dwts: s17

summer seventeen

grab your bag and go!! remember your notebook and your keys and your camera and your swiss army knife cos we’re going places. we were naked all the time. halo sun. finding new fields and forests to explore. picnics with bread and strawberries and mango and peaches. pressing flowers. microwave s’mores every midnight. no sleep! cutting hair with safety scissors. parties at empty houses. sticky hands. girls dancing in circles. seeing fairies sensing ghosts. boys with warm skin and kind smiles. white butterflies. sun dressed and sun dazed. eating wild berries. i’m poison ivy ridden bug bitten and bruised so she makes me potions and sigils. running through field with flowers in her hand. biking everywhere! biking home at dusk right after it rained. biking through the neighborhood with all of them like kids from 80s films. he said he was waiting to be struck by lightning while i run through a storm to avoid it. dancing to love songs and making love on the roof outside my window. disco roller rinks. watching the moon cross the sun. climbing onto the roof of the french school to look at the stars. she sings to me under a shooting star heaven. good luck charms. staying up and sneaking out to fall asleep naked and intwined. goodcrying. she said softly you’re an angel as i drifted into sleep. we made a deal with the universe and it followed through. i was on time when my stars aligned


beautiful and cruel gen aka @malebimbos tagged me in this impossible meme. my aesthetic in 9 pics already on my phone. mostly things from spring break since this phone’s new

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