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Me babysitting kids as they watch me play Project Mirai
  • Kid: What are they saying?
  • Me: Japanese
  • Kid: That's weird
  • Me: Maybe they think you're weird
  • Kid 2: I don't like this
  • Kid 3: I like this
  • Kid: I like this but I don't like him (Len)
  • Me: How dare you. He's my favorite. I have a statue of him.
  • Kid 2: That's weird
  • Me: You're weird
  • Kid 2: I'm gonna burn it
  • Me: I'm gonna burn your toys ಠ_ಠ
  • Kid: Why don't they just speak English
  • Me: Because they're Japanese singers. Same way Naruto doesn't have an English name. How do you have a Shounen Jump book but not known anime?
  • Kid 4: We don't know about anime yet
  • Me: Yet?? I'm such a horrible influence

hey guys! I just wanted to make a post on something ive been meaning to get on the topic of for a while since its pride month and now seems like a relevant time

i wanna clarify i have voiced my opinion on my sideblog before but realize ive kinda done so poorly so i want to word this very clearly and carefully and do so on this blog.

i dont believe aces and aros belong in the acronym lgbt. this does not mean All aces and aros should be discluded from lgbt communities of course, just that being ace/aro doesnt immedietly make you lgbt (like if you are a cishet aro/ace or a cis aroace, you shouldnt use words like q/eer or gay to describe yourself. if you are ace/aro and also trans/gay/what have u, u are still lgbt of course) lgbt people have the right to be uncomfortable with cishet people using community exclusive terms for themselves considering a lot of those terms are slurs aimed specifically at gay and trans people.

im not saying there arent problems people face being ace or aro, but I think its a complicated and different set of problems compared to being l,g,b,t and etc. i think it would make sense if aces and aros had a community separately but of course, once again, being ace or aro doesnt mean you arent Also lgbt.

i dont think the split attractions model is something everyone should be forced to use for themselves and calling people allos is homophobic and harmful. at age 15 I felt obligated to put “panromantic+pansexual” in my bio even though I shouldnt have to tell people I feel sexual attraction at that young (really, nobody should Have to specify anything about their sex life publicly at any age). calling people allos is grouping gay people with straight people as the same “dirty sex lovers”, it should be obvious why this is unsavory.

i made this post because frankly im a little tired of being called an ‘aphobe’ and being accused of wanting to kick gay/trans aros/aces out of lgbt spaces. pls feel free to send me an ask if u have any questions but please be nice about it. okay, now back to regularly scheduled pokemans :P

Okay, so funny story about this pretty tree light here (and since I have a long car ride ahead of me I might as well share). I was at my aunt’s house the other day and she gave me this rose tree lamp that was sitting on her porch because it didn’t really go with anything. So I was like, sweet! This will go perfectly in my hippy/fairytale aesthetic bedroom! It had a few cobwebs on it (okay a lot of cobwebs) but I figured a quick wipe down with a wet paper towel and it would be all fine and dandy.

Well it wasn’t. They weren’t cobwebs. And they were definitely not empty.

Turns out the damn thing was covered in spider egg sacks nearly on every flower because Florida is a hellish nightmare pit where stuff like this is a regular occurrence and I spent a good twenty minutes battling with hundreds of tiny little spiders (and the occasional mother DX) crawling out whenever I tried to brush them off.

Now at this point I’m nearly about ready to pitch the whole thing in the trash and set it on fire, aesthetic be damned but I thought no. I’ve come too far and have killed too many spiders and this fragging tree is going to look gd amazing in my bedroom. So I carry the whole thing inside and stick it in the shower for a couple seconds and basically suffocate it with Clorox spray for a few hours before wiping the entire thing down again flower by flower until there was not a single eight legged menace to be seen.

So yeah, long story short, I managed to salvage what was almost a lost cause and that lamp is going to look flipping adorable when I get it home.

 Antisocial– a Mixtape by trashylvania @ 8tracks: A fairly sophisticated, stylish mixtape dedicated to Antisocial Personality Disorder– curated by someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Juvenile angst and tired stereotypes are left at the door to make room for more polished sounds with a dangerous elegance and an arrogant flourish. More artful than a rundown of a psychiatric checklist, thankfully. 

