Sunday Comin’ Down Playlist
This Sunday’s Comin’ Down Playlist features tracks from Ibeyi, Drake, Rosie Lowe + more. Be sure to get your listening in before we cook up next week’s playlist and follow us on Spotify!

Happy chilaxin’ <3

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We’ve heard plenty of The 1975 covers this year. Hands down, this is one of our favorites. Instead of the upbeat tune we all know, DWNTWN has managed to give ’Chocolate’ a lovely ambient makeover.


Chill music for a not so chill summer. Listen to & enjoy while 8+ hours of music while relaxing on the beach, at bonfires, after-parties, long drives, etc. Although the genre is mostly electronic, I also threw in a few alternative/indie songs. Good study music as well, but let’s not think of that quite yet :) Artists include Shlohmo, Clams Casino, The 1975, Kygo & Yinyues remixes, etc.

Enjoy this mix on my 8tracks here. :)

  1. btstu // jai paul
  2. leaf // clams casino
  3. all inside // bondax
  4. skin (four tet remix) // grimes
  5. cccxxv // suicideyear
  6. jasmine // jai paul
  7. follow (tom and laura misch) // laura emma misch
  8. mirror maru // cashmere cat
  9. sierra lift // blue hawaii
  10. hold on (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  11. still // jj
  12. wen uuu (evenings remix) // shlohmo
  13. stay // henry krinkle
  14. sapphire // bonobo
  15. the way u do (rl grime remix) // shlohmo
  16. in the moonlight (slow magic remix) // blithe field
  17. purple swag (jim-e stack bootleg) // a$ap rocky
  18. ?????? // avidd
  19. star eyes // flume
  20. i see fire (kygo remix) // ed sheeran
  21. waves (robin schulz bootleg) // mr probz
  22. boof // real cosby
  23. places // shlohmo
  24. luv u grl // xxyyxx
  25. stargazing (yinyues remix) // tinashe
  26. goddess // banks
  27. maluco // sango
  28. potato // yyshidd
  29. we were in love // ta-ku
  30. guuurl // lapalux
  31. ocean bed // zoo kid
  32. feel it all around // washed out
  33. i miss you // ta-ku
  34. smoke & mirrors // tokimonsta
  35. the stars // catching flies
  36. home (sina remix) // odesza
  37. alone // xxyyxx
  38. me & u (vill-ge bootleg remix) // cassie
  39. even though (feat. xxyyxx) // giraffage
  40. landfill (sizzlebird remix) // daughter
  41. langsette // letherette
  42. jade // mr carmack
  43. talking hearts // the stuyvesants
  44. nannou 2 // aphex twin
  45. rice rain // cashmere cat
  46. honey (oceaan remix) // swim deep
  47. on & on // snakehips
  48. all // blackbird blackbird
  49. say my name (cyril hahn remix) // destiny’s child
  50. girl // cleindl
  51. fall in love // flying lotus
  52. ♥ // baths
  53. no angels (feat. ella eyre) // bastille
  54. i’m god // clams casino
  55. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys
  56. intro // the xx
  57. stay forever // catching flies
  58. luxurious (lapalux remix) // gwen stefani
  59. the suburbs // arcade fire
  60. let your hair down // catching flies
  61. holocene // bon iver
  62. back to cali (yinyues remix) // the notorious b.i.g.
  63. kiara // bonobo
  64. 10 mile stereo // beach house
  65. numb (feat. rick ross) // cassie
  66. cigarettes and chocolate // chet faker
  67. west coast // coconut records
  68. marijuana // chrome sparks
  69. mornings // cleindl
  70. wings (shlohmo remix) // haerts
  71. flume // bon iver
  72. mi negrita (daniele di martino edit) // devendra banhart
  73. chillaxin’ by the sea // gramatik
  74. soon it will be cold enough to build fires // emancipator
  75. candles // daughter
  76. summer (feat. superhumanoids) // mmoths
  77. flotus // flying lotus
  78. bring you down (feat. george maple) // flume
  79. a candle’s fire // beirut
  80. changes (shlohmo remix) // lol boys
  81. massage situation // flying lotus
  82. blue spotted tail // fleet foxes
  83. u make me // lil sad
  84. youth // daughter
  85. feel real // deptford goth
  86. rivers and roads // the head and the heart
  87. the wilhelm scream // james blake
  88. far nearer // jamie xx
  89. islands is the limit // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  90. fuck u all the time (shlohmo remix) // jeremih
  91. move me // jhameel, dwntwn, & giraffage
  92. slow dancing in a burning room // john mayer
  93. at all // kaytranada
  94. fall creek boys choir // james blake & bon iver
  95. wait // m83
  96. silvia // miike snow
  97. something goes right (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  98. porcelain // moby
  99. darkest (dim) [feat. gavin turek] // tokimonsta
  100. the suburbs // mr little jeans
  101. so far to go (feat. common & d’angelo) // j dilla
  102. blue ridge mountains // fleet foxes
  103. when i’m small // phantogram
  104. stay inside (bear//face remix) // raleigh ritchie
  105. full hearts // real cosby
  106. open // rhye
  107. nirvana (tip’s promised land remix) // sam smith
  108. open air // lemolo
  109. mo stars mo problems // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  110. a baru in new york (feat. gurrumul) [flume remix] // yolanda be cool
  111. new slang // the shins
  112. blessa // toro y moi
  113. out of hand // shlohmo
  114. everything is embarrassing // skye ferreira
  115. on yr side // slow magic
  116. getting to know you // spazzkid
  117. isabella of castile // strfkr
  118. concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois // sufjan stevens
  119. while you dooooo // teebs
  120. be your girl (kaytranada edition) // teedra moses
  121. beautiful light // uppermost
  122. talamak // toro y moi
  123. habits // tove lo
  124. sunset // the xx
  125. afternoon // youth lagoon
  126. lullabies // yuna
  127. menswear // the 1975


