Spight: Here is the place where I love you.

Spencer moved to Sydney’s couch.  His sister was fast asleep on the bed.  That was a good thing.  She needed her rest.  Spencer hand only stirred earlier because of his phone.  With both of the Willis twins (guardians of the red and orange floors) hunkered down until Justin returned from camp, he wasn’t sure how the rest of Dalton was faring. 

Spencer looked down at his last text from Dwight.  Well that was the thing you don’t say over text right.  He quickly dialed Dwight’s number, and put his phone up to his ear. He waited for Dwight to answer. 

Spight: Here is what you missed.

Spencer made the short trip to Dwight’s room.  Even though he now (finally) had medicine in his system, he was still a bit twitchy.  It was one of those things his sister would notice, and get overly motherly about.  It was one of those things that Mr. Ford had noticed, and made him do breathing his entire session.  He wondered if Dwight would notice.  He slipped in Dwight’s room quietly and locked the door behind him. “Hey." 


Spencer had a rough day.  It started out good enough with his dressup session.  Then there were the cats.  The cats that had thrown him into an episode. Spencer wondered who had gotten his message.  His normally full proof phone was having issues after being dropped so much.  So he went to Dwight’s room, and quietly knocked on the door.  Dwight would know how to make Spencer smile, he was sure. 

Spight: Hide and go seek. (Trust building exercises in the woods)

Spencer was excited, more than anything else, about his time he got to spend with Dwight out in the woods.  Away from everything.  Outdoors, where he could perhaps show off for Dwight.  One of the trust building exercises was supposed to be Hide and Go seek.  Spencer wasn’t sure how Hide and Go seek was supposed to build trust, but he was sure that it was something that he wanted to do with Dwight. 


Spencer was not sure how you got ready to go meet the boy you like.  He took his sketchbook with him.  He looked around his room, and rubbed his hair wondering what else to bring.  He trifled through his jewelry box and pulled out a Replica of the mask that dean wore.  He went through his closet and found and old faded leather jacket that his father gave him on his first day of Dalton.  He picked out his best work jeans, and an old black shirt.  He stuffed the things in a duffle bag.  It was a small thing to help Dwight. 

Spight: Camping plans.

Spencer waited for Dwight to show up to his room.  He smiled, thinking about the other boy.  He considered cleaning, but he trusted Dwight enough for him to see the sketchpads piled up on his desk, The canvas on the easel, with a painting he just began today, still a mess and a blur.  The drawing books and picture books clamered on his shelf right next to one old one about the Occult that Dwight had checked out from the library.  Instead of photographs, next to his bed, Spencer had sketches.  One of Sydney with fire surrounding her like a phoenix.  One of Dwight dressed a Dean.  The bed was the only thing totally clean. 

If I could heal your wounds with words of love

Spencer had spent the night with his sister.  He knew that Dwight would understand that.  But first thing the next day, he went straight to the infirmary.  He stood outside until visiting hours begun.  He was sure he raised a few eyebrows from the nurses.  He wondered to Dwight’s room and peeked his head in. “Dwight?"