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Went to Barnes & Noble and picked up the Doctor Who Magazine Special 2016 Yearbook. There’s a whole section discussing the Abbey Road photoshoot with Peter, Jenna, and two Daleks. There’s also some rare photos of them rehearsing the famous pose within the studio’s forecourt.

My theory was right about the DWW 29 1F referring to Clara’s demise since her birthday is supposed to be November 23rd while Jenna already had her birthday on April 27th. With the whole “Paul is Dead” rumor (loved Peter’s expression of calling it ‘total bunkum’), they wanted to add some sort of myth into the DWAR (Doctor Who Abbey Road) photoshoot. And since there was such a buzz of Clara’s death, it was only natural to put that license plate on the Volkswagen Beetle.

Oh, and I deliberately added Peter’s quote about playing George Harrison with the side-by-side comparison of the VW Bug (between 1969 and 2015) since, well, George is seen in the photo! :)

Another thing the article briefly discussed was how a photo was taken of Peter with his left foot forward (like John Lennon), but then he switched it to be in line with Jenna. He was actually told to do that by both her and the director, and many fans are coming up with different theories of why.

One theory could be this: Clara was becoming more and more like the Doctor, with proof of that from the episode Flatline, all the way up to her supposed death in Face the Raven. With the final outcome of Hell Bent, the explanation of their identical foot/leg pose could be this:

Clara Oswald is following in the Doctor’s own footsteps!

Doing this photoshoot the same day as the premiere of Series 9 and The Magician’s Apprentice, it was a very clever (and awesome!) marketing promotion.

"Delicious Ambiguity"

A/N: I don’t even know what this is. So awful… I got caught up in the “Pretty Wings” feels. The title comes from the Gilda Radner quote from below. Astrid Deign is my pseudonym. ;) All of it be fiction, bros.

He beat her to the punch. Finally, laying it all on the line and raising the ante. But, she wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t sure she’d ever be ready to admit feelings for someone that she herself couldn’t understand. However, it was all or nothing, and it had come to this.

She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. The aroma of the Christmas tree down the stairs, permeating through her bedroom walls. The crisp scent, stinging her lungs, as she tried to focus on nothing. Absolutely, nothing. Nothing was better than this sinking feeling of despair.

But, the smell stirred a memory in her, and all at once, she felt the betrayal. A painful pang that hit her in just the right way, as to make her sob hysterically, but silently, into the night. Clutching her chest, as the despair ripped her apart.

Three years ago, they were so happy. Everything was perfect. There wasn’t a need for anything to be defined. Simply, being around one another was all that mattered. The smiles plastered on their faces, as they went Christmas tree shopping. Laughter and love. All was right in the world, but three years changed a lot.

He needed reassurance that he wasn’t simply waiting for a ghost, who would never be his. That he wasn’t a fool for stealing glances of her, in every possible angle, just so he could know every curve of her face. That he wasn’t hopeless for having his dreams flooded with her at night - only to awaken to the phantom of her fingertips, fueling the ache in his own living nightmare. He needed to know so much.

There was so much she didn’t say, and how, had she regretted the absence of her words. It would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She thought she had time - to clear things up, to make things right. Time had run out though.

They had grown apart over her world touring and his focus on Valentin, but they would still always make time for one another. Ensuring that they saw each other at least during the holidays.

The air had changed around him however. Her effervescent personality, which would normally illicit smiles, stretching to the corners of his eyes, now were minute, in comparison. He was growing tired of waiting for her, for letting her break his heart a million times over. Oh how, she missed the crinkles of his laughter lines. In their presence, she was just a girl, and he was just a boy. In love with the world, its opportunities, its beauty, and the company of one another.

Without them, she was just a famous face, and he was just a man. In anguish with the world, its missed opportunities, ugly fate, and the strangers that they had become.

This holiday reaffirmed that unsettling nature, and how something fundamentally had unravelled between them. They couldn’t just pick up like before and forget that everything hadn’t changed. That she hadn’t been outed in public with her boyfriend, who she had sworn was nothing more than her best friend for years. That he hadn’t taken solace in another girl’s arms, to make the heartbreak go away. That he hadn’t known it was coming all along. That he hadn’t taken to Instagram with compromising photos of himself with that girl, to just to spite her, who was always “too busy”, but in reality too shy, to text him. To say that she missed him. That she needed him. Because her world was becoming less grounded and falling to pieces.

It was over. The end of an era, and she knew she’d never feel whole again.

The expression on his face, when he introduced “Instagram girl” to her last week at their annual holiday get together, made her sick. There they were back together, and the terribly missed crinkles in his eyes relit. Only not by her, but by this new somebody. It hurt her heart in unimaginable ways to see him light up in response to someone else. To witness someone other than herself have the “Zendaya Effect” on her Val.

It didn’t make sense because he was never hers to begin with, but now, she understood. She understood what she had done to him - those countless times.

So she screwed on a fake smile, and sat amongst them as the third wheel, when she had always been in the driver’s seat.

A week later, and Z was still in town, celebrating the New Year with her family. As much as you could call, Zendaya’s gloomy state, celebrating. Even her dad, could sense the change in her attitude. Concerned for his daughter, he called her into the family room the night before.

She had been stalking Val and Charlotte’s social media accounts. Recently, Charlotte had gone on a favoriting spree of engagement ring photos and wedding dresses, while Val had liked a rather telling quote on Instagram -

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.” -Gilda Radner

- along with another quote.
“Never in a million years would I have bet that this is where I’d be standing. That you’d be the one I’d be standing in front of with my heart on my sleeve. The world is funny in that way. That you never know, who you are going to connect with and who is going to completely screw up your life.” -Astrid Deign

The latter part, regarding fucking up his life, she took full credit for.


“Yeah, daddy?”

“Come sit down here for a minute and talk to your old man.”

“Daddy, you’re not that old.”

“I’m not that young either, but baby, this isn’t about me.”

