dwts fam


In honor of week 3 being last week, and tonight being most memorable year! This dance was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.. but all their dances are basically perfect tbh

Lets just recap a bit in case anyone forgot..

Holding hands all cute before the package
Her memorable year being so cute but then the dance low key seemed about them:)
Meryl and Maks looking gorgeous
Meryl’s dress and hair
THE SONG CHOICE (forever love it)
Lindsay Sterling being amazing 
The opening of the dance was already perfect
Carrie Ann crying at one of many dances of theirs
Bruno- “Irresistibly romantic…It was like watching a love story developing in front of your eyes…*praises her technique on wk 3 & Maks choreo*
CAI- *talks about crying bc it was so beautiful* “The choreography between you, the chemistry between you, the partnership… it took my breath away, it gave me goosebumps… you are phenomenal”
Len- *talks about how he loved it but gave them a 9 but it’s all good* “I tell ya, Meryl & Maks, MnM, sweet and delicious, well done”
Maks twirling Meryl

Scores- 10, 9, 10, 10
Still the best couple (and champs) to have graced the dance floor in dwts history in my opinion…

petamurgatroyd This moment I will cherish for the rest of my life 🎉🎉🎉 This is my family, these people running onto the stage have given me the love and strength throughout this incredible season! You have been family from the very beginning my friend @nyledimarco and I love you with everything in me. THANK YOU to the fans who voted countless times to make us your champions….Nyle is so deserving and we can’t thank you enough for the endless support and love 😘😘😘

I am not in the tag...or am I? Here have it anyway 😏

“Thank you for the facetime Z.”

“Anytime Val.”

“Are you up for lunch? I am free actually.”

“Sure! Fratelli?”

“Like always.”

“I will see you there shortly.”

Val said goodbye to the dwts fam and made his way to the cafe.

He said hi to his friends and waited for Zendaya to arrive.

He didn’t have to wait long until he was greeted by her huge smile.


She said cheerfully.

Val stood up and hugged her.

“God I am so glad you called I was starving.”

He chuckled. “You want the usual?”

“You know it and fries! Double.”

She grinned.

Val nodded and went to make an order to his friend.

When he came back to the table he knew there was something going on through Zendaya’s head.

Before he had chance to ask her she already started talking.

“So I’ve been thinking.”

“Uh-hu that’s never a good thing.”

Val joked and Zendaya showed him her tongue.

“Anyway as I was saying. Tonight Deja is performing at this club and I was wondering if…if you would like to go with me.”

She looked at him while lightly biting her lip.

“With you?”

“Yeah. Picking me up and all that stuff.”

She wasn’t asking the actual question but Val could hear it.

“You could check my crib later or we would go grab something to eat.”

“You know that sounds awfully like a date.”

“I know. I…you know Dom might come later as well and I want to support my sister.”


“And I want to spend that night with you.”

A little smirk appeared on Val’s face.

“Not night as night as whole night I mean not that I would mind…I mean.”

“Z, why are you so nervous?”

“I dont know.”

“I will pick you up we will enjoy the show then we will hang out with girls and later you will show me your place. Does that sound good?”


“And we dont have to call it a date, we dont have to put any label. We want to see each other and we will.”


“But for the future let me ask you on a date first.” He winked at her.

Zendaya blushed.

Date or not they are going to spend time together and thats all that mattered

The moment of the night came from the passionate partnership of Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis. Her Argentine tango was sublime and pitched perfectly–there’s not much to say about it because it was obvious perfection. But her freestyle was something I will never forget. Dance in it’s truest form is always about expression. It’s about honesty and passion and it can be subtle yet powerful. There was a beautiful vulnerability to that dance, a simplistic approach that revealed itself as flawless. It was indeed divinity in motion. Whatever power you believe in, it was evidenced by that performance. It’s like watching a simple sunset, it’s so simple…the sun slowly moves to the horizon and disappears into it. Not much is going on, but within that moment, a lifetime of emotions and dreams happen. That is what it felt like to watch their incredible freestyle, so kudos to Maks for having the courage to go so plain, to trust their partnership and abilities to expose them, and to express them so purely. It is now my favorite dance of all 18 seasons…”unforgettable” as Nat King Colewould say.
—  Carrie Ann Inaba