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The Silent One - Part 16

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Synopsis: You and Negan head back to the Sanctuary and he makes you some Christmas dinner

Ships: Negan x Reader (It’s the kind of slow burn where you’re trying to make a fire out of damp twigs)
Words: 1,304
Warnings: Curses, Daddy kink (Negan and his wives), smut (not much)
Chapter Category: Angst

Negan had finally finished bashing Spencer’s head in with his lethal, crimson stained bat. You could see a smile on his face as he looked at the still twitching body that used to be a selfish man named Spencer. Rosita was shaking, from grief or from rage you weren’t sure, possibly a mixture of both.

“Well, we’ll be going now.” Negan said in a voice with far too much normality to it. “Dwight.” Negan nodded his head toward you and very quickly you felt long fingers grip your upper arm. You let out a hiss of pain and Negan gave Dwight a stern look and you felt the scarred man’s grip loosen ever so slightly.

Dwight dragged you so that you were standing beside Negan who was still smiling. He laced one arm around you and pulled you close to him. You could see Rick standing there, looking as if he had seen a ghost. He was shaking, presumably reliving what had happened to some of his former group members. You felt an ache of sympathy and sorrow for him.

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i am flesh & i am bone; i got fire in my soul.
  • Featuring: Dwight & Rick Grimes, brief mentions of: Michonne, Carl Grimes, Negan, Maggie Rhee, Enid Rhee, Daryl Dixon, Sherry, &&. Paul Rovia.
  • Trigger warnings: mentions of death, torture, murder.
  • Summary: Dwight asks Rick for help, Rick explains the predicament that puts him in &&. reminds him of Maggie’s ‘demise’, the ‘loss’ of Daryl and the impacts that’s had on his community. Dwight feels like shit, Rick doesn’t care but he cares about Sherry not being forced into a wife/held prisoner so he accepts as long as Dwight helps them find guns and in the end, works with them but he makes it clear that it isn’t just up to him, he’d have to discuss it with Maggie’s daughter Enid, Daryl’s boyfriend Jesus, his wife Michonne, &&. his son Carl to see how it would sit with them since they lost a lot (because he doesn’t want to outright tell Dwight that both Maggie &&. Daryl are alive).

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We Need To Talk- Negan (JDM)


Hi! Can you do a jealous Negan imagine? You can do the story however you’d like, but maybe add a huge argument between reader and Negan. Please and thank you! 😊 Ps I love your imagines and I’m so glad requests are open again


Prompt 5 and 15 with Negan from TWD :)

“Please, just don’t leave me”

“We need to talk”

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You walked through the camp with a smile. You had your machete in your hand and spun it happily. You liked your blade and were quite skilled with it.

“Hey?” A voice said behind you and as you turned you saw him

His hair was greasy and falling in different directions. You looked at the side of his face that was badly burnt, still red and gross from not healing correctly. His ear had even fused to his head.

“Hi Dwight.” You mutter turning to carry on walking.

“Mind if I join you?” He smiled and stepped forward.

You narrow your eyes a little, “Yeah sure…”

You walked with Dwight in silence. You didn’t even look at him. He was so creepy and his face grossed you out. He put his hand on your lower back, a little too low.

“What’s fucking going on here?” A deeper and more demanding voice said making a smile creep up on your face.

“I was just walking around, stretching my legs” You walked over and kissed his cheek. “Dwight wanted to also…”

He looked down at you for a second before looking at where Dwight’s hand was.”What are you doing?” he scowled. Before dwight could even speak Negan had punched him straight on the nose.

He looked down at him and motioned away with Lucille. “Go away” You started to walk but his hand held your arm tightly, “No. Not you.” His voice gave you shivers. “We need to talk”

“Is something wrong?” you asked when Dwight had left.

He laid Lucille on the ground and looked over at you with a hard stare, “Why were you talking to him?”

“Aww is someone Jealous?” You giggle.

He scowled and looked down at you “Don’t make me mad sweetheart.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“What Is your problem? Am I not allowed to have friends, or talk to anyone? Because believe me Negan I’m not going to be sitting around lie all of the other women around her!” Your voice rose slightly, making his eyes widen slightly.

You stormed off and he stood there watching you.


A few hours passed and he walked to the room you shared. You were shoving clothes in your bag and he looked worried. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to another room.” You scowl

He took your wrist in his hand and looked down at you. “I’m sorry I got mad, I just hate people thinking they can take you away from me. Please, just don’t leave me”

When you looked at him he looked like a child who was scared of losing their favourite toy. He looked sweet and kind. You heart melted.

“I’m not going to leave you.”