She bit her bottom lip, unsure of exactly where this conversation was going.

“What is wrong, baby?”

After hesitating for a moment, she pulled out all her acting skills so as to not worry her dad. She’d always be a daddy’s girl.

“Nothing. I’m so happy to be here for Christmas and the New Year.” She gave a tired smile.

“Really, Daya. What is wrong?”

He gave her an all too knowing look, sensing just how depressed she had been ever after being so excited to go visit Val and then returning home with a look on her face, that made Kazembe want to go break the man, who he once considered as a son’s, legs.

“I’m just worn out. This year…” She took in a deep sigh, staring at the floor, trying her best to forget her less than jovial encounter with Val and Charlotte, or Valotte, as Instagram had so lovingly donned them, the evening prior. “has just been really, really… stressful.” She exhaled.

“Sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice … in my career. Not getting to see you and mom as often, and all.”

“Don’t worry about us. We are just so proud of you. We couldn’t be more happy for all of your success. But that doesn’t matter nearly as much as your happiness does.”

“I know, Daddy. I guess, I just can’t believe another year is almost over.”

“What more incentive than to end it as the best one yet,” he gave her a wink, filling her with her hope that maybe 2017 could end with her and Val on good terms.

Little did she know, that just a day later, her whole world would come crashing down.

A simple text, from an all too familiar number but had not been seen in nearly 3 months, sent her over the edge.

“Hey, Z. It’s Val. I have something important to tell you. Can you meet me tomorrow at midnight? I realize its late, but it’s really big.”

That was it. He was going to tell her that he had proposed and that “Valotte” were going to get their fairy tale ending. The corners of her inner eyes, breaking their dams.

“K” Was all she could manage to punch out before hiding in her room.

And now, it was approaching midnight - fast.

Z clutched her tear-stained pillow, hyperventilating into it. This was the end of her and Val. They would return to being the strangers that they once were before they had met by a chance pairing. She would be just another one of Valentin Chmerkovskiy’s former dance partners. And god, did it hurt.

Zendaya pulled on a hoodie, to be exact, the Sway hoodie that Val had given her three years ago. It was never cold in Oakland, but she needed something to hide her disheveled hair, raccoon eyes, and puffy face.

The trek began.

Val wanted to meet her at the DWM Studio.

The streets were dead and silent, except for the occasional blare of an ambulance siren. She didn’t know how she got to the doors of the studio, but somehow, her tired, restless feet had carried her there.

Pausing for a moment to regain her composure, which had faltered on her journey through the city, staining the sidewalks and pavement, she took one more deep breath before pushing her way through the entrance.

Maxwell’s voice, pouring through distant speakers, goading her further up the stairs.

“Time will bring the real end of our trial. One day there’ll be no remnants no trace. No residual feelings within ya. One day you won’t remember me.”

One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four.

“Your face will be the reason I smile. But I will not see what I cannot have forever. I’ll always love ya. I hope you feel the same.”

The impending doom of their five year relationship, whatever it was, tightening her every nerve, as she grew closer and closer to the sound source and the end of it all.

“Oh, you played me dirty, your game was so bad . You toyed with my affliction . Had to fill out my prescription. Found the remedy. I had to set you free.”

Why oh why, had she cheated on what she and Val had? It wasn’t like her to fall prey to her best friend’s advances, but she had screwed up. Got caught up in him, and the fact that he was physically there, when all she really had wanted all along was Val.

“Away from me
To see clearly
The way that love can be when you are not with me
I had to leave
I had to live
I had to lead
I had to leave…….

If I can’t have you
Let love set you free
To fly your pretty wings around.”

She reached the top of the stairway, and there at the end of the hallway was the rehearsal room with the record player.

Spinning around and around, as her pretty wings fell to the floor from the weight of her fear.

"Pretty wings, your pretty wings, your. Pretty wings. Pretty wings around.”

All the lights were off, and she couldn’t make out anything other than the moon casting shadows in the studio.

Letting the whole toll of the ambience take its affect, she cried out in the darkness.

“Val?” Her voice dripping sore with tears, self-resentment, and sadness that this is what their lives had amounted to.

“Z?” His voice sounded worried at her hysterical intonation.

“Val?” She recognized his form, coming towards her, and all she could do was help but run.

“Z, what’s wrong?” His voice clouded with concern.

But, she was in his embrace now. The moon beating at his back, as he tightly wove his arms around her. Tears falling from her cheek and saturating his shirt.

“Z, babe. What is wrong?”

It was like nothing had ever changed. That the reset button had been pushed, and they were back at square one. But, she knew things couldn’t be that simple. That they never were.

Pulling away from her clutch, he braced her face in his hands. His always callused hands. The perpetual reminder of all of his passion and ardent work.

She had missed those rough hands and the current that ran through them. Something unnatural in the way that it sent shivers down her spine. She cried relentlessly.

The pain tugging at her heart with the realization that this might be the last time, she ever felt it.


That’s what it was. What it had been, and what it always would be. Nothing could change that. The bond that she had formed with Val, never could be broken - not by distance, not by time, not by some other woman.

Charlotte could have Val in all the ways that she could not, but no matter what, there would always be a part of him that was hers and hers alone.

“Val,” she whispered in between sobs.

“Daya,” he stroked her hair, pushing the hood of her hoodie down.

The look in her eyes, heartbreaking, and her face contorted in despair, she breathed out, “I’m so, so sorry.”

All Val could do, was what he had been waiting for for five years. What he had texted her to discuss. What he had hoped his engaged friend Charlotte would pry out of her, which perhaps in its ambiguity had led her to misconstrue his intentions.

He braved the courage, sensing that the time was right and that she was finally ready.

Closing the space between them, he inhaled her muffled cries with the longest awaited kiss, the world had ever known, causing her to sink deeper and deeper into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, edging him further to the core of her heart.

Three years had changed a lot.