Tracklist: 1.) “Up Jumped the Devil” - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds // 2.) “I’ll Cut You Down” - Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats // 3.) “Hypsoline” - La Femme // 4.) “Fascination Street” - the Cure // 5.) “Love Like Blood” - Killing Joke // 6.) “Lucretia My Reflection” - Sisters of Mercy // 7.) “The Sanity Assassin” - Bauhaus // 8.) “Headhunter” - Front 242 // 9.)  “6″ Gold Blade” - the Birthday Party // 10.) “Miranda, That Ghost Isn’t Holy Anymore (Part C)” - the Mars Volta // 11.) “Stagger Lee” - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds // 12.) “Jack the Ripper” - Morrissey // 13.) “13th Floor Vendetta (His Master’s Delight)” - the Damned

Latest Build info from Catalog (thanks to Dukemon and Cranejoe)

Cranejoe has posted the entire catalog list and it’s slightly different from what was posted earlier. Cranejoe is the most reliable source we have, and if he posts it, you can pretty much bet it’s true:

-The new Rider figure series is known as the “Bolt (possibly Bottle) Change Rider Series”

-The collectible for this year is known as “Full Bottles”

-This year will also see the release of a lot of classic rider goods, including new Sofubi Figures and Vehicles from seasons past; your wallets will suffer lol

Releasing in August:

Legend Rider History Sofubi Series - 01. Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Tamashii, 02. Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed, 03. Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms, 04. Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style, 05. Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form

These hyper-detailed sofubi are a vast improvement over their predecessors. They will cost 900 yen each.

RHS-1 Kamen Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form
Price- 900 yen

[B]DX GorillaMond Full Bottle Set[B]
Price- 900 yen

Includes Gorilla and Diamond Full Bottles.

Releasing in September:

Henshin Belt DX Build Driver
Price- Not Decided

Comes with Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles. Set the Full Bottles into the belt! Pull the lever and it activates a gear turning gimmick which in turn activates lights and henshin sounds!
Pull the lever a second time, and you can activate your finishing move!

DX Full Bottle Holder
Price- 2,300 yen

Can store 3 Full Bottles

DX Build Driver & Full Bottle Holder Set
Price- Not Decided

A combo set of the Driver and Holder; comes with Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles.

Kaiten Kenjuu (Rotating Sword Gun) DX DrillCrusher
Price- 5,000 yen

RHS-2 Kamen Rider Build GorillaMond Form
Price- 900 yen

Legend Rider History Sofubi Series Wave 2- 06. Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo, 07. Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker, 08. Kamen Rider Decade, 09. Kamen Rider Faiz, 10. Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form

These hyper-detailed sofubi are a vast improvement over their predecessors. They will cost 900 yen each.

Mecha Collection Kamen Rider Series Battle Hopper
Price- 700 yen

Kamen Rider Black’s Battle Hopper. Can work with any of the new Sofubi figures.

DX HawkGatling Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Comes with Hawk and Gatling Full Bottles.

HyakuHatsu Rensha (Hundred Shot Rapid Fire) HawkGatlinger
Price- 3,000 yen

BCRS-01 Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-03 Kamen Rider Build HawkGatling Form
Price- 900 yen

DX NinNinComic Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Comes with NinNin and Comic Full Bottles.

Ninjutsu Hatsudou 4 Coma NinpouGatana (Ninja Arts Invoking 4-Panel Comic Ninja Technique Sword)
Price- 2,800 yen

BCRS-02 Kamen Rider Build GorillaMond Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-04 Kamen Rider Build NinNinComic Form
Price- 900 yen

RHS-05 KnightRogue
Price- 900 yen

Releasing in October

RHS-06 BloodStark
Price- 900 yen

DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Includes the Rocket and Panda Full Bottles.

Henshin Kemurijuu (Transformation Smoke Gun) TranSteamGun
Price- 3,800 yen

Valve Kaiten (Valve Rotation) DX SteamBlade
Price- 3,000 yen

BCRS-03 Kamen Rider Build HawkGatling Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-07 Kamen Rider Build RocketPanda Form
Price- 900 yen

RHS-08 Kamen Rider Build FireHedgehog Form
Price- 900 yen

RHS-09 Kamen Rider Build LionCleaner Form
Price- 900 yen

Releasing in November:

DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Includes two unknown Full Bottles.

DX Kamen Rider W Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Includes two unknown Full Bottles.

BCRS-04 Kamen Rider Build NinNinComic Form
Price- 3,500 yen

DX ClothesDragon
Price- 2,800 yen

HippareSouKen (Hit Parade Play-the-music Sword) DX BeatCloser
Price- 4,000 yen

DX ClothesDragon and BeatCloser Set
Price- 6,800 yen

DX PandraPanel
Price- 1,980 yen

Bike Henshin DX BuildPhone
Price- 3,800 yen

BCRS-05 Kamen Rider Build Fire Hedgehog Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-10 Kamen Rider Build KeyDragon Form
Price- 900 yen

RHS-11 Kamen Rider Clothes
Price- 900 yen

DX KaixokuRessha (PirateTrain) Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Comes with Kaizoku and Ressha Full Bottles.

