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Thoughts on the SVU premiere


No but.

Sonny is still trying to get Barba’s approval, except he seems less eager about it, more casual. Sure, he still talks about the legal aspects of a case, and he still uses fancy words like ‘hubris’ when he’s alone with around Barba. But his new method of getting in Barba’s pants good graces is solid detective work (looking into the Swiss girl, coming up with the ‘dressed as a woman’ theory), and the counselor clearly approves.

Also, Sonny has moved on from silent scoffing and eye-rolls. He talks back to Barba without hesitation. Because the law is one thing, and he defers to Barba there, but Sonny knows he’s right when it comes to police work, and he will make damn sure that Barba knows it too.

And Barba does know it. He even says, again, “Carisi’s right”, and he still sounds like a dick exasperated, but he also sounds resigned to the fact Sonny is a good cop. Barba sounds like he knows he should probably stop treating Carisi like a law student and start treating him like a detective.

The funny thing is, Sonny is also going out of his way to give his own approval to Barba. Which, lol. As if Barba needs it. Or wants it.

But! Barba actually accepts Sonny’s praise.

In the elevator, Sonny is being supportive after a tough day, all “don’t worry counselor, you did great, you got this”. Barba is doubtful of that, with good reason, but he doesn’t stop Sonny. He doesn’t say or do anything to suggest Sonny’s compliment is unwelcome. He just sighs and lets Sonny yammer on about the case, he lets Sonny say things Barba himself already knows, without once being rude or snarky or dismissive. Instead, he shares his anxiety with Sonny (“something’s coming”), and then he agrees with Sonny’s comforting conclusion, because he hopes Sonny is right.

Except Sonny is wrong, they’re both wrong. And you can tell me Barba kept looking back at Benson when the M.E. took the stand but he was totally looking at Carisi.

Shipper goggles on: (because they were off before, haha, good one)

Personally, I got the feeling Barba could use a few kind words, because this case was really hard on him. Sonny could see that, from the start, from “somebody needs a vacation”. And Sonny is a sweetheart, so he thought he’d be nice to Barba, he thought he’d compliment Barba’s work, more than once, to give Barba some reassurance.

Even when Barba was getting pummeled, Sonny lied said “you got some good ones in!”. Which is the sweetest thing, and so Sonny it hurts. And Barba was like “ugh no I sucked”, which is so Barba it hurts.

And in the elevator scene, I got the feeling Barba indulged himself; he let Sonny tell him everything was going to turn out fine, because that’s what he needed to hear. Barba let Sonny make him feel better. And that’s all Sonny was trying to do with his little compliments, that’s all Sonny wanted. Which is so Barisi it hurts.

Seriously they complement each other so much as characters, even platonically but also sexually, and I love it.

Sonny stray thoughts:

Sonny ‘read’ Barba, as I said above, and he tried to help. He saw the object of his affection a colleague in need, he saw a sexy colleague feeling stressed out, and he offered comfort via reassuring words and compliments.

Sonny also ‘read’ Rollins. He noticed something was off from the start, and then he realized, and then he was all ‘have a ginger ale, wink wink, nudge nudge’, because he’s precious. And then he subtly brought it up, and Rollins opened up (oh, and she said the baby wasn’t Amaro’s, which confirms that she knew that Carisi knew about them). The best part? Sonny didn’t assume anything, nor did he judge; he just asked Rollins what she wanted to do, and then he offered advice.Sonny really is insightful, and I love it when the show lets us see that. We see it in the cases too, when Sonny’s instincts are usually spot on, but it’s especially great to see it in his relationships with the other characters.



Está dentro de todos nosotros. Durmiendo. Esperando. Y aun sin desearlo, sin pedirlo, se desata. Abre sus fauces y aúlla. Nos habla. Nos guía. La pasión nos gobierna a todos y nosotros obedecemos. ¡Qué remedio nos queda!
La pasión es la fuente de nuestros mejores momentos: la alegría de vivir, la claridad del odio y el éxtasis del dolor. A veces duele más de lo que podemos soportar. Si pudiéramos vivir sin pasión, tal vez encontraríamos algo de paz, pero estaríamos vacíos. Habitaciones vacías, destartaladas y húmedas. Sin pasión, estaríamos realmente muertos.

More thoughts on the SVU premiere and Sonny

I was just thinking, the premiere had Rollins and Yates ‘bonding’. We saw that Rollins can get into the heads of those creepy monsters, and Fin explicitly warned her not to let them get into her head. It was somewhat ominous, like Rollins knows she has a darkness inside her and that’s how she can relate to the killers.

But Sonny also bonded with Rudnik. In his own way. Sonny pretty much said:

Aw, that murderer was kinda fun to hang out with, I’m gonna miss him :D

Like, how cute is Sonny?

The way he relates to a killer is by basically blocking out the ‘killer’ part and focusing on, like, their sense of humour. I don’t know if it’s the fact Sonny is not jaded yet, or the fact he’s inherently kind, but that was sort of hilarious and also very telling. 

The premiere had some great characterisation for Sonny, and some great moments between him and the other characters (Rollins and Barba especially), I really felt the character dynamics were spot on.

Also, Sonny’s goofier moments were about him giving Benson the unnecessary history lesson or playing with his apps (both hilarious and both very Sonny things to do) or messing with Rollins. Those moments show us Sonny is quirky, but don’t paint him as incompetent. Not to mention, he was really on point in terms of the case. That’s how I like to see Sonny. Let’s hope this type of characterisation continues.


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