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Soon Enough

Okay so this is my first time writing anything fictional EVER. And I am honestly so scared to post this. But I love these obvious children so much and all of you girl’s comments about Z in that black dress and how it kind of looked like she had a baby bump really inspired me for some reason. So Here goes nothing! /.\

She was laying on her couch, feet swollen and propped up on some pillows after a long day. Her apartment was especially dark and quiet tonight; the only visible light being the lamp next to her and the only sounds were her fingers lightly tapping on her keyboard while she did a quick run through of her latest emails.

Life had been extremely busy the last year and a half. She’d taken a small break from her music to be in a movie alongside some of Hollywood’s best actors and producers and now she had just finished her 3rd album and was finally starting all the promotion to let her fans know that new music was coming soon. Zendaya felt as if she had the best life she ever dreamed of and of course the best man a woman could ever hope for, by her side. Although he wasn’t exactly there with her at the moment..

15 seasons of Dancing With The Stars and 4 mirrorball trophies later, Val was halfway through his last DWTS Live Tour ever and was probably at the moment, just finishing his show in Seattle. He’d made the decision of ending his run on DWTS before his last season started, and though it was a tough one to make, he felt as though he’d accomplished a lot during his time on the show and was ready to really focus on his fashion line and the three DWM studios he owned in the LA area. But his main focus was and would always be his Zendayachka. They had been dating for 3 years now and had been living together for 1 year. Sure their lives were very busy but they always had time for each other. Just the other day he had taken the time to send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her favorite shop downtown and Zendaya had been wonderfully surprised to see that even from the other end of the country, Val was always thinking about her.

She had just put her MacBook down and was going to get up and go to the kitchen when her phone started buzzing and Val’s face appeared on the screen. She quickly tapped the green button and smiling, placed the phone next to her ear.

“Hey babe,” was his usual greeting. She loved it though.

“Hey yourself,” she replied as she walked into her kitchen reaching for the ice-cream in the freezer.

“How was your day today? Everything go well on Good Morning America?”

“Yeah everything went great, everyone seems very excited for the album to be released. Oh and Robin asked me to say hi for her. She says she hopes you’ll stop by for a quick interview when your shoe line finally comes out.” She’s back on the couch now, spoon in her hand and ready for the wonderful taste of her coffee-flavored cold treat.

“She’s a great woman,” he answers, “I’ll definitely stop by when everything for Valentín is set.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” Zendaya mumbles through a spoonful of ice-cream. Val just chuckles and she can feel him rolling his eyes at her love of frozen desserts.

She ignores it though and changes the subject. “What about you, how was the show tonight?”

“It was really good, I met a beautiful 3 year old little princess named Ella at the meet & greet and she was just the cutest thing. Completely stole my heart,” he says.

“Oh really?” Zendaya replies, playfully raising her eyebrow at his comment.

“Come on babe you know I only have one woman in my life and that’s you. Well and my mother you know..”

“I know baby I’m not jealous or anything, I just really miss you is all,” she adds with a tiny hint of sadness in her voice.

“I miss you too Z, but this is my last tour and then I’m done for good and won’t have to be gone for so many weeks at a time anymore.”

She smiles and says, “I’m glad because things are going to start getting more hectic and busy around here.”

“Speaking of which,” he states matter-of-factly, “I saw some pictures of you online at GMA this morning in that skin tight black dress you wore..”

“And?” she asks a little confused by where this is going.

“Well you looked beautiful as always,” he replies “but I think you’re starting to show and that has me a bit worried. I just don’t want the paps and tabloids to start speculating about you before we make some sort of official statement you know? Especially if I’m not there with you.”

She smiles at the thought of him being so concerned. “Val don’t worry about me, you know I’m not phased by that kind of stuff. They can speculate all they want, we will let our fans know when we are ready, and they will be just as excited as we are. If not more,” she giggles.

“I suppose you’re right. Though I don’t know about the fans being more excited than us. Meeting little Ellachka tonight really got me thinking about being a dad and how much I want us to have a little princess of our own.”

“Woah slow your horse Valentin,” she laughs, “what if it turns out to be a boy huh?”

“Then he will be our little champ and I will love him just as much,” Val answers with all sincerity.

Her heart warms at his words and she suddenly remembers, “Speaking of genders, I have my next ultrasound the week after you come back from tour, so we have that to look forward to!”

“That’s great babe, I can’t wait to be there and see our baby for the first time!” he tells her excitedly and she can truly hear the love in his words.

“Me either,” she responds nervously, “Can you imagine us in several months, changing diapers and buying formula?”

“I honestly can’t” he laughs a little nervous as well, “but I can see you being the best mommy in the world and me being the luckiest man ever with my girl and the beautiful tiny human being we created with our love. I am truly blessed.”

“And now I’m going to start crying, I just miss you so much,” she sniffles with tears forming in her eyes. She really loved this man.

“Don’t cry baby, I promise I’ll be home soon enough okay?”

“Okay, I’ll be here when you get back. Always.”

“I love you so much. Have a good night, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Love you most, Grouchypants” she says smiling, “Get some sleep.”

“Bye beautiful.”

And with that, she hangs up the phone and starts rubbing small circles on her belly. ‘Wow’ she thinks to herself, she really is starting to show. She smiles thinking of how much her life and Val’s will change in just a few months and she feels she is ready for this new chapter in her life.

“Soon enough little one” she whispers down to her small bump, “soon enough.” And she gets off the couch and heads down the hall to get ready for bed.

*Okay please tell me if you liked it, hated it, whatever you thought of it! Please excuse any horrible grammatical errors, I did this in like 2 hrs and on my mobile.. Any tips/suggestions are super welcome as I haven’t the faintest notion of what I’m doing what so ever! But I need to decide if I want to keep trying this or not (:


“Hi Jes! :D I have to say, I love your Maksyl writing, it’s frickin amazing! I saw a prompt that I absolutely loved and I know you can crush it! Prompt from another anon: Meryl and Maks take their daughter to Disneyland for her 1st birthday…” Anon

Okay quick, I changed it to her third birthday. I just thought one was a little too young. Sorry if that makes you sad! Anyways- hopefully I got my Disney facts right of G will get me, but oh well. I hope you enjoy! Love you! Always- J.

