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For once I didn’t get any pics of the food but I did capture this great moment from #PlatesAndCrates 4 - honored to have the legendary #DwightSpitz aka @countbassd rock with with me last nite! @FullPlateFam

By @boxcuttastyle “Damn I can’t believe I met and saw @countbassd perform tonight. It was a humbling experience to see him perform "I Got Needs” off of Pre-Life Crisis, Potholderz off of MF Doom’s album Mm Food, and some songs off of Dwight Spitz. This dude has seriously mastered the art of the MPC! Thanks for a great show @countbassd!! Hope to see you again in Denver! #StudioMusicianNotAStudioGangsta #Pre-LifeCrisis #ArtForSale #DwightSpitz #ActYourWaistSize #FullCount #2006SomeMusicPart2 #BegBorrowSteel"