I thought I’d just say my bit and leave. Press J to scroll to the next post I guess. Please refrain from deleting this caption, although if you’d just like pretty flower crown celestia wallpaper on your blog, that’s okay too.

I don’t consider myself a brony, nor do I consider myself a social justice blogger. I consider myself a person with an opinion, just as I see everyone else, and I’ll defend my right to say what I want to the death, as I will other people. I just hope that with what I’m saying, people can come to a more educated point.

Joseco was one of the reasons I joined the fandom and made my first tumblr blog, others being berry pnuch and pinkamina (swaetshrit and crooked trees as they were known). Granted, as humans do, they make light of certain taboo/difficult subjects, like molestation, rape, murder, alcoholism, etc. This does not mean it’s justified in a majority. Just because it makes people laugh doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make people uncomfortable.

That being said, just because it makes someone uncomfortable doesn’t give other people a free pass calling them SJBs or telling them to stop whining because people enjoy it. I’ve tried to stay relatively clear of the molestia blog, just because I don’t like it. I didn’t find it particularly hilarious and nor do I now.

As some people know, a few months ago I was subjected to molestation from a man I barely knew. My boss, even. An authoritative figure. It’s safe to say that this subject triggers me a bit, and naturally I’m on the pro side. But, I’d just like to remind people that rape and molestation/sexual assault/indecent assault aredifferent things. That does not mean that it’s okay to joke about one and not the other. It’s just not okay to joke about any of them, especially in front of people who might have been exposed to such things in their life, and who have been scarred by it.

The blog might not say it outright, but it’s insinuating that people of power have every right to subject their underlings to uncomfortable, dangerous and potentially scarring situations simply because they’re on top. It’s making a joke about it. Let me tell you, when you’ve experienced it, it’s not funny. And it’s not okay to degrade someone because of their opinion on a blog containing colorful horses. The characters might not be real, but the experiences are incredibly real to them.

I’m definitely not saying that people should overthrow the blog because of the content, nor am I saying that people should be against taking it down because they enjoy it. I’m simply putting forth my opinion.

Maybe it would be best to offer a compromise. It’s safe to say that JJ takes pride in his blog and number of followers. Maybe he should just change the name and tone down the insinuation of molestation/rape. That way, everyone’s happy. We have JJ’s celestia, and the blog stays popular. I recently saw a post from fluttershy-replies with a whole bunch of hilarious renames that would still be funny.

I for one think it’s not a bad idea, simply because of the massive amount of people who follow him. That being said, he has a massive responsibility on him because of this. He is basically implying everything the fandom is based on. He is the sample survey. He is the role model. He didn’t ask for it, but he got it when his blog became so popular.

People should be able to form their own opinions without others degrading them for it, or even others saying “ugh brony drama again”. It’s a serious issue, it’s not drama, it’s people being offended/triggered because of this entire thing.

Hopefully people have read this and understand where I’m coming from. Thanks for reading.


there is such a huge lack of knowledge and understanding out there, and it is seriously troubling.

rape culture is real and thriving, yet so many are quick to slap a feminist agenda on it and pass it off as a figment of “those crazy cunts.”

this is just one example. i see it everywhere.

Okay. I didn’t really address the hypocrisy you might be able to pull from me saying to stay of my blog, when I call out icky behaviour, and when we talk about the problems with the Molestia character. I am saying to stay off my blog if you don’t want me to critically analyze something through a feminist lens. DWM is saying that the Molestia character, especially the APM blog are harmful to society as a whole because it normalizes a problematic way of thinking. We aren’t trying to take down the blog. We are trying to show people that it is harmful and maybe make the creators address said problems.

On the whole 'Down With Molestia!' fiasco.

I do not agree with your cause. But instead of mindlessly squealing at you for this, I will let this video do that talking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwoqzb5R6vw I respect the fact that you have an opinion about it, but this blog is not the source of rape. Taking it down will not result in the act of rape ceasing. It is an adult humor blog. If you really wan’t to do something about rape, start with our education. Children are not taught the value of human life, then in some cases, people will rape because of pure ignorance. A popular tumblr blog does not promote rape, it blows the act out of proportion in a humorous fashion. That is how humor works. Please think deep in to what you’re doing and how ridiculous it truly is.