Dating Prompto Argentum Would Include

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A/N: It’s been a while since I obsessed so hard over any characters like I am with Prompto now, so this one is extremely long and I put a ‘keep reading’ thing to avoid annoying some people :P I do hope you Prompto lovers like myself enjoy this <3

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Dating the Riddler would include

- Him most likely falling for your intelligence
- He would totally respect you, and would love helping you with anything he could
-”Riddle me this, (Y/N)”
-”Ed, you’ve told me that riddle three times today, can you please pick a new one?”
- You helping him with any and all of his insane projects 
- You actually learning a lot about engineering by accident
- The “Gotham Dork squad” being at your almost total disposal.
- Long nights where you both just stay up and talk about anything and everything
-If you’re in school he’d totally make sure you were passing all of your classes
- Even if the way he chooses to get you said good grades isnt exactly legal
- Dates at museums and art galleries
-”(Y/N) do you like this painting?”
-”Its a bit tacky but I can dig it”
-The next day that painting shows up in your house
-Him being literally the most loyal to you
- Midnight cuddles 
- Becoming friends with the rest of the rogues gallery

Dating Jerome Valeska Would Include...

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  • Him staring at you in Arkham
  • Listening to him whistle all the time
  • “Hi, gorgeous. I’m Jerome.”
  • Him being protective of you
  • Making sure that no one comes near you
  • Barbara constantly flirting with you
  • His jealousy
  • Knowing that he would kill anyone who flirted with you
  • “Y/N, Jerome really likes you.”
  • Barbara being your best friend
  • Low-key being turned on by his insanity and laughing
  • Playing card games with him
  • “THAT’S NOT FA-” 
  • Jerome shutting you up by kissing you
  • Him pulling away after you didn’t kiss him back
  • Grabbing his neck and pulling him closer for another kiss
  • “You’re a great kisser”
  • “I know”
  • Playfully smacking his arm when he gets too cocky
  • Barely getting to do anything without the guards separating you
  • Being taken by Theo along with the others
  • “You and Barbara can train with Tabitha.” 
  • “WHAT!?”
  • “Jerome, Y/N needs to train with the other girls.”
  • “NO!”
  • Thinking that it’s cute when he yells at other people for you
  • Wrapping your legs around his waist
  • Making out on the couch
  • Anyone walking in to disrupt
  • Mostly Theo
  • “Theo the Cock-Block”
  • Sharing a room at the mansion
  • SEX
  • Him being so dominant
  • Like very rough and passionate sex 
  • Jerome getting very kinky
  • “I got restraints for tonight. Do you want to be tied up with rope or handcuffed?”
  • Riding him
  • Having to keep quiet… and failing
  • “Y/N! Keep your fucking voice down!”
  • “I can’t help it. And you should happy that I make these sounds. You caused it…” 
  • Sometimes he gets really turned on by murdering with you so, you two have sex right when you get back home
  • Showering together
  • “Y/N? Are you taking a shower?”
  • “Yes. Care to join?”
  • “Of course”
  • Being the little spoon
  • Jerome liking to hold onto you
  • “I know you’re just trying to cup a feel.”
  • Neck kisses
  • Back hugs
  • Him always spoiling you
  • Jerome killing anyone you want dead
  • “I can kill them for you. Would that make you happy?”
  • “I remember this person from school. They called me weird for actually reading the books that we were assigned. Can you kill them?”
  • “Of course, doll.”
  • Kissing after murdering people
  • You two giving “Crazy in love” a new meaning
  • Both of you knowing your love is real
  • “I…um…I love you…Y/N…”
  • “I love you, too, Jerome.”
  • Being the most feared murderous and insane couple in Gotham

Dating Troy Otto would include…

  • Sweet remarks, it was how he charmed you in the first place
  • Him sweet talking your family and them loving him.
  • Not wanting the close moments to end
  • Long make out sessions
  • Helping Jake keep him calm
  • Getting to see the vulnerable side to him
  • Family dinners
  • Worrying when he’s out on runs
  • Him being very protective of you
  • Kissing and nipping at your skin.
  • Passionate, rough sex.
  • Troy being jealous
  • Him needing to do PDAs and leaving his mark on you so everyone knows you’re his.
  • intense kisses
  • Cuddling
  • Back hugs when he sees you
  • Kisses on the shoulder.
  • Sneaking to private places on the ranch
  • Him enjoying that the ranch community look at you as if you’re one of the leaders
  • Very intense fighting that usually ends in either him storming out or sex.
Dating Jack Sparrow Would Include

