dx shaming

I was actually thinking the same thing. These are the exact people who complain and mock self dx as an issue yet don’t bat an eye when they or others try to diagnose others on literally no medical information. 


They know nothing about the people they are giving “advice” to. That is terrible practice and a doctor could face charges for such nonsense. But when some random stranger who claims to be a medical student tries to tell me what to do with my life when they don’t know a thing about me, they gather around to champion his cause, right before they go make fun of someone who spent months researching their self diagnosis. 

I haven’t posted much about how excited I am for Rebels season 3 (mostly because I know Im annoying everyone with my excitement) but I haven’t really been inspired yet to draw art for it. So you get my second shitty attempt at Grand Admiral Thrawn (there was a first attempt that wasn’t so great). Was inspired by a friend who Im sure I annoyed. Sorry
Probably gonna delete this because the perfectionist in me wants to tear Thrawns face off the paper. It’s horrible and I can’t put my finger on just what’s wrong but I hate it. Hope you guys are excited about Rebels!
Just feeling like a failure of a fan… And I don’t believe at all this will happen XD I don’t know why I drew it. I think they actually did arrest Hondo. Blah