And that is something I really mean.
Thank you, everyone, that you follow me and stay with me, no matter what crap I post, how down I am, how hyper I am, how much gay shit I post and so on. Really, you stay, you talk to me and that’s something I really appreciate and am happy of. I made some awesome friends and memories, I laughed so much, I ranted so much, with you, together. And that means a lot.

Now, this may be personal, but as I joined the fandom and started roleplaying here with my wonderful Laxus muse, I had to go through so much shit and it got worse, I had problems and worries. Maybe I still have some, but I somehow… Gained new ideas and sights, new motivation from this fandom, the people here. I found a piece of myself back, you can say, even if this sounds kitschy.

       But yes, here we come to the wonderful followers I notice and who also talks to me.

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thank you a lot, again. means a lot to me, that you follow me and write with me. of course, there are many more and I bet I forgot people, I’m sorry if I did! But these persons just talk to me or I notice them rly often on my dash and yea. I hope you also do not feel bad when you’re not bold or something, just means, that i would tell these people more than i would tell other people. they’re closer to me than others. yes, i’m a person who does not trust easily, hope you understand! still means, i love you all. ♥

❄ - “You told me icicles were magic.”

( - dxgboy

     Gavin was at the library when it started again. Snow in April was unusual but not unheard of. But now it just kept going and soon the doors were snowed shut and snow clung to the windows. It was sort of dark now, a chill entering the room. Some parents lingering inside were arguing with librarians, as if they could open those doors with that snow. One was angry and said they should’ve left before the snow built up as high as it did.

     The arguing forced him away, pushing him more to the back of the library. He hid between the shelves, the smell of books and the smell of cold filled his body.

when ppl are like “pls don’t self-dx with x it’s not cool and quirky it’s Hell go see a doctor” like lmfao cool problem solved they couldn’t see a doctor before but your words of wisdom~~ made it possible

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1) Why did you choose your URL? I wanted a url that reflected Steph in a way but wasn’t too cliche or silly. So I re-read some old Steph comics and saw it mentioned twice, once by Steph, and another by Babs, and once by Bruce that Stephanie preferred to improvise over having a concrete plan. So after making sure the tag ‘prefertoimprovise’ wasn’t used for something else I made it my url.
2) What is your middle name? Elizabeth, an old family name.
3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? A DRAGON!
4) Favourite colour? I like blue, and purple
5) Favourite song? I don’t know really? I like a lot.
6) What are your top five fandoms? DC, Game of Thrones, Tortall, Marvel, Lord of the Rings
7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr? Rping mostly, and the humor and all the connections to my fandoms.
8) Tag 9 of your Tumblr crushes:  king-of-conundrums, screechlessbat, karaiiisms, thelastofthebertinellis, part-time-justice-leaguer, itscrimetime, thekryptonianhel, justakansasboy, dxdger


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I’m a mess after fighting with plush all day, but eh, I’m a little fluffy and in dire need of a hair cut. Oh, and there’s the bear I’ve been slowly turning into Cecil in the background. I’ll fix/finish him one day I swear. XD

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