Shuppatsu Shuukou (All Aboard!) DX Kaizokuhashaa
Price-3,000 yen

BCRS-06 Kamen Rider Build LionCleaner Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-12 Kamen Rider Build KaizokuRessha Form
Price- 900 yen

DX RabbitTank Sparkling
Price- 2,980 yen

DX OctopusLight Full Bottle Set
Price- 900 yen

Includes Octopus and Light Full Bottles.

BCRS-07 Kamen Rider Build KaizokuRessha Form
Price- 3,500 yen

RHS-13 Kamen Rider Build OctopusLight Form
Price- 900 yen

RHS-14 Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank Sparkling Form
Price- 3,500 yen.

Idolish7 part 3 story 11.3 notes

Ryunosuke is the first TRIGGER member to make it to the concert venue. Manager-tachi tell him to get changed and prep for the concert while they find the other two.

According to Iori there’s only 30 minutes left before the concert starts. Riku and Mitsuki have figured out where Tenn is. It also seems like the boys are hiding the details from Tsumugi. Tsumugi knows that they’re hiding something from her and is a little hurt with her exchange with Iori who still isn’t telling her the big details or that TRIGGER has been kidnapped (she just knows that they’re not there).

Tsumugi is mad but lets it go. Iori thinks she’s as scary as her father.

Yamato and friends figure out Gaku’s location from Re:vale. Sougo compares their situation to a chess match and that Yaotome is the king. I think he’s using this to figure out a strategy. Yamato and Sougo’s conversation is too intricate for me to figure out DX I am literally Tamaki who doesn’t understand what they’re going on about either.

Tenn isn’t cooperating with his kidnappers and yells for help. They threaten to tape up his mouth to stop his commotion.

Enter Mitsuki. The kidnappers freak out and Riku offers to fight too but Mitsuki’s like NO.

The concert is about to start with only Ryu present. He believes that the other two will be rescued in time before the end of the concert so he says he’ll sing on his own if he has to.

WTF is Ryou doing here…WTF Zool GTFO… Ryu is like “Torao! I trusted you!” and figures out that he’s been deceived the entire time. Torao is unapologetic. He also figures out that he’s been using Hanamaki.

Anesagi says they’ll call the police over what they did but Ryou feigns innocence and asks if there’s a stalker around.

Yaotome papa figures that Tsukumo is at Zero Arena and decides to head there.

anonymous asked:

Do you know how many winry figures there are? And are there any you're still missing?

Not including keychains, there are about 18 Winry figures. I’m still missing quite a few! In order of how much I want them, the ones I don’t have are:

Bandai Hagaren Styling (most wanted)
Ensky Chara DX bust
Bandai DX figure
Bandai Choco Mint ver 2
Bandai Choco Mint ver 1
Kotobukiya Play Arts
Popy Petit Chara (least wanted)

I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to post a picture of my Winry figures together - if you do then just send me another ask.


Here he is the King of Macedonia himself & his teenage Master Waver Velvet. Ryder & Waver were fan favorites in Fate/Zero & I am happy to show off these figures as they are the newest additions to my collection.  Ryder is made by  our friends at Megahouse and Waver is a Banpresto DX trading figure. They are scaled a little off, but I don’t mind. I love that Ryder towers over everyone else. I got both of these guys from a friend who runs a toy store in Japan. Ryder is a little pricey, he runs upwards of about a 100 usd, Waver goes for about 20 usd. Both are static, but Ryder does have different expressions. Fantastic additions to my ever growing collection. As always thank you for checking out my post, and have a great weekend everyone.   

Preference #4- Based off the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

A/N: If you are unfamiliar with the book or movie you may be confused. (Just in case you haven’t soc is pronounced soc as in social.) This is my favorite book/movie and I hope you all enjoy this Preference. (I will be writing Hayes, Jacob, Sam and Dillon’s tomorrow, it is getting late and I have ran out of ideas)

Nash: (His P.O.V)

It’s pretty fuckin’ cold I think to myself as the harsh wind runs down my arms that stick out my sleeveless shirt. As I turn the corner and make my way to the lot I see the silhouette of a girl sitting on the old car seat, wind blowing in her hair, face up toward the sky. I avoid sitting next to her and lean against the big oak tree, pullin a cancer stick from my pocket along with my lighter.  “Fuck,” I groan trying to light my cigarette “Damn lighter.” I throw it on the ground. “Nee’a light?” I heard a raspy voice say, I turn to see a beautiful curvy greaser, about my age, holding out a lighter with a lit cigarette in her hand. I take it from her hands, light up my stick and hand it back. With the first exhale of smoke I feel all my problems go, I turn my head enough to see the girl from the corner of my eye, “I never seen you before, ya new ‘round here?” I ask taking another hit, “Unfortunately,” there is a moment of silence as she throws her cigarette on the ground stomping it out, “Names (Y/N).”. I repeat her action “Cool. I’m Nash.” .

