a badge. It’s creepy.

I hate to beg the question, but why WOULD people want to self diagnose themselves? Especially with shit like bipolar disorder? If you actually DO have something like that, you really NEED to get medical assistance or else you become a danger to yourself. And why do these people not seek professional help? Probably because they fear they will be told they don’t have the mental illness they claim they do (though there could be a few other factors at play.) or see how it feels to be treated as a mental patient would be clinically.

If you believe you have schizophrenia, WHY AREN’T YOU SEEKING MEDICAL ASSISTANCE?

It’s gross to self diagnose. It’s gross to self diagnose! IT’S GROSS TO SELF DIAGNOSE! And justifying or defending it is just as gross!


Twilight Princess Link and Zelda figma are up for preorder!

Light Bow, Hero’s Bow, Clawshot, Ball. and. Chain. REAL chain!

A Deluxe version Link is also available with a ton of extra accessories. (last pic) This time, the DX is not exclusive, so you don’t have to order from Good Smile Co. if you don’t want to. But these all release the same month (May 2017) so $20 flat shipping may be a good choice anyway, especially if you want multiples (a couple standard Links for repaints anyone?)

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited.  Go support GSC for doing everything right this time- and fast! no 2.5 year wait on these guys!

While the recently announced Zelda Amiibo will provide fans with figurines of some of the franchise’s characters, Good Smile offers a much higher quality alternative to Nintendo’s collectables. We have just been given our first look at their upcoming Twilight Princess line. The Link and Zelda figures are both impressively detailed and come with a variety of accessories. While only one Zelda is available, a DX version of Link will feature even more add-ons.  Both Link and Zelda will be available from May 2017 but can pre-ordered on Play-Asia right now.

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

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Twilight Princess Figma Collection Coming May 2017 While the recently announced Zelda Amiibo will provide fans with figurines of some of the franchise’s characters, Good Smile offers a much higher quality alternative to Nintendo’s collectables.
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mei-jestic  asked:

Ayano, how did you treat your past servants like? I believe you had them at your manor~

Ayano: “Eh…?” o.o *Tilts her head to the side* “Yes~ We have a lot of maids and butlers at the Sakurai Mansion~ But… What do you mean how I treated them? I treated them like normal human beings?” o.o “That is what they are, regardless if they are serving me or not. I treated them with kindness and respect~ I would never treat them otherwise~ I miss them… Growing up, my parents weren’t really around so the servants were more like my family than they were…” >.>


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess figma up for pre-order

From left to right: figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. available herefigma Zelda: Twilight Princess Ver. available here and figma Link: Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition available here. Prices are $48.99, $54.99 and $57.99 with pre-orders open now until 22 October and figures shipping 31 May 2017. More pictures below…

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Since I don’t get to photograph wild horses, as a rule, you’ll have to settle for a photograph of our ranch stallion, Poco Tivio Pep (Chachi) turning into a wild horse this summer when we turned him out with his mare band. #ig_equine #aqha #aqhaproud #youholdmyheart #thedxranch #ranchlife #chachithewildstallion #horsesofinstagram #summer #stallion #quarterhorse #ranching #ranchhorse #igers #instagood #love #canon5dmarkiii (at The DX Ranch)

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bittliebee asked:

Okay I’m thinking I never got a diagnosis because I was hyperverbal from the start, and my parents didn’t realize that autism was even a possibility because of that. But I’m looking back and realizing that I had (still have)ever-present sensory issues, special interests, insomnia, and issues with certain motor skills/verbal direction. I really feel like people only notice that their kids are autistic if they don’t learn to talk.

That’s a good point, and it’s probably a common case.


So I finally got my professional dx!!!!!!!! And I am!!!!!!!!!! Ultra happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s probably weird but yes i like not having to doubt myself anymore.

I’m so happy for you!!! That’s excellent news!

@ Other People

Hey, can I submit a tip for anyone who has a problem with a skin picking stim like me? If you light a candle and melt the wax, you can scratch, tear, and squeeze the wax and stim without hurting yourself (provided you’re careful not to get burned)

Thanks so much for the tip!

Hey there, to the post about difficulties eating otherwise yummy food for sensory issues. I always ask what is in it and then make the excuse of being ‘intolerant’ or saying 'it will give me a reaction’ for the reasons that they will assume it is a gluten intolerance or food that will give me an allergic reaction that way I don’t have to really lie or go through gagging and sensory hell ! Have a nice night !

This is a great tip, thank you!

-mod har