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New York / Sway Recap - Part 4

Previous parts: http://trocoloca.tumblr.com/post/105803335797/new-york-sway-recap-part-3

December 18th

I wake up on Thursday morning covered in Karla’s stuff.  No, I kid.   Her stuff has indeed spread more but I’m growing used to it and I actually find it comforting in my sick mind.  It beats the tissues that I have strategically placed all over the room for emergency nose blowing.  While blowing my nose for the 800th time, we get a text from Nanette that her plane has landed.  HOLY EFF.  We are supposed to meet her at 75 Green Street and we are barely out of our post-Maksyl fog.  


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Some thoughts on Maks' recent interviews, and career trajectories

Now that I’ve recovered from my swooning over the “I want Meryl to be the last person I dance with…” conclusion to his interview for Social Life, I did want to get out some first thoughts and impressions from his post-DWTS media tour. As will probably become apparent, I work in media–though nothing in the Maksyl realm–here I’m purely a fangirl. So this is more in the nature of getting things off my chest, and certainly not because I have any stake in or inside knowledge of Maks’ career or life besides liking him as a fan.

1. Maks has been most gracious in all his post-victory interviews towards fellow DWTS pros and contestants this season, as well as towards his past partners and his own history on the show. He displays a genuine understanding on his part of his past shortcomings–yet without false humility. In short: confidence tempered by self awareness looks good on a guy.

2. The way he has been talking about and acting towards Meryl, both in joint interviews as well as in solo print/TV/radio interviews has been simply swoonworthy. He displays such affection, respect, admiration, and love for Meryl in everything he says about her and them…that has been personally the biggest continued draw for me to their ship.

If I were marketing him, I’d say that is the single most appealing aspect of his ‘brand’ right now–an artist who has found his muse, a man who has found his inspiration to be a better version of himself, both personally and professionally.

Whether or not what MnM share at this moment can be sustained–from a career management point of view, *this* narrative is what has won him legions of new fans. Face it, he’s been super talented and sexy and in the public eye for a long time–but surely people handling him should recognize that it’s the “new” Maks that has vaulted him into both winning the championship and into his role as new public darling. In short: control the narrative. Whatever publicity and tabloid page-views that can be generated by a 'sexy bachelor on the prowl’ image, is not worth the dilution of this frankly more rare, differentiated brand for a male celebrity or artist. There’s a reason that George Clooney always has a steady girlfriend whenever he’s about to go into an Oscar campaign year.

3. Maks also evinces an attractive maturity in his work realm without loss of sex appeal–he’s been going all guns in his roles as artist, designer, businessman, non-profit fundraiser, international celebrity/judge, family man, even. His studios and his jewelry line have both benefited immensely from this image. I thought his interviews with media in India, as well as two longer print interviews here, have all really tapped into this new “maturity with a sexy edge” appeal–he would do well to solidify this aspect of his persona. Being chattered about as the “next JLo dancer boytoy” is so counterproductive, alas.

4. Finally–unlike some others on the Maksyl ship,his words and actions have allowed me to remain so positive about his relationship (whatever form it may take) with Meryl. (See #2).

The only part of his post-win interviews that I would have cautioned him against would have been his vocal desires to “be an actor.” Given his age and his degree of celebrity and his current 'hotness,’ he needs to not talk about himself as an aspiring actor–the streets of Hollywood are littered with them!–who is taking classes and looking for a big break. His agent just needs to land him a good role in a good film. Then, he simply is an actor, not perceived as one among thousands talking about trying to break into “the business.” He’s too talented and well-known for that.

Maks’ publicity should be reading more along the lines of, “Maks is currently weighing different roles…” “Maks is bring his considerable charismatic screen presence and talents as a choreographer to bring back the Gene Kelly-type of prominence of music and dance on the big screen….” That sort of thing. Furthermore, talking about wanting to “get into acting” makes him sound green, and detracts from his more successful, established ventures like his DWM studios and Cantamessa jewelry line.  Does his publicist provide him no counsel?

(On a fan note, I also see this as the potentially biggest roadblock of his relationship with Meryl–but that’s about his personal life and less about his career, so not going down that road here.)

5. Speaking of red-hot brands–and this is not a given at all because Meryl and Maks may want no part in this–the combination of them right now is dynamite. I’m amazed that joint photoshoots or TV sitdowns or a quasi-documentary or short film project have not been capitalized upon. Maybe they’re saving it all up for this mysterious future ABC special–but if M and M were both inclined for a career change, I’d be having people pitching all sorts of ideas for projects for them as a team. And it doesn’t have to be a cheesy reality show type of project–there are many other possibilities for creative collaboration. 

Sorry for going on and on! I just needed to get this off my chest. And it’s not a dig at Maks at all, but rather the people who guide his career. But still so happy to have found this new fandom, and can’t wait to get more of both Maks and Meryl in any form!


Zendaya’s plans to hit the ballroom with Val Chmerkovskiy & more concerts.

Dance With Me Studios present Sway.

Meryl and Maks Daily Recap July 18th, 2014

So, all of us where expecting some quiet “doldrums” of a few SM timing posts and maybe some cute video from Japan, but overall a sad and lonely wait for new news.  BUT, we were wrong!!  We’ve had a really exciting day today.  I’m writing this recap early because I have to go to dance class. 

Today did, indeed start with some cute pics and videos from Japan and people fussing that Meryl was on IG but didn’t like the photo of Maks and Jenna (Bet they’re not worried now!)

