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Dwight fell back against the sheets, his entire body trembling and spent. That was by far the most rigorous exorcism he had ever done. He pushed his sore, naked body up to sit against the pillows of the disheveled bed. It had been a tough battle but... he would have to consider it a success. Dwight had never seen Logan as at peace as he was now. Dozing next to him, Logan was relaxed and serene. Dwight let himself run his fingers up the length of Logan's neck. He couldn't detect any demons at all

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Dwight couldn't bear having his power taken away like this, being helplessly tied to the posts of the bed, splayed out bare for this gold demon to see. "Your body seems to love it though." Dwight simpered as those fingers trailed down his body, blood pulsing south of his navel. Logan's tongue was trailing upwards though, gracing his abdomen, chest, and then neck with small bites. Each ended in a kiss. "Demon." Dwight hissed. "That's right. You've been bitten, poisoned, and there's no cure."


you broke me.

I broke.

I love you. So much. All the much. Forever and always.