Hello!  Just wanted to post in case I didn’t mention it:  I’ll be exhibiting at TCAF 2017 in Toronto, Ontario this weekend!  I’m at the Comics x Games exhibit with my game demo. I was thinking of making prints to sell but instead I made little kits you can assemble a miniature game box art model out of!  Come find me i you’re in town!


Courtesy of our mod BlackKite on the forums, we have scans of this week’s famitsu.

The magazine shows the new EX weapons that will be assigned to playable characters:

  • Lianshi: Mandarin Duck Hooks
  • Wang Yi: Emei Piercers
  • Sun Quan: Flame Sword
  • Liu Shan: Bench
  • Deng Ai: Rotating Crossbow
  • Xiaoqiao: Twin Fans
  • Guan Suo: Sabatons
  • Yueying: Bladebow
  • Meng Huo: Stone Pillar

We are also shown preorder CAW costumes. Guo Jia and Guan Yinping’s DW8 Outfits and a costume based on the Tenko from Toukiden, another of Koei’s games.

How do you all feel about these changes?

Dynasty Warriors 8:Empires releases November 20th in Japan, and is stated for a Q1 release in 2015 for Europe/NA. For PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.


The opening for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires!

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) will now be available on February 27th 2015 in Europe and a few days earlier on February 24th 2015 in North America.