Then, BAM!  dolphia blesses us with a quote from Maks’ morning interview with WFAA 8 ABC in Dallas.  When asked if Maks would be returning as a pro on DWTS he said he didn’t think so and also said “I just don’t know if I have it in me to put that much effort and that much passion into someone else.  Meryl and I stay very close and it felt almost like cheating. So this is the one that I think I’m just gonna *wipes hand together like he’s done*…It’s gonna be ‘thank you’”.  I’m not gonna lie, we had some serious partying going on here today!  He’s not gonna come out and say it, but today he got damn CLOSE!  

The interview overall was very good and respectful and just the Maks that we all want to see.  Right before the above quote he also said “This one means so much to me that I don’t even want another one”.  When the interviewer insinuated that the pros were now more celebrities that the “stars” he made sure to say that this was Meryl’s season and Meryl’s win. He was also thankful for the opportunities and thankful for all the people who come to see him at his public events.  Excellent interview all around. 

There was also a print interview at theaterjones.com, the highlights were:

  • What did the win mean to you? ..It means everything.   This season with Meryl was a completely different experience. Meryl is such a hard-working and dedicated woman, pushed me to do my very best, did not want to let her or the fans down.
  • Asked if he had a favorite dance.  All different, a lot depends on who I’m dancing with.
  • Asked what he wanted to do outside of DWTS.  Work on DWM studios, giving back and helping others (Childhelp), and “spending time with my family, they’re everything to me”.  I’m thinking Meryl is now a part of his family in his mind and heart.

We were playing a fun game of “guess what’s on the phone screen” today when one of Jenna’s pics showed a little of Maks’ phone.  I think it might be a photo of Serge, but I’m terrible at this game, so who knows?

There was a short interview of Jenna also but it was very general, not much detail.

Teen Choice awards are very interesting this year.

  • Meryl for Best Female Athlete
  • Jon Legend and Sam Smith for Best Male Artist
  • “All of Me” Best Song
  • “Stay with Me” Best Male Single
  • “Latch” best EDM song
  • Zendaya Break out artist and Style Icon

So everybody go vote.

My quote of the day goes to iceandwood.  In the middle of the celebrations, this is the one that had me laughing the loudest, and this is addressed to Maks and the all caps were all her:


Sail ON everybody.  See you for the night cap.


Hmmmmm… I find it interesting that Z post a video of her singing this song on her SnapChat the day after V shows up at her very first hosting gig. Didn’t something like this kinda happened before after he showed up at one of her concerts and she posted a video on IG singing “He Is The Truth” by India Irie? I just find it ironic how that works. And not to mention the fact that ever since he’s been in her life he’s been included somehow in all of her firsts and all of her lasts. He helped pick out pics for her FIRST album. He heard My Jam FIRST before the public. He was there for her FIRST episode of KCU which is the FIRST time that she is producing. And he even choreographed a dance for the FIRST episode. He was also there for her LAST episode of Shake It Up. He has literally been there supporting damn near all of the major staples in her life since the very first day that he met her…and he still is. And she has been there for some of his firsts too. Z was apart of the very FIRST launch of his Valentine clothing line and is basically the unofficial spokesmodel. Z was there for the very FIRST launch of DWM Juniors. She was there supporting him and apart of the cast for the FIRST Sway Show and and took part in the second one as well. Our girl Z was even at the Grand Opening for DWM Sherman Oaks…the FIRST DWM studio on the west coast. They are always there for each other in some form or fashion. He may not have been able to make it to the Premier Party for the FIRST episode of KCU …but he wrote an extremely touching message to her and posted a pic on IG calling her “his ace”. She was there for his FIRST episode of this season and sent him a video which he posted about his billboard (which might be his first too?) and he posted it on IG with the caption “My Daya”. And now he makes a post on Twitter calling her “my pride and joy”. Im pretty sure something is definitely going on though I’m not sure of what capacity I’m almost positive its something that has brought them even closer because this song holds so much meaning. And the type of feeling that a song like End Of Time evokes is of undying, unwavering, and unconditional love. And what guy has shown her that type of undying, unwavering, unconditional love for the past two years? What man has she been supporting and showing love to unconditionally for over two years? They don’t treat anyone else like they treat each other and him being there yet again supporting her at another one of her FIRSTS has baby girl all in her feelings. This is the type of song that let’s your man know that your down for him no matter what…unconditionally. It seems like she’s becoming more comfortable letting her true feelings show.

#Just A Thought

#Val Daya
Meryl and Maks Recap August 27th, 2014

Hi Fam, It’s been awhile.  I must admit all the negativity over the last few days, coupled with the lack of a lot on “news” has kept me away.  It would appear that the negativity is dying down now, which of course, makes me happy.  I’m sure we’ll face similar if not the same issues in the future, but I do hope that people will at least consider private messaging the people they may have issues with rather that directly or obliquely throwing around insults and accusations.  It makes us all seasick.

One more thing I would like to say is that my recaps will almost always contain both SM interactions and speculations.  If you consider that “over the line” then read no further.

I will start with the whereabouts of Meryl and Maks.  I am not one who wants to know where they are every moment of the day.  In fact, I love it when they disappear, it is during those times that I believe they make time to be together.  The last confirmed sighting for Meryl was an IG post on the morning of Sunday the 24th which thanked the Sun Valley Resort and said “heading home”.  The last confirmed sighting for Maks was also on Sunday the 24th, in the evening on Serge’s snapchat.  I have no clue where they are, but I hope they are together and that they stay that way for a good long time.

Yesterday Meryl liked a beautiful tropical beach photo and Maks started following the Crystal Way on IG (lots of beautiful beach photos) hopefully they were making vacation plans.  

So, I was just about to type the words “today is day 3 of M&M being MIA”, but my spidey senses were tingling so I went to the dash and, sure enough.  There is a new pap photo of Maks yesterday in LA, probably working on the new DWM studio.  So we know where he was yesterday, who knows today?  Still no sighting of Meryl.

