Lets face it. I loved everyone’s freestlye(yup even Amber and Derrick) but this right here was just EVERYTHING #encoreCorbin


I loved their dance but the one thing I loved more,like Val was Kelly Kapowski. Lmao. Tony’s face at the end though😂Oh Val. You’re so cute.

For good luck I believe

Is no one disusing the fact Val spit on the middle of the floor on live TV? I know that he spit during rehearsal one week with Zendaya, but that wasn’t live and you couldn’t really see it (though you know what he did). This was live and no way in the world you might think it was something else, LOL. And oddly enough Elizabeth didn’t seem bothered by it. Nor did Zendaya when it happened with her. Which leads me to think he does it a lot.

People either love and think Elizabeth Berkley will do great or hate her and think she’ll do horrible.  I literally read two posts in a row one saying she’ll be out by week 3 and the other saying she’s winning LOL.  There seems to be no in between with her and the fans.

I think Zendaya and her Zswagger’s will help them get votes.  They love Zendaya, they do as she asks, and we know damn well she’ll be twitting love and support each week and asking/begging people to vote for them. Though Corbin is a Disney Star I do think the majority of her fans (especially the young ones) are a tad after the HSM days and won’t feel a connection to him.  Not to say he won’t have a support group just not from the Zswagger’s.

At what point did Val’s partner’s get the bracelets?   I think Elizabeth not wearing one could easily be she hasn’t received it/them yet.  I really doubt it’s because of his love for Zendaya.  Or Elizabeth may not like bracelets  I personally hate them and NEVER wear them.