This was my last day in my forth hour talented music class. I’m gonna miss them so much! I was about to cry in the start of the video. The song goes on to include myself singing and soloing over Dylan (in the grey shirt). This class was the reason i looked forward to going to school everyday. I love them, and i will definitely miss them! <3

She looked around the room worriedly, hesitant to make eye contact.
He was leaving, and there was nothing she could do about it.

The departure always hurts the most.

She held onto the crumpled piece of paper as she looked out the apartment window.

“I love you,” he said, in an effort to calm her.
“I believe you,” she responded.
“I’m not leaving forever…” He told her, hoping to sedate the sobbing.
“…I believe you..”

—  Excerpt from The Chronicles of Paradise, Chronicle #5 “Departure,” - dwycoff2013
Urbex Team, Anyone?

Entropy is absolutely beautiful. Watching the natural decay of man-made society is something I’ve always been interested in. I’m working on getting a local team together to go urbexing, figured I may as well use every media outlet I have.
Contact me.


So, this is a response to Eric Boyd’s six word poem of the day.
It is a series of stanzas, only using six words. Here goes!

I sold
My soul for

Have been made
Against us.

All things mature
More time.

What starts
Will end abruptly.

Proceed with caution -
She breaks easily.

Selling your
Soul for
A profit

Was the
Easy part
Of this.

But buying it
Back from
Her -

‘Buying back
Your soul
Is harder’

Any of us
Could imagine.