Meryl has been on SM quite a lot today and liked her friend Nastia’s IG photo of her new leotard line,  and yes, she did like more puppy photos on IG today (some bulldog puppies, too).  She also favorited a fan’s tweet about “channelling her inner MD in Ballroom dancing class” complete with a photo of herself and Maks in the vienese waltz. Then she made our day even better when she posted a “back to school” collage with she and Charlie with their OGMs, she and Charlie on the football field, herself, Charlie, Maia and Alex in U of M gear, and the congratulatory photo that the university posted of her and Maks with their MBTs.  We all got a charge out of that!  And got a bigger charge when Maks liked it :)

Both M and M tweeted links to sound cloud posts, Meryl’s earlier in the day, classical, Maks’ “enjoy late summer evenings…” more Darius, slow groove, I’m told.  Too busy writing this to listen.  

Sharna was finally revealed as the surprise 13th pro for season 19 today, so DWTS has redeemed themselves, marginally.  Several “celebrities” who are rumored or confirmed to be appearing were also announced.  I’m not even gonna try.  I don’t know who these people are…

Some consider today the 6 month anniversary since Meryl and Maks met, but I thought they met on February 28th.  Either way, I want to say happy anniversary to everyone here on tumblr and happy anniversary to our favorite couple :)

anonymous asked:

Z is an intern at DWM studio. Val notices her, he wants to ask her out but is conflicted. Alex says if Val doesn't ask her out he wil

“Hey thanks for the coffee Val”, Zendaya smiled batting her thick lashes up at him.

Val looked up from his stack of new membership fees when his 18 year old  intern popped her head into his office.

Z was only  supposed to help out for the summer but here it was 9 months later and  the entire studio fell in love with her- Val included. 

She was sporting cropped leggings, a slouchy white shirt, and her massively curly hair in a loose bun atop her head.

Man, did he love looking at her.

“Yeah no problem”, He breathed leaning back in his chair relaxing. “ I was at Starbucks and thought of you”.

Crap. Did that seem inappropriate?
“Really?” Z asked with a eager  smile stepping deeper inside his office. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she loved being around him.

Her friends liked to constantly tease her that she was simply experiencing a school girl crush. But moments like these made her feel different. 

“Yeah”, Val nodded ignoring the thumping in his chest. “ Did you clear out the third floor locker rooms?” He asked clearing his throat attempting to get back to professionalism. 

Z’s excitement downed down but she nodded biting down on her full lower lip.

“Yeah… did you need anything else?”

Val looked up accidentally locking into her hazel gaze and cleared his throat for what felt like the millionth time.

“Nope just check on the junior classes and make sure everything else  is kosher”, He nodded before refocusing back on his papers just as Alex had walked inside.

“Queen Z what a sight for sore eyes”, Alex flirted pulling the brunette into a tight squeeze slightly lifting her off the ground.

“A-lexxxx !” She giggled slapping his chest when he put her back down. His hand stayed resting on her hipbone while they continued to go back and forth. 

They looked…comfortable. And Val didn’t like it. 

Involuntarily his fist began balling up the paper in his hands. 

Get it together Val. She just  works for you.

“So when are we gonna get married and make beautiful little mulatto babies?” Alex joked not once moving his hand from around her. 

A act that didn’t go unnoticed from Val. 

“How’s next week sound? I have a little free time after work” Z joke back playing along. 

“Deal”, He smiled, not minding if that actually became reality. 

She was different. Everybody who met her knew that.

“But seriously don’t forget about tonight”, Alex wagged his finger before pecking her cheek moving to sit on the edge of Val’s desk.

“Tonight?” Val quipped feeling something hot boil inside of him.

“Yeah”, Alex shrugged vaguely. 

K “, Z nodded tucking her binder higher under her arm before refocusing on Val.

“ I um… saw that you were off tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to go dancing with us  at Dex Lux?” She asked hopefully.

“I don’t know i’m really busy tonight  but i’ll try to make it”, Val agreed. 

Busy was an understatement, between DWM, DWTS and Valentin he was more than swamped with work, but if it meant spending time with her he’d at least try.

“I really hope you make it”, Z breathed chewing on her bottom lip flashing a reluctant smile. “ Well I better go, thanks again for the coffee”, she called over her shoulder disappearing.

“Jesus Christ look at that body”, The red-head shook his head appreciatively at her retreating body sashaying away.

Val scoffed throwing his papers down. ” Have you no shame?”

“I could ask you the same. She’s an intern shouldn’t she be the one getting your coffee?” Alex teased shaking his head at his friends obviousness.

"I was just being nice-”

“Bullshit where’s my coffee then?” He continued with the teasing.

“Shut up Alex”, Val laughed. “ You’re the one who likes her…”

“I do-”

“Alex she’s 18”, Val said matter of factly.

Alex didn’t seemed fazed. ” And next year she’ll be 19, then 20, who cares?” He shrugged honestly. ” It just means when she’s 28 i’ll be 38”.

Val felt his eye twitch with jealousy. ” Then what’s stopping you bro?” He asked with a bit of attitude.

He knew Zendaya didn’t belong to him, but it didn’t stop the jealousy from coursing through his veins. 

“The fact that my best-friend fell in love with her first”, He admitted. Blue eyes looking suddenly serious. “ And the fact that she clearly likes you back…”

This was nothing new. Growing up the two boys always fought over the same toy.  But something about this time felt surreal. 

“What?” Val furrowed his eyebrows. “ Don’t be ridiculous”.

“Look”, Alex  yanked  the door open with a playful glint in his eyes. 

“I’m a pretty fair dude, so i’ll do you a favor. Either ask her out or I will”, He added.

Val stood up from his desk. ” What are you threatening me?”

Alex laughed looking over his shoulder. ” It’s a promise bratishka”.

One Year Ago Today

Zendaya went and watched Val and Danica during Week 8 of Season 18 on May 5, 2014. After they got eliminated, she and Val were interviewed by Alex for the Making of Sway video series before he and Danica flew to New York for an appearance on Good Morning America the next day. When the episode was released by DWM Studios, Val said that he loved his interaction with Zendaya.

