there is such a huge lack of knowledge and understanding out there, and it is seriously troubling.

rape culture is real and thriving, yet so many are quick to slap a feminist agenda on it and pass it off as a figment of “those crazy cunts.”

this is just one example. i see it everywhere.

Okay. I didn’t really address the hypocrisy you might be able to pull from me saying to stay of my blog, when I call out icky behaviour, and when we talk about the problems with the Molestia character. I am saying to stay off my blog if you don’t want me to critically analyze something through a feminist lens. DWM is saying that the Molestia character, especially the APM blog are harmful to society as a whole because it normalizes a problematic way of thinking. We aren’t trying to take down the blog. We are trying to show people that it is harmful and maybe make the creators address said problems.

On the whole 'Down With Molestia!' fiasco.

I do not agree with your cause. But instead of mindlessly squealing at you for this, I will let this video do that talking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwoqzb5R6vw I respect the fact that you have an opinion about it, but this blog is not the source of rape. Taking it down will not result in the act of rape ceasing. It is an adult humor blog. If you really wan’t to do something about rape, start with our education. Children are not taught the value of human life, then in some cases, people will rape because of pure ignorance. A popular tumblr blog does not promote rape, it blows the act out of proportion in a humorous fashion. That is how humor works. Please think deep in to what you’re doing and how ridiculous it truly is.