Doctor Who Series 8. First set pics of Peter Capaldi    

by Simon Watkins

Doctor Who 8x01

HQ video of 12 and Clara’s scene from today.

Even shows real footage of Capaldi at the end!


So uh guys, it happened again! :D :D And Jenna was there too and they signed my book and they were both incredible and basically I just spent my entire day watching live Doctor Who!! :D They were both wonderful and it was amazing and I am so lucky, Peter Capaldi is so great he kept coming over and the security practically had to drag him away from the fans and he always promised he’d come back and he did, he was there for like an hour after he was done making sure that everyone who wanted to meet him did and Jenna was lovely too and it’s been such an brilliant day I can’t even put into words how great it is! :D I can’t wait for series nine I know it’ll be amazing! :D


ShowDoctor Who
Location: Mt Stuart Square, Cardiff, Wales
Date: January 13th, 2014

Rain and cold again on Who set.. and a certain dude riding a fake horse wearing nothing else (?) but a nightgown. The first photo is of his first appearance to our little group of fans. He waved to us all like a proper hero, then hopped off the horse and came to say hi to everyone. He kept doing it after every take, making sure everyone got a photo if they wanted one.

We repeat what we said earlier: he’s charming and very nice to the fans.

PS: The guy riding the actual horse is his stunt.
PPS: Peter rode the horse too and said he’s “afraid of that horse and the horse knows it”.
PPPS: The nightgown is not the Doctor’s new outfit.