“Come for me Dwight” said Julian as he rubs their bodies together,“Come for me loudly..I know you have a good voice” as he brings his hand down to increase the friction, rubbing along the hard bulge straining against Dwight’s slacks.

“But the others..” choked Dwight as Julian moved his tongue skill fully along side of his throat, finding all the secret place that turned him into goo.

“Forget about others you know you want too..” as Dwight bucked up into him and his hands..as Julian ground their bodies together

“I’m ..so close” choked Dwight as he pushed Julian’s hands fully on to him

“I know baby…me to”

And a few hard long strokes later "Oohhh Holy Casteil!!“ screamed Dwight as Julian looked down him "Seriously Casteil, next time try Julian or Diva”