  • Watch the Valdaya portions of the Sway video here, here, and here
  • See Val’s Facebook post here.
Meryl and Maks Daily Recap August 6th, 2014

I tried to pick a word of the day but I finally had to settle for two.  Confusion and Coincidence.  

The day started off with a lot of confusion. Someone tweeted,“I think I just saw Meryl Davis at the detroit airport.”  That was about 7am.  Was she flying in, flying out, picking someone up?  Then another tweet telling us where she’s headed - to New York.  Here comes coincidence #1, one of our very own was at La Guardia and saw Meryl and her Mom and another woman around Meryl’s age.  

So, now we are positive that Meryl is in New York.  Why is she there, who will she see, etc?  More confusion.  And then more coincidences:

  • Coincidence #2.  Alex is up early on SM.  Meryl, Cheryl, and friend land in NY at 9:00am, about an hour and 15 minutes later Alex tweets about helping a lady by carrying her suitcase up the stairs.
  • Coincidence #3.  Nicole posts a photo of a swanky 5th Ave. store window display (full of puppies) on IG.  About an hour later Meryl and her Mom are spotted by fans on 5th Avenue. 
  • Coincidence #4.  Nicole comments on one of Peta’s photos and retweets one of her tweets.  A few minutes later Meryl starts following Peta’s ex-partner rumored love interest, James.  
  • Coincidence #5.  Meryl posts a photo of famous NY brownstone steps and quotes Oprah about alone time.  She is spotted by a fan yet again.  This time in SoHo.  The main DWM studio is in SoHo.  Had she just “dropped” Nicole off at the studio?  SoHo is very near to Little Italy and the Beauty and Essix Restaurant. 

That’s a lot of coincidences.  But there is plenty of confusion to go around too.  Why is she there?  Will she be home to MI before Maks’ mall appearance?  Speaking of Maks, where the @#$% is he?  Yesterday he was in Las Vegas, but there’s been no sign of him save a measly IG like a few minutes ago.  

I’m really glad Meryl likes puppies, because she’s had us all chasing our tails all day ;)

Meryl and Maks Daily Recap August 19th, 2014

Thanks for the patience everyone.  I’m sure the west coaster are fine, but you east coasters are probably not thrilled about the new later schedule.  

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.  I woke up to the news (through TMZ) that Julianna Hough will be the new Judge on Season 19 of DWTS.  I don’t trust TMZ, so I was hoping it wasn’t true, but in this case, I think it probably is.  The story moved on through more reputable sources and one of the article was (I believe) retweeted by abc’s PR.  The original TMZ article contained a paragraph about Maks wanting the judging position badly and being very unhappy with DWTS producers and that he let them know how he felt.  After only an hour or so that paragraph had been removed from the article.  Maybe his new agents at work?

Whatever the reasons, I think DWTS is making a huge mistake.  I guess we know now why he looked none too happy in the paparazzi photos from the 12th and the 13th.  (Might have also been why Meryl was up liking quotes about “If it’s meant to be it will be” in the wee hours of the 13th.)   She seemed to be thinking of the situation today when she posted a photo of a “mini-sleep” puppy (yes, I know he was technically a frenchy puppy, don’t be so literal, he looks like Sir Sleep).  The quote on this one was “Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you.  All they show is limitation.  Look with your understanding, find out what you already know and you’ll see the way to fly.”  I know most of us felt she meant that for him.  Maybe he felt the same, because he liked this post (and they were on SM at the same time for the second day in a row).  They seem to interact a little more on SM when they are far apart from one another.

Ice Bucket Mania:

So the ice bucket challenges and still rolling along and causing lots of excitement.  Danica tweeted about how she and Meryl will show Val how it’s done!  She called his attempt “adorable” (I was thinking WEAK!)  We are to expect this masterpiece on wednesday.  Meryl also tweeted saying they needed 48 hours instead 24 because a plane ride was required.  This caused a bit of a flurry of speculation.  WITWIMD (where in the world is Meryl Davis?  I think she was flying into LA from MI (I thought she was already supposed to be in CA because of the tweet yesterday, but something must have changed).  Anyway, speculate away!  Will she stay in LA, will Maks meet her there in a couple of days, will they disappear or publicly stay on opposite coasts?  Who knows!  All I know is that this ice bucket challenge is going to have to be epic to live up to expectations!

We also got an IBC from Sharna, an ambush IBC of Maks (I know you ladies will have some slo-mo fun with that one), and a laugh-fest video of Charlie doing his IBC.  


We got some interesting tweets from DWM today.  The first teased that if they got 250 retweets they would consider opening up a DWM studio in LA.  Later, they were half way there and tweeted, “better start planning the Grand Opening Party.   You guys free in September?”  Later, it was, “well, it looks like we got 250 retweets…What do you guys think we should do?” with Maks, Val and Tony tagged.  Val replied, “Make the dream a reality”, Maks, simply , “DWMLA”.  And last DWM tweeted, “Coming soon…” #DWMLA.

Now, of course we all know that this must have been in the works for a long time.  I’ve even heard from our long-time Maks fans that it almost happened a couple of years ago, but fell through in the final stages.  Will this be a vehicle for Maks, or Val?  I guess time will tell.  I think it’s exciting and I’m happy to see their business grow. 

That is all for this evening.  Everyone get a good night sleep tonight.  Tomorrow we have the Danica and Meryl show to look forward to and recaps and photos from BWAT Hawaii from hulagirlhawaii and shaillianoir. The BWAT performance they are attending will begin at 1:30am EST.

anonymous asked:

Man, I have this prompt but im not sure you will want to write it. Its valdaya but not really again its more of a jealous Val (I love jealous val. lol) . Ok, so V and Z and friends but he realizes his feelings for her when Alex decides to ask out Z on a date. He gets jealous hearing Alex talk about their date and how much fun they had. If you can and want to do it if not that's fine. I just love Alex.