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Hi um I was hoping u could write a jack sparrow dating reader would include😅 but maybe the reader has a peg leg and often gets laughed at for it and told it makes her ugly I know this is random but it was just an idea hope u can do it

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A/N: Even though it’s called ‘Dating Jack Sparrow Would Include’, I don’t think Jack would date anyone in the traditional way. But here it is, hope you enjoy!

  • You don’t even know what the two of you are
  • You’re not a couple
  • Yet you spend a lot of time together
  • You’re like Jack’s protegée
  • Or it could be called a fling
  • Whatever it is, it’s not terribly serious
  • Subtly flirting
  • Sneaky glances
  • And smirks all around
  • Jack often gives you jewelry
  • You know he stoles them for you
  • But you don’t mind
  • Because then again, you’re a pirate too
  • Wearing and stealing his hat
  • Drinking rum with him
  • And singing the pirates song out loud
  • Helping him with the Black Pearl
  • You have this thing going on in which you tease each other
  • Mainly when you’re in danger
  • You always pretend like you weren’t worried
  • But you were actually terrified you might lose the other
  • “You can relax now, Jack, I’m okay”
  • “I wasn’t worried, savvy?”
  • “Of course you wasn’t, Cap’n. Just like I wasn’t for you”
  • He’s not that protective, really
  • Or more likely, he is but doesn’t want to show it
  • Jack just keeps an eye on you at all times
  • Even though he knows very well how badass you are
  • In fact, you take control of situations instead of him sometimes
  • “Stop being like a child, Jack”
  • After all, you’ve beat him many times
  • You train sometimes together
  • He knows your ‘I’m mad at you’ face
  • And he hides whenever he sees it
  • “Oh, bugger, here she comes”
  • You’re the only person he blindly trusts

And having a peg leg:

  • Jack doesn’t mind it himself
  • He only thinks it’s the sign of a true pirate
  • Which is why he kinda likes it
  • And enjoys hearing the story behind it
  • And if any of the crew were to make fun of you for it, Jack would intervene
  • Maybe not in a direct and obvious way
  • But he would subtly punish them without no one realizing
  • He would drop a very subtle compliment
  • “Just so you know, love, you’re looking gorgeous”
Dating Scarecrow Would Include

-Obligatory psychology moments where he and you discuss current and old theories 
-Sitting in a library with him for hours on end not saying a word but reading
-”(Y/N) Would you like to help me feed the crows today?”
- “Do I ever say no?”
-Him letting his guard down around you about his accent
-Going to the supermarket at 3:00 am and using self checkout
-Running into other villains on the street during dates
-Running into Batfam on dates
-You becoming best friends with the crows after a while
-”Jon, that one’s name is Cortez”
-”Why’s that?”
-”He just looks like one, honestly”
-Watching the sunset on the rooftops of the city
-Never being afraid of anything again because Professor of Fear might just mean something y’know? 

Dating Jake Otto would include…

  • Him working up the courage to tell you he likes you
  • Being inseparable when you finally get together
  • Long cuddles
  • Soft sweet kisses
  • Hand holding
  • Shy smiles
  • Comforting him when he finds it hard to deal with Troy
  • Him insisting that you don’t go on runs
  • Introducing him to your family and him feeling at home with them
  • Long discussions about your future. 
  • Him surprising you with little gifts
  • Always holds your hand, especially when he’s feeling nervous or wants to keep you close.
  • Long walks around the Ranch
  • Him being mind blowing in bed
  • Sitting and reading books together
  • Him giving you something that belonged to his mother
  • Calling each other pet names.
  • Quick kisses when in public
  • Tickle wars
  • Him saying things to make you blush.
Dating Johnny Cade And Being Dallas Winston’s Sister Would Include

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Can you do Being Dally’s Sister And Dating Johnny Would Include? I love your blog!