Cameron: (Your P.O.V)

I leaned back in my boyfriend, Randy’s, Mustang, letting my eyes follow his figure into DX. He leans on the counter, I can practically hear the disgust in his voice “Fill er’ up grease.” , he snickers as the greaser walks to the car. “Well ain’t she a beauty.” The boy says in shock with his hands in his pockets, “and the car is pretty nice too.” He winks at me, going to the gas pump. I can’t help but blush, this boy was tall, strong and looked good in his greasy uniform. I stick my head out the car, “Sorry my boyfriend’s an ass.” The boys just chuckles rolling his eyes smirking at me, “If he’s such an ass why are you with him?” he asks matter-of-factly. I hesitate “Guess I haven’t found someone better.” I smirk, he finishes pumping gas and walks to the window of the car “Listen, I’ma greaser you’rea soc,“ he starts with hesitation evident in his voice "But if ya ever see my around my name is Cameron.”. He turns around and passes Randy on the way back into DX. Cameron turns his head to shoot me a wink, “The hell did that hood want?” I get asked as soon as Randy opens his door.

Carter: (His P.O.V)

“Well she’s cute, for a grease.” Bob said pointing to the girl standing outside The Dingo with a group of boys smoking. “Cool it Bob, even a greaser girl has higher standards than you.” I laugh at Marcia’s comment, Bob rolling his eyes. I get up, without thinking really, a gravitational force lifting me and pulling me out of the damn car up to her. I could hear Marcia gasp “He isn’t!” and Bob yell “Get back in this car!” I waved them off. “Check out this soc.” I heard one of the boys mumble as I walked up to the girl in leather. “Hi I’m Carter,” I stick out my hand “Can I take you out sometime?” she shakes my hand laughing, “I’d have to say no.”. She looks behind her at her friends and makes a face, “Listen I’m not like the other any other soc. I’m respectful.” I defend myself, “Listen I’m not like any other girl. I respect myself.” She retorts mockingly. “Whatever.” I say turning around hearing the boys laugh loudly “Yeah you tell that prissy bitch (Y/N)!”. 

Johnson: (His P.O.V)

I heard a scream as I made my way to the Gilinsky’s house, “Help!”, then suddenly nothing. I run, I run past the corner to Gilinsky’s, I run past the lot and finally see a group of Soc’s having a grand ol’ time. I whip out my switchblade, “THIS AIN’T YOUR SIDE OF TOWN!” I shout making my way to the group, they look at me, eyes wide, faces pale, knowing damn well they have no right to be here. I lung as if I’m about to attack and they all run back to their mustang and drive off. Proud of myself, almost forgetting someone was being attacked, I’m shocked when I look to the side seeing a girl laying there. “Hey you alright?” I rush over to her side. Her eyes drift to me, bloody nose and cuts on her face, she smirks “Prolly be dead if it weren’t for you.”. I smile and help her up “I’ll take ya to my friend’s house and clean you up. Yoy new here? I’m Jack.” I ask as we begin to walk, “(Y/N) and yeah.” She sticks her hand in her jacket pockets. “You better get a blade, or that’ll happen all the time.” I state, “Oh yeah?” he eyes go wide. 

Gilinsky: (His P.O.V)

I crawl under the fence of the drive in makin’ my way to the seats, knowing the boys would’ve been here tonight. As I start walking into the crowd people turn to look at me shocked I’m out, shocked I’m alive. Gasps, whispers, scared faces, this has to be the funniest thing I’ll ever see. I walk behind the seats, sneaking in behind the guys, “Hey fellas!” I shout throwing my arm around Johnson’s neck and pushin’ Shawn’s head with my hand. They all jump up, shoutin’ “What you doing out?” “Oh my God, Gilinsky!” “Never thought we’d see ya again.”, I answer the question “Got out on good behavior.” With a smirk. “No fuckin’ way!” Cam jumps, pushing me in disbelief. “Could ya’ll stop your yellin’. We’re tryin’ to watch a movie!” some pretty little soc says from the row in front of us, “Excuse me?” I question. “You heard me.” She grumbles staring at the movie screen. I walk up behind her and get real close to her ear. Whispering “I don’t think I did.”

