Madame Vastra

I fall over now. 

“ I can sculpt fast? I can sculpt a two part head prosthetic and full face in a week yeah? And mold each separately, and clean them and to a test/clean out cast (pull- because you literally pull them out…technical jargon right there) and the actual wearable piece.”

“And I can make a venue safe katana and sheath yeah?”

Oh and that is my authentically patterns and assembled c1890s hunting outfit :) One of my simpler but really clean works :)

And Maleficent bootcovers over Docs. So happy I went for them and not high heels. Let me get close to kids because oh boy did a lot of people like her :)

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The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular tour has launched, celebrating the music of the world’s longest running science fiction TV series. The tour takes place this week in six cities across the UK and will be coming to New York with Michelle Gomez this October! 

Here’s some photos from the tour so far, click each one for a description. 


Matt Smith introduces the Doctor Who Symphonic @ the Sydney Opera House

Oh, and there’s this one. She’s just signing stuff, as if she’s not ruining lives simply  by breathing, as if she didn’t basically walk back in to the Opera House with my heart, several other peoples hearts and a whole lot of fangirl feels trailing after her screaming out ‘LET US LOVE YOU’. Nope. She’s just signing stuff.


Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Sydney -*taken on iPhone4, 16 December 2012, 1900

This playlist includes: Brianosaurus, Abigail’s Song, The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe, Battle In The Skies, The Wedding Of River Song, The Final Chapter Of Amelia Pond, Murray’s speech, Song Of Freedom and the Doctor Who Theme.


For a review of the performance, click here.


To whoever decided that Ben needs to tussle with the daleks in every performance, I want to convey my gratitude forever.

Except wow I think he actually hurt himself on accident in this one. Oh Ben.



Today, we had broadcasting at DWSS. Our score is 93 and we’re happy we passed. I so miss this and we went to Magic 89.9. Actually, I was shocked due to another station was there, the 103.5 I forgot the entire station. Pardon me for that. Also, I took selfie with Riki Flo and DJ Andi. Hart hart.