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@GMA WATCH: Behind the scenes of @DancingABC Season 24 with #DWTS alum and champ @alfonso_ribeiro! #DWTS premieres TONIGHT on ABC!

Reminder --- Support our girl Normani tomorrow!

Hey everyone just wanted to make a quick post to remind everyone that we have two ways to support Normani tomorrow.

The first, is on ELLEN!! Normani and Val will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow to perform and chat about DWTS. Make sure to tune in!

The second is as always, on Dancing With The Stars! We have to continue to vote for #TeamValmani so we can see them in the finals and holding that mirrorball! There are only 3 weeks left in the competition so every single vote counts. I will post the voting info tomorrow like I do every Monday. 😊

Normani and Val will dance twice, once as a couple doing a contemporary. And another time doing a jive as a trio, with Alan from the troupe!

anonymous asked:

I should have seen it coming. Of course ABC/DWTS would pull us in for views, it's something they would do tbh. This shit is fucking stupid. ValMani are the real winners here. When I woke up a couple minutes ago and saw the results I yelled. We voted our asses off for them just for them to be 3rd place? No honey, I saw people post the points they got. They got the most points. This shit is more rigged than the fucking claw machine at Chuck E. Cheese.

Hahaha I laugh with the Chuck E Cheese thing lol 😂 and yes they used us 😡