dws6: the impossible astronaut


Apart from being absolutely visually stunning, The Impossible Astronaut is possibly the best series opener ever, it’s just so solid, and introduces us to the wonderful Canton, who really should have returned at some point in Matt’s tenure as the Doctor. The Doctor’s death scene is one of the most shocking and beautiful scenes the show has produced, I just love it!!

Don’t think about the Diner’s presence in “The Impossible Astronaut”

Don’t think about Clara seeing still-alive River, not-yet-an-author Amy, and the two Elevens… One looking absurdly young, younger than she’s ever seen him, one not too far away from when she first encountered him in person (though those 300 years he was Eleven pre-Trenzalore were basically like the minute difference between your early 20s and 30s)… 

Don’t think about Clara marvelling at how innocent he looks compared to later. 

Don’t think about Ashildr reminding her that she can’t interfere too much. 

Don’t think of him inexplicably finding a pile of dry clothes after unshrinking himself from the remains of the Tessalecta. 

Don’t think about this perhaps being Clara’s way of taking one last good look at him before going to Gallifrey. 

Don’t think of Clara picking up on Amy’s accent and realizing, “Oh, that’s why.”, and going to the control room with a sad but content smile on her face as she remembers Twelve. 

I will never get over the future!Doctor meeting up with the Ponds in The Impossible Astronaut:

“And you’ve put on a couple of pounds, I wasn’t going to mention!” AKA: Yeah well you’re pregnant y'big ginge so don’t call me old

“Ohhhh, a lot more happened in ‘69 than anyone remembers.” AKA: NO ONE REMEMBERS ME PUTTING THAT VIDEO OF THE SILENCE IN BETWEEN CLIPS OF THE MOON LANDING. Because…the memory thing.

And I just can’t get over how WRECKED he looks when Amy sees a Silent and then forgets for the first time because he knoooooows.

My Reaction to “The Impossible Astronaut”
  • “Some planet called America” is a very accurate description of America right now
  • Love the lighting!
  • Who’s Jim the Fish?
  • He’s [Eleven] so cute when he smiles!
  • Where are they at in America?
  • What?
  • Helloo, who’s this?
  • What?
  • That’s not… an ordinary… spacesuit…
  • WHAT?!?!?
  • What NO NO NO!  We have a season and some special episodes to go!
  • To interrupt the somber mood, I have Amy’s shirt.
  • But which was killed, the master or the apprentice?
  • Who is that?
  • Why do I recognize that restaurant?
  • OK, he deserved that.
    • His reaction is pretty much equivalent to Negan going “I am about 50% more into you now.”
    • Eleven is into some weird shit
  • Um yes, everyone is cross with you.
  • *best dad voice from “Red Dawn* AVENGE ME!!
  • He’s got comfy chairs!
    • It’s American Fergus Macleod (sp?)
  • Hello!
  • Move!
  • “I hate you.”  “No you don’t!”
  • Guys, you know what this means?  THE KING OF HELL HAS THE PHONE BOX!
  • Americans don’t have jammy dodgers, honey.  We have fig newtons.
  • Whoa…
  • WHOAA…
  • It’s the Silence!
  • That does look like Star Trek
  • Yay, she’s smart!
  • Where’s its mouth?
  • Wait, so which Founding Fathers fancied him?
    • Oh the Doctor would love “Hamilton!”
  • Guys, is this really the time to flirt?
  • My sister:  Well he [Canton] caught on pretty quick. 
    • Me:  He’s a demon.
  • *sing song* LOVE-LY!
  • Pretty much this whole time, Eleven has been in that weird post-sex glee.
    • He’s like “Yeah, I totally did the do.  U mad bro?”
  • It’s like the Vampire Things from “I Am Legend”
  • DIE-NAH-SAHS!  Wait, wrong season.
  • *cue impression of Morley from TCW*  I brought the leftovers!
  • OK, so apparently Steven Moffat based the appearance of the Silence off of “The Scream” painting… and it shows.
  • He’s [Canton] got a little cricket gun!
  • Hellloooo…..