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As you can probably tell by how freaking long this is, I adore Johnny. I used to be so obsessed with him and have such a crush on him. But yeah, hope y’all enjoy!!

  • You started of as friends
  • And you didn’t even talk that much at first
  • It was all mainly short and low comments
  • But you kept hanging out with the gang
  • And Pony noticed how you and Johnny were so alike
  • And tried to get you together
  • Not that it was necessary, you were slowly getting there yourselves
  • With time, you became much closer
  • And often acted like you were alone
  • Even when you were with the gang
  • In fact, Sodapop loves to have a laugh
  • Because you both get slightly flustered at his comments about how you’re cute together
  • Then you began actually dating 
  • Even if he’s too shy at first
  • And you have to take the initiative 
  • At least until he gets used to it and begins doing it himself sometimes
  • He would be too shy to kiss you, even in the cheek
  • So you would go ahead and kiss him
  • Everyone thought it was great and adorable when you told them you were together
  • Spending evenings in the lot, just chilling
  • Stargazing
  • Watching sunsets
  • Or calmly lying down in the grass
  • Holding hands or cuddling/spooning
  • In silence, just enjoying the perfect moment
  • Talking about anything
  • And constant hand holding
  • Pecks all over from both sides
  • Borrowing his denim jacket when you’re cold
  • You love to place your head on his shoulder
  • And he just adores having you in his arms
  • Or playing with your hair
  • “Johnnycake”
  • And other nicknames
  • Johnny is always talking about his friends
  • Which you find endearing
  • You both do talk a lot about the gang
  • Comforting him when he’s having a bad time because of his parents
  • Or when he gets panicky because of the incident with the Socs
  • You’re just always there for each other
  • Whether what you need is a hug, venting, or anything
  • Everyone says they had never seen Johnny so happy before
  • Johnny is always complaining that he can’t get you any presents
  • He just wishes he could spoil you and treat you like he wants to
  • Even if he’s treating you like royalty anyway
  • You let him crash at your place sometimes
  • Even if he hates to bother
  • But you insist that he never bothers
  • Overall, you always try and make him feel loved. Always
  • Let him tell you everything
  • Because he trusts you so much that he vents with you
  • You’re goofying around all the time to make him smile
  • And you succeed most of the time!
  • Gently kissing his scar to make him feel better
  • Lots of hugging
  • Extreme cuteness
  • Johnny will do anything for you
  • Especially to keep you safe
  • No matter how scared he is himself
  • He will always do anything to assure your wellbeing

While being Dallas’ Sister:

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  • Dally has warned Johnny many times
  • He’s just very overprotective of you
  • And even though he sees Johnny trully loves you
  • Dallas just can’t help but to protect you so much
  • He’s always loved Johnny, but his brotherly instinct kicks in no matter what
  • You do tell Dally to leave you alone about Johnny
  • But Dallas gets angry in response most of the time
  • Which ends up in arguing and yelling at each other
  • You three hang out many times
  • And usually have a nice time
  • Especially since you two are the only that can tell Dally off
  • Sometimes Dallas will storm off in response
  • But at least he’ll stop being Dally
Charlie Winston

Words: 1,239
Warnings: Mild swearing, drug references, death
A/N: Hey, so here is kind of my take on Dallas’ backstory, or at least a piece of it. If you want me to write more on this topic just let me know! I hope you like it.

Dallas Winston sat down at the card table, cluttered with empty beer bottles and full ashtrays, as he ripped open the first envelope. It was from his sister Jodie who was almost a thousand miles away in Chicago.

He took out it’s contents; a couple of $50 dollar bills and a folded note. Hie eyebrows raised as he looked at the cash. Usually it was no more than $20, but he welcomed the surprise. Pocketing the cash Dally proceeded to open the letter which was written on a food stained piece of scrap paper.


This is everything I got for you right now, it needs to last you a few months. My boss is saying that my stomach is getting too big to continue stripping so this is all you’re getting until this baby comes. I’ll send you a letter when he get’s here though, maybe a picutre too, who knows.

I hope you’re doing okay. Make sure to stay out of trouble.


