400-500 people a week have to give their mobilty vehicles back under government cuts to disabled
Up to 500 disabled people every week have had to give back the vehicles that help them stay independent because of a new tough benefits rule. The Government "Motability" scheme allows disabled people to lease mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and cars.

To qualify for a vehicle under the new Personal Independent Payments (Pip) system, a person must not be able to walk for 20 metres. This is less than half the 50-metre limit the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) enforced previously.

By the end of 2016, 35,000 are expected to have lost their vehicles over the course of the year.

“This is having a devastating effect on quality of life and levels of independence,” the report said.

Almost 40 per cent of the 300 people with muscle-wasting conditions the charity surveyed in 2015 had delays while applying for benefits, resulting in more than 30 per cent experiencing financial hardship.

One in five had to wait more than six months for an appointment to assess their eligibility for benefits.

A third of respondents felt they were not treated with dignity by their assessors.

“Having a progressive illness is difficult enough without being treated as though you are exaggerating. I struggled not to sink into deep depression,” Joyce Matthews, who has myotonic dystrophy, told researchers.

It’s like they have no idea what disability actually entails. Just because someone can walk 20 metres on one day doesn’t mean that they can walk 20 metres the next day. And even if someone can walk 20 metres a day, that’s not exactly a huge amount. That doesn’t mean that someone can make it to the nearest bus stop, or even out their front door.

I’m so sick of Governments that try to cut costs from the most vulnerable people in their society. On a Government budget, cutting a few billion (in this case 4.4 billion) is a fraction. It’s nothing, it’ll make virtually no difference to the deficit. But to the people it affects, it’s everything. People are literally killing themselves over this. People can’t afford to eat. People can’t afford to live.

Sue Carls' Fire Fund by Tank Watts - GoFundMe

A friend of ours just had a devastating fire at her home. She’s known on the DWP and Janeway/Seven community as Beachbum and she’s a great writer who’s written lots of great stuff we’ve all enjoyed. If she’s made you smile and you’re in any position to donate a little bit to keep her on her feet during this tragic time, I would really appreciate it.

i mean, corbyn was clearly unwise to exaggerate re available seats on the train but isn’t it illegal for virgin trains to release cctv footage to the press + public? i am yet to see this mentioned in any article. it is clearly in branson’s interests to discredit corbyn, who wants to claim back the nhs and trains from companies like virgin.

1 man’s deception over sitting on the floor of a train seems to generate as much outrage + press coverage as an entire government that privatises public services, is actively running the NHS into the ground, gave tax cuts to the wealthy, slashed benefits, oversaw a DWP regime which caused hundreds-thousands of deaths and millions more to suffer, sold our public assets at a knock down rate for their friends + significantly increased tuition fees.

Inside the "sweatshop" terminally ill Britons must call to get benefits

An anonymous phone-bank worker at Britain’s Department of Work and Pensions describes the cruel system under which call are handled, designed to purge the faintest hint of sympathy and to likewise deny callers access to basic, vital information without which their benefits will not be approved, or can be terminated. The DWP is who you call if you’ve been widowed and need help caring for your children, or when you get a cancer diagnosis, or when your organs fail.

According to the author, the target time for each call is 23 minutes. Lurking managers listening in on the line will discipline (and eventually fire) workers who allow any of that time to be taken up by callers’ weeping. They must not allow callers to recount the circumstances of their illness or bereavement, and must instead channel them into yes/no questions.

But these questions do not actually help the callers receive benefits. Instead, they deliberately omit information – like what “special rules from your doctor” means, or submitting regular “fit notes” signed by your doctor – that is necessary to get and stay on benefits, and employees who break the script to reveal this information also face discipline and termination.

The DWP has been a political football since the first days of the Tory-led coalition government in 2010, the symbol of how the government rewards “shirking” and “dependency.” Part of the agency’s work was privatised and given over to the French mega-corp Atos to run: under this regime, the DWP has become a never-ending fountain of horrible stories aboutprofoundly disabled, comatose and even dead people who were found to be fit for work and denied benefits.

But you don’t have to work for a private contractor to find yourself administering official cruelty that’s one part Ayn Rand, one part Franz Kafka. And now, with a Poundshop Margaret Thatcher minus the charm running the country, it will get much more cruel.


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Alrighty, I'm super curious on everyone's favorite songs so let's spread some music around the world! tell us five songs you listened to last + 5 songs you listen to most and send this message (anon or not) to your 10 favorite blogs! have a musical day!~ ♡ (from dwp anon)


last five i’ve listened to:

  1. owol, “good morning”
  2. live, sik-k, punchnello, owen ovadoz, flowsik, “eung freestyle”
  3. karmin, “panda (remix)”
  4. michelle branch, “tuesday morning”
  5. enrique iglesias, “dimelo”

five songs i listen to most:

  1. tori amos, “winter”
  2. the cure, “just like heaven”
  3. the goo goo dolls, “iris”
  4. something corporate, “konstantine”
  5. brand new, “degausser”

those motherfuckers cancelled my appointment just now. it was in four hours’ time. they’re going to send a new appointment date out by letter. so great i spent weeks being anxious about this culimating in a complete fucking day-long panic attack yesterday and now I GO THROUGH IT ALL AgAIN

plus the new date could be after i’m supposed to leave to visit @pikestaff but having just checked at least i can get a refund from Air France and thanks to the weak pound, rebooking wouldn’t be more expensive. so that would be in “massive pain in the ass” territory than “i am actually fucked” but i’m still super salty.

this can’t be fucking legal my disability is in part literally my inability to handle situations like this i am so angry and anxious i feel like I’m gonna throw up.

Commissions needed.

So I just graduated and things are not going smoothly at all. I am looking for a job and my application to the DWP is taking the piss at this point.

So I’m going to throw up commissions in the hope of just doing something to make the situation better. 

Paypal is preferred.

Will do homestuck, fantrolls, fanspecies etc but not NSFW stuff.

Sketches: £2.50 

Headshots: £5.00

Shoulder/Waist shots: £7.50

Full body shots: £10.00

got three letters today from the dwp saying my benefits are being stopped and i have no idea why. i read them all thoroughly and i know my reading comprehension is not what it used to be but it’s not gone that bad

they’ve been stopped from the end of june … why am i only being told now, two months later. two months i’ve been patiently waiting for my esa to get paid into my account, knowing that the government is poorly organised and late with payments. not chasing them up because they are just like this sometimes. and now this lmao.

i hate this and i honestly want to just fucking lie down and get absorbed by the earth i cannot handle jumping through any more bureaucratic hoops just to survive

I'm a DWP call handler and have no time to care about your disability claim
When you cry down the phone I feel like crying too, but if I speak to you for longer than 23 minutes and go off-script I risk losing my job
By Anonymous

This is a public service, it should be run with the aim of helping people, not to hit arbitrary targets…targets which inherently act to hinder people claiming money they are completely entitled to and NEED. The only reason to run the service like this is to prevent people with legitimate claims from getting the money they deserve and it is demoralising and dehumanising to both staff and claimants and it needs to stop now.