Lets face it. I loved everyone’s freestlye(yup even Amber and Derrick) but this right here was just EVERYTHING #encoreCorbin


I loved their dance but the one thing I loved more,like Val was Kelly Kapowski. Lmao. Tony’s face at the end though😂Oh Val. You’re so cute.


Peta caught on her phone during DWTS. 📱😂

For good luck I believe

Is no one disusing the fact Val spit on the middle of the floor on live TV? I know that he spit during rehearsal one week with Zendaya, but that wasn’t live and you couldn’t really see it (though you know what he did). This was live and no way in the world you might think it was something else, LOL. And oddly enough Elizabeth didn’t seem bothered by it. Nor did Zendaya when it happened with her. Which leads me to think he does it a lot.