Little shortie

“Yeah I had a lot of fun too! Thanks Z I will see you soon” Val heard his best friend’s voice as he stepped into the DWM Soho studio.

“Were you on the phone with Zendaya?” He asked him raising his eyebrow.

“Yeah we went out yesterday.” Alex said simply looking at his laptop.

“Went out?” Val repeated after him like he wasn’t sure he heard correctly.

“You know two people going somewhere to talk or eat stuff like that.” Alex looked at his friend briefly sending him smile.

“With her parents?” Val sat at the chair in front of the desk.

“No actually we were alone.”

“What?” Val’s voice raised a little bit.

Alex looked at him raising his eyebrow. “Well her parents stay at the hotel they said it will be fine she is like 2 weeks from being 18 after all.” 

“But they are always there with her.” Val couldn’t hide his jealousy.

“Are you suggesting I would do anything to her?” Alex took hos words a little bit offending.

“No, no!” Val put his hands up. “I was just wondering I guess…” He shrugged simply. “So are you going to see her again soon?" 

"Yeah probably.” Alex smiled as he got back to his work.

“Did she mention any plans for today?” He asked hesitating.

“I haven’t ask but feel free to call her." 

"No I don’t want to bother her.” Val fell back against the back of the chair.

Alex lift his head. “Bro you are shadowing her anytime she is in NY and I don’t think she minds at all.” 

“Well apparently she doesn’t tell me about everything I didn’t know you had a date.”

Val chose the wrong time to say those words as the water that Alex was drinking covered his own face.

“Sorry.” Alex laughed. “Dude date? Like seriously you think we were on a date?” Alex couldn’t stop his laughter.

Val wiped his face looking rather unpleasant. “Well we went out your own words.”

“Went out as friends…?” Alex cocked his head. “You seriously think I could do that to you?" 

"Do what?” Val asked confused.

Alex shook his head. “Oh man…” He smiled. “You are totally completely into this girl and while yes she is beautiful and amazing I would never steal her away from you.” He winked at him.

“What?” Val raised his both eyebrows. “What are you talking about Alex? I am not into her.” snorted.

“Yeah of course so when I mentioned we went out it wasn’t a death and jealous glare coming from you?” He smirked. “Admit it or not I know you better.”

Val just starred at him with his mouth slightly opened. It was true Val had feelings for Zendaya but he didn’t think she would feel the same and mostly he didn’t want to ruin their friendship and her image that’s why he agreed to be her ‘big bro’ although whenever he heard her call him like that it made him angry, mostly with himself.

“Oh and by the way no she is not busy tonight she is waiting for you to pull your head out your ass and ask her out.” Alex said as he stood up and walked out of the office leaving slightly shocked alone Val.

It took his few seconds before he took his phone out and typed quick message.

Tonight  8pm I am going to pick you up.

The reply came almost immediately and it put the biggest grin possible on his face.


cjkinsley1  asked:

Hey out of curiosity what have you heard about what will all be on the SWAY 2.0 DVD? Thought I read on a blog there maybe a DVD and wander when we may see it. Just wandering. If you don't know anything that's okay thank you:) Caryn

Hey, Caryn… Had the good fortune to spend some time with another  Dance With Me chap who does a lot of marketing/video work. We rode the train back from Westbury after Thursday nights show and chatted SWAY/DWM the whole way. He reports to Alex. Frankly, at the time we spoke, it wasn’t determined what exactly would be done with the footage shot. As others have noted, they hired LA pros to shoot this time, including thecyberathlete, who was at BWAT Dallas, in addition to his DWTS duties. They know they want to do ‘something’ but aren’t sure exactly ‘what’ with the footage. Also, in a subsequent discussion at DWM studios on the topic, it was noted that from SWAY 1.0, while the show was great, the camera is unforgiving… thus, one scene specifically was pointed out from 1.0, during Act II, when the guys are wearing the ‘Dancing is F***ing Awesome’ shirts, all the gents position their arms one way…except for one dude… and that just threw off the whole thing from a video perspective, although I certainly couldn’t recall seeing that ‘flaw’.

Those who say there WILL be a DVD (if there is anyone making that claim, idk) I would say that is in contrast to what I’ve learned from direct conversation and what I’ve observed from their general insistence on quality. IOW, if the footage is sufficiently brilliant all the way through for a DVD, it will be considered, although it didn’t appear to be a priority. However, what is very likely to occur, from my understanding of conversations, is much more expanded ‘making of’ video or videos, which could be used to promote either a SWAY: A Dance Trilogy residency or tour.

I know this is surely frustrating as it’s not a definitive answer. However, it was clear to me, they weren’t really sure either. Besides insisting on quality, one other aspect of anything coming from DWM/SWAY/Chmerkovskiy efforts, is that they do NOT ever want to make a promise they cannot keep.

As for tour/residency hopes, there will very likely be SWAY 3.0, while no promises were made, Eugene stated to me at the Greene Street store on Monday, 12/22, they were taking the rest of the week off and had planned a meeting for this week… Which I suspect occurred Monday, 12/29. At that point, they were going to mull over the next steps for SWAY. My personal thought is that there will be SWAY 3.0. That Meryl will be a part of it for more than one day, as there is a reason she’s now featured w/ Maks on SWAY materials. And that a tour of some sort is being seriously considered as there has been a concerted effort to not only get people to write a review of SWAY, but put in a plug for their city for a tour.  Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to wager a guess.

It’s really a huge undertaking, and thus far, DWM and the family have absorbed all of the risk of putting on this production. No big pocketed underwriters… I love they’ve retained control of the product and the brand and hope they continue to do so… but, that could also lead to more cautious roll out of future SWAY production.

For those who haven’t posted their review, go here to do so, if so inclined: https://plus.google.com/+Swayshowofficial/posts

To see my SWAY: A Dance Trilogy reviews and replies to additional questions on the show, please visit: swayshow.wordpress.com

Hope this provides some clarity.