((How I design characters: Keep rough sketching until something sticks. None of these are final or done just things I have been sketching for a while trying to get back into the swing of things.))

((Im missing one but this has been an exercise in making a fusion for Triage(Triage.Exe) with Presto.exe. Seeing as Acapella is the fusion of RM Presto and Triage that the DWN programming in him ruined it, and Presto.exe is his own person now.)) 

((Names I have been throwing around are Taps, Solo or Tritone.)) 

(Top one is fire based and the bottom is fire/poison.)

💗- A memory about a good deed they did

Jotaro was out at the sea studying fish or something. Ora then usually keeps out an eye for potential danger when Ora spotted ships in the distance hunting Blue Whales. Jotaro probably wouldn’t have noticed or seen them form that far away, but can see far. We arrived just in time to beat them up and save a whale mum and her baby.

Emo Trinity Net Members!!

Thanks to all that applied!! If you weren’t picked if was either A. you were under 15 (i saw two people try that), B. you didn’t have the same platforms as everyone else, C. your activity in the group chat was going to be really low. 

The chat will be on kik!!


@octavia705 Octavia, she/her

@miraculous–phan Clare, she/her

@cansadda Nicole, she/her

@pumpkinspicesivan Sierra, she/her

@eternalbrain Sadie, she/her

@stainedglasshowell Tori, they/them

@hosgmeade Tash, they/them

@emotionalhomo  Ari, she/her they/them

@pmvstump Jasmin, she/her they/them

@d-i-z-z-y-o-n-d-r-e-a-m-s Carina, she/her

@cynxcalmxnds Dylan, he/him

@sgr-wr-gn-dwn Kate, she/her 

@blinkbacktoletmeknow Ayana, she/her

@8-velociraptors Chris, he/him

@themadnessofadeux Paula, she/her

@littlemissanglerfish Sydni, she/her

@miajis Maija, she/her

@phanksforthememeries Teanna, she/her


Rape/sexual interactions with a child, bullying leading to suicide, don’t ask Octavia about her parents, needles, rape, self harm, anorexic pictures, nsfw discourse, blood, suicidal posts, gore, and domestic violence 

I’ll message you asap!!