 “Leave us alone. Just be nice and leave us alone!”

“I’m never nice.” I grin lighting a cigarette and blowing the smoke in her pretty little face. “Get lost hood!” she yells. “Com’on Jack.” Hayes says, “What did you just say?” “Com’on, you just got out.” I sighed knowing he was right, but I’d never admit to it. I push Hayes a bit, turning to Nash, who knows everything about everyone. “Who is she?” “(Y/N), pretty soc ain’t she?” “Mhmmm.” I mumble stomping out my cigarette. I want her, I always get what I want. Always.

Aaron: (His P.O.V)

“Damn thing doesn’t cut.” I angrily say trying for a fifth time to slice this frog open in bio. I reach into my pocket and pull out my knife, pressing the side, blade popping out. I hear gasps, a lot of gasps, and feel the eyes of everyone in my biology class turn and look at me. I look up at them and hear a laugh from behind me, I look at the soc, (Y/N) and smile. Looking down I take the blade to the frog cutting it open, “They are right. You are a hood.” (Y/N)’s lab partner says, I shrug it off, even though I hate bein’ called a hood. When the bell finally rings after a class that felt like an eternity (Y/N) runs up to me, “That stunt you pulled in class was so funny!” she laughs scrunching her nose, she is cute. I laugh along “it ain’t my fault the school can’t afford his scalpels!” we get to my locker and she’s laughing, high pitched and adorable. Suddenly it stops as shes pulled away, “Stay away from my sister hood.” He brother shouts at me, throwin’ an empty flask at me. Hood, that’s all I’ll ever be to a pretty soc like (Y/N), a hood. 

Matt: (His P.O.V)

“Why is this line so long?” I think out loud, standing on the line for the concession at the drive in. That’s when I heard the girl behind me, “This has to be a joke. Can you believe this?” she must have been talking to who she was with. Slowly but surely I get closer to the cashier and by listening to that girls conversation I found out she was a grease, a single greaser girl with a big mouth. I learned that when she told off the guy tryin’ to cut her. I waited on the side of the building, one leg propped up on it as I leaned. I waited for her to leave just so I could *BAM* “Oh I am so sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you!” I apologize, “Nono, its okay. I’ve probably had one too many if you know what I mean.” She laughs winking at me, I smell the alcohol on her breath. “Oh I’ve seen ya around school. You’re that football player.” She states recognizing me in the light of the moon, “Yeah I am. And you are?” “(Y/N)!” she says as her friends starts pulling her away “Com’on the boys are gonna want their popcorn.” 

Taylor: (His P.O.V)

"Damn it grease. Can you move any faster?” (Y/N) asks pushing past me, “ Only if you beg for it. Babe.” respond with a wink. “I hate you Taylor Caniff. You good for nothing greaser. I can’t wait til the day I never have to see you again!” she yells pushing books into her locker, “Cool it. We both know you don’t mean that.” I say leaning with my hand on the locker next to hers. “Get away from my girl. Now.” I hear a voice from behind me, I roll my eyes and wave my hand behind my head. “I mean it hood, I’ll find you after school.”. I turn around “Man I dare ya.”. “Don’t get cocky! My gang ’ll find ya.”

Shawn: (Your P.O.V)

Shawn Mendes, the only greaser in band class, the whole school knows him. Gang fights, smokes, drinks, fucks anything that walks his way and I get stuck with him to do the finale duet project before summer. “So when can we practice?” I ask breaking the silence, he grins “Honey, with me you don’t need any practice”. I hesitate but feel a sense of confidence fill my bones “ We need to pass! We need to practice!”. He laughs loudly, the noise booms silencing everyone in the room, I sit a little straighter in my seat. “(Y/N), doll. With me you’re guaranteed an A. You’ve been blessed.”. The bell rings, “See ya ‘round.” he raises his eyes brows sliding on his sun glasses.


Fully translated toy catalogue:

Page 2&3: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid info points!

1. This year’s Rider’s theme is TV Games! The key item is game software! The Rider Gashat lights up! It makes sounds! Can be used with the belt and weapons! (Note: the Gashat pictured is close to the actual size). There’s a hidden graphic inside the Gashat that’s only revealed when inserted in the Gamer Driver! Use the Rider Gashat to transform! Level up!!

2. Level Up Riders! Level 1: Shocking visual! > Level 2: Pull the lever open to access the main form! > Level 3: Insert two to power up!

3. The appearance of multiple Riders! Kamen Rider Brave (RPG)! Kamen Rider Snipe (Shooting)!

Keep reading