TOP VALDAYA MOMENTS of 2013: #3 "I love you so much…"

#3: “I love you so much…with all my heart”

DWTS season 17 was upon us on 9/4/13 with the announcement of the new celebs and partners. We were all slightly apprehensive, not only for a new season for Val but what would become of Valdaya? AWESOMENESS IS WHAT! The day his NEW partnership is announced and what does he do? Spread Valdaya love everywhere:

He received much support that day and he immediately tweeted Z. Let’s also discussed how she was in Canada at the time…she woke up 5 am local time to watch the announcement. Big bro my arse. 

TOP VALDAYA MOMENTS of 2013: #5 Zendaya surprises Chmerkley at rehearsal

#5: Zendaya surprises Team Chmerkley at their Argentine Tango rehearsal

When the DWTS season 17 partners were announced we got some incredible tweets between Valdaya (more on that later) and one thing Val said to Zendaya was that she was going to need her to come in a help with hip-hop and the Argentine Tago. Hip-hop we understood, but the Argentine Tango? Hmmmm…would she? Would we hear about it? What do you think?

CREDIT FOR GIF: valchmerkovskiy.tumblr.com (Eastern Europimpin’)

How freakin’ adorable is she? She brought him food and a care package because she knows he won’t take care of himself and she has to do it for him. Melt. 

Can we talk about how Val tweeted this AFTER she came to visit? Slick. 


Lets face it. I loved everyone’s freestlye(yup even Amber and Derrick) but this right here was just EVERYTHING #encoreCorbin

I felt either Corbin or Amber deserved it. So I’m not upset or annoyed. While last season I thought that Kellie didn’t deserve it so I was annoyed.

That’s the difference for me. And as I was telling my hubby … Season 16 felt like a win for Derek. Season 17 felt like a win for his partner. If that makes any sense.

Of course as a Valdaya fan and a Val supporter in general I’m suppose to be throwing a fit writing angry posts, tweets, etc over this. Excuse my language but fuck that. Of course be mad if you want, you have EVERY right, just don’t except me to jump in.

To each their own. I got better things in life to fret over. And fretting over and having angry thoughts over one season is more than enough for me!

Original rankings came from when cast first announced
Edited rankings came from after first episode aired
Actual…well duh on that!

And for my comments/remarks basing on edited rankings only ;-)

Keyshawn & Sharna
Originally: 5th - Edited: 12th - Actual: 12th (I got it right!)
Bill N. & Tyne
Originally: 11th - Edited: 9th - Actual: 11th (Did -2 worse)
Valerie & Tristian
Originally: 8th - Edited: 7th - Actual: 10th (Did -3 worse)
Christina & Mark
Originally: 2nd - Edited: 4th - Actual: 9th (Did -5 worse)
Nicole & Sasha
Originally: 6th - Edited: 5th - Actual: 8th (Did -3 worse)
Brant & Peta
Originally: 7th - Edited: 8th - Actual: 7th (Did +1 better)
Elizabeth & Val
Originally: 1st - Edited: 1st - Actual: 6th (Did -5 worse)
Leah & Tony
Originally: 10th - Edited: 10th - Actual: 5th (Did +5 better)
Bill E. & Emma
Originally: 12th - Edited: 11th - Actual: 4th (Did +7 better)
Jack & Cheryl
Originally: 9th - Edited: 6th - Actual: 3rd (Did +3 better)
Corbin & Karina
Originally: 4th - Edited: 2nd - Actual: 2nd (I got it right!)
Amber & Derek
Originally: 3rd - Edited: 3rd - Actual: 1st (Did +2 better)