dwts fam


#TeamSharnick being awesome teammates to #TeamValentay during that stressful show last week.

The moment of the night came from the passionate partnership of Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis. Her Argentine tango was sublime and pitched perfectly–there’s not much to say about it because it was obvious perfection. But her freestyle was something I will never forget. Dance in it’s truest form is always about expression. It’s about honesty and passion and it can be subtle yet powerful. There was a beautiful vulnerability to that dance, a simplistic approach that revealed itself as flawless. It was indeed divinity in motion. Whatever power you believe in, it was evidenced by that performance. It’s like watching a simple sunset, it’s so simple…the sun slowly moves to the horizon and disappears into it. Not much is going on, but within that moment, a lifetime of emotions and dreams happen. That is what it felt like to watch their incredible freestyle, so kudos to Maks for having the courage to go so plain, to trust their partnership and abilities to expose them, and to express them so purely. It is now my favorite dance of all 18 seasons…”unforgettable” as Nat King Colewould say.
—  Carrie Ann Inaba