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I know I haven’t uploaded in a while, so I have no right to post this, but here goes anyway. 

I went to the NBC Store in NYC a few years ago, and I was FLOORED by the lack of Office merchandise. I mean, you have the best sitcom of ALL TIME, and you’re not even going to sell anything besides Dwight bobbleheads and Fun Run T-shirts? What the heck?

So I sell Office stickers, mugs, shirts, pillows, posters, phone cases, AND MORE on Redbubble. There are legitimately talented people on Tumblr and Redbubble making real art, and here I am, just photoshopping screencaps. But if you’re a big fan of The Office and want a Michael Scott sticker for your laptop, it would be awesome if you could check me out; Redbubble sales are helping me pay off student loans. 

My link is here if you’re interested - if you buy from me, you won’t be an ignorant slut :) 

The Office Merchandise

Hello, lovers of The Office. In celebration of over 2,500 followers, I have compiled a list of items you can purchase that relate to the American version of the television series “The Office.” Please let me know if the links do not work. 

1. The Complete DVD Series 

2. Dunder Mifflin Inc. Shirt (Comes in 20 other colors)

3. Michael Scott’s Fun Run Race for the Cure Shirt 

4. Dundee Trophy 

5. Dunder Mifflin Bumper Sticker

6. Dunder Mifflin Inc. Hoodie (Comes in 9 colors)

7. Dwight Schrute Bobblehead 

8. Schrute Farms Beets Tee Shirt (Comes in 13 colors)

9. Scranton Branch Picnic Tee Shirt 

10. World’s Best Boss Mug


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