COMEBACK KID - a Mello playlist

that boy's a holy horror. 
songs for the outlaw orphan with a loaded inferiority complex
and idol/mentor/daddy issues coming out of his leather-clad ass.

Art credit goes to the kickass Cparris

Comeback Kid || Sleigh Bells // White Palms || Black Rebel Motorcycle Club // Ride Or Die || HeartsRevolution // Unstoppable || Santigold // 2 1 2 || Azealia Banks // Cobrastyle || Robyn // Battling Go Go Yubari In Downtown L.A. || EdiT // Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood || The Animals // Chocolate || Dwntwn (The 1975 Cover) // Bravado || Lorde // The Prayer || Bloc Party // Turn Blue || The Black Keys // Falling || Haim // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want || Muse // Carry on Wayward Son || Kansas // Captain I’m Fine And Thank You For Everything || Right Away, Great Captain! // Won’t Go Quietly || Company Of Thieves

lost in your sound || [listen]
“i’ve always been drawn to that side of you. you put on a good-girl face, but inside you’re actually really distant. it makes me want to peel that good-girl skin off of you.”
(it’s a confession of love)

i. young  - vallis alps ii. panther  - made in heights iii. perfume - ji nilsson iv. take me to church - ellie goulding v. riptide - dwntwn vi. stillnes in woe - purity ring vii. compass - zella day viii. replay zendaya

The Convolution

Prompt 4 of 642: Tweet the plot of the original Star Wars

Castiel paused the game on his computer and heard complaints from his fellow questers in his headset that they were tired of him stopping and starting like he was a stick-shift noob.  He ignored them and leaned over to look at his cell phone.  He frowned when he saw it was just a Twitter notification.  He could have sworn he’d turned those off.  Or maybe he’d forgotten since he never got any notifications because he never tweeted and he only followed two minor celebrities.

Over the headset he could hear his friends screaming their heads off as they got overwhelmed without his aid.  They deserved it a little bit for always making him do the hard stuff (and spend the most money) anyway.  He tapped on his phone to open it.  He raised an eyebrow when he saw not only that someone had directly tweeted him, but at who it was as well.

Dean Winchester wasn’t exactly a friend.  He was someone he knew because they’d gone to school together all their lives, but they didn’t hang out.  The most time they’d spent together by the time they’d reached their senior year of high school was about a month ago when they’d had to work on a project together for class for a couple of weeks.  He didn’t even know Dean knew his Twitter handle.  Then again, Dean hadn’t tweeted only him.

@moondoorqueen @vampirate69 @icouldbewatchingTV @MrFizzles @VicHenTorSon @DrBadass @CuteAndKnifey READ NEXT TWEET!

Castiel raised an eyebrow.  Dean seemed to be tweeting all his friends, so why was Castiel on the list?  Had it been a mistake?  He waited to see if he sent another tweet, which would include him and prove it wasn’t a mistake, but nothing came through.  He returned to his game, but had a hard time concentrating because he kept glancing at his phone for a notification that didn’t appear to be coming.

Consumed by curiosity he grumbled and paused the game again—which resulted in his friends screaming that they were going to kick him out of the guild.  He opened the Twitter app to see if Dean had said anything else.  Sure enough he’d sent out a tweet that hadn’t been addressed to anyone in particular.

AMC dwntwn come NOW Non-scruffy-looking hero has to save day b/c people w/ fancy powers/weapons can’t defeat dude in iron lung on their own

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