Los Angeles synthpop act DWNTWN wins the trophy for cranking out one of my favorite covers of the year so far with this fantastically synthy and buoyant cover of Vance Joy’s stellar hit Riptide. I love Riptide. Lots of people love Riptide. Who knew that DWNTWN’s pop style would work so splendidly with Riptide? DWNTWN’s version carries a new and delectable crystalline elegance.

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Futurecop! have revealed a new song from their forthcoming album Fairytales of Summer Shoegazers.

Lost Love feat. DWNTWN ϟ download

Futurecop! is Manzur Iqbal & Peter Carrol, an electronic music duo with a passion for cult 80’s movie soundtracks, fantasy themes, retro cartoons & video games. Taking influence from pop punk bands they grew up with (Weezer, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day) & electro synth sounds of Daft Punk + Justice, they fuse vocals & vintage synths to create their own vision of electro pop.

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