Meghan gets thrill from Valentin Chmerkovskiy of Dancing With The Stars

Emma and Alan did a Paso Doblé that blew the night out of the water.

Alan is such a masculine dancer already and he did not disappoint with this dance. The Paso is so powerful and full of sharp hits.

This is the best dance to watch Emma do because she hits such beautiful lines! Emma has amazing, long arms and it makes this dance so beautiful.


Meghan and Val dancing for the second time. 


anonymous asked:

Please do Valenna on DWTS in red room..

I got the idea for this from this video. I hope it’s close to what you were wanting.


It’s the first night of season 20 and Val is up in the red room, waiting to go. He is pacing around the room worried about how tonight will go. He is acting calm around Rumer so that she doesn’t freak out. She is getting her make up done so he is off on his own. He looks around the room and finally sees who he is looking for. He makes his way over to her and stands there, waiting for her to spot him in the mirror.
Jenna is looking down at her phone, waiting for her hair to be done. She sees movement in her mirror and looks up to see Val pacing around behind her.
“Val” she calls out reaching back for him. She touches his shoulder and taps him. He turns back and comes over to her as she is pulling him to her. He leans down and puts his ear by her mouth so he can hear her better.
“Calm down baby. You are going to do great tonight. You and Rumer are great together. Take a breath and calm down. Here take a drink” she says and reaches for her drink. She brings it to his mouth and he drinks from the straw while she holds it.
He makes a face at her while he drinks and she smirks back at him. When he is done she puts it back down on the counter. Val is still looking all over the room, looking worried. He turns back to her.
“I need to get out of here.”
“You are done Jenna. Good to go” the lady doing her hair says.
Jenna smiles and winks at Val in the mirror. She stands up and makes her way around the chair, grabbing her drink along the way. Val comes closer to her and says
“Meet me in our spot.” He then squeezes past her and starts to make her way to their spot outside of the red room, close to practice room. They know there are no cameras there.
Jenna says hi to Sasha and they talk for a few seconds before she makes her way to their spot.
Val is there when she gets there, sitting on the floor, head in his hands. She slides down the wall and sits next to him, putting a hand on his back. He leans into her.
“Why are you so worried tonight?”
“She is a good dancer. We could… I don’t want to mess anything up.”
“Val, you won’t. You guys are going to do great. Take a breath Val.” He takes a breath but keeps his head down. “Val, baby, look at me.” He looks up. “You are going to do great.” She leans over and kisses him. He slowly kisses back. She keeps kissing him until she feels him relax. She then pulls back and rests her forehead on his.
“Thank you Jenna. I feel better now.”
“Good. It’s time to go back to the red room.” She stands up and extends her hand to him, helping her stand. They hold hands up until they know they are about to be on camera. Jenna lets go and walks in first. Val waits a little while and then walks in and finds Rumer so they can get ready to dance.