Though he was one of seven children, Jodie was the only one he still kept in touch with. He would write to her from jail and when he was released she sent him some money every month or so. Even though they didn’t have the same father, Jodie knew that Jack Winston wasn’t going to do Dallas any favors, he never did their mother any. He was too busy shooting up to take care of even himself. Independence and distance were the two things Dallas wanted though, even if he didn’t approve of his fathers drug habit he never complained too much about it. He was just waiting for the day the old fuck would finally overdose.

Dally picked up the next envelope that was waiting for him on the table. There was no return address and he was intrigued. It was rare for him to receive mail, let alone from an unknown sender. Usually it came as fines from the police station, other times from buddies who were stuck in the cooler and didn’t have any other company, but rarely was it from anonymous.

He tore into the envelope and pulled out a lined piece of paper. Before he read it he looked to the bottom of the page, seeing who the sender was. His heart almost stopped and his chest became tight. Signed neatly at the bottom of the page was the name Charlie.

Hey Dally it’s been a while since we last talked. I hope you’re doing alright in Oklahoma. Listen, I know you told me not to but I got caught up with the Street Rats. Things got worse after you left and you always told me to protect myself first right?

It’s been to much for me, theres to much going on. I need to get away from it all. Cliff almost died last month, did you know that? He got shot outside of some bar who fucking knows why. Everyday people are fucking shit up and everyday someone else dies from being gunned down. I fucking hate it here in New York man I need to get out. I need to come visit you down South okay? Write back to me at the address at the bottom.

Your brother, Charlie

Dallas sighed, tossing the letter onto the table. He reached into his shirt pocket grabbing the pack of cigarettes and book of matches that lived there. Lighting up his smoke he thought of New York. It had been two years since he left that life behind. It’s been two years since he’s heard anything from his brothers.

Cliff was shot huh? He scoffed and shook his head. I’m surprised the bastard isn’t dead yet.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke, Dallas reclined in his chair, kicking his boots up onto the card table. He thought about Charlie moving down here. It would be safer, thats for sure. Tulsa has it’s fair share of gangs but you’re never more than 20 minutes from cow country if you ever needed to get away. Maybe the fresh air would do the kid some good. Tulsa was gritty, but New York was straight dirt.

But where would he stay? He couldn’t stay with his father, hell, Dally could hardly stay with him. Dallas looked around Buck’s place. The midmorning sun streamed through the dirty windows, illuminating the dust and smoke particles that swirled lazily in the air, giving it a hazy quality. Chairs were strewn through out the rooms and beer bottles littered every surface, these were what remained from last night. This was no place for a kid.

Dally was lucky that Buck let him stay here, but he knew that he was an exception. There’s no way Buck would let a 13, wait shit, 15 year old move in. The only way that he could make this work is if the kid came down with a decent amount of cash, then they could figure something out.

After searching for a pen and a sheet of paper, Dally wrote his reply. He tucked the letter into his back pocket and headed off for the Curtis house. Darry had a stamp and an envelope, right?

After sifting through Buck’s mail for a few weeks, Dallas finally got a reply. Charlie agreed to bring down $200 to Tulsa. He just needed some time to get the cash. Dally told him to take as long as he needed to, he wasn’t going no where, besides an unexpected vacation to the cooler.

Correspondence between them went dead soon after he sent that last letter. Dally thought that maybe if he stopped looking everyday for a response than maybe it would come. A watched pot never boils right? For the first few weeks he brushed it off, maybe the kid was busy. Maybe he got a job to save up. Then, those weeks turned into a month. Then two months went by. And Dallas was pissed.

He gives this little shit head a chance to escape that hell hole and he can’t even reply. He’s probably throwing it away. Dally would have killed for someone to give him this chance when he got the fuck out of there. Instead, Dallas was left to his own defenses. He saved up enough for a one way bus ticket, packed all of his shit into a small duffle bag, and rode down to Tulsa alone only to wind up at his old address, where inside waiting for him was his father passed out on the couch with a needle in his arm. If he ever hears from that little punk again he’s gonna let him know exactly what he’s giving up.

Dallas got his reply three months after he sent his last letter. It was in a letter from Jodie along with a newspaper obituary she included.


Mom sent me this and I thought you should know about it too. Our little brother Charlie died a few weeks ago. He was holding up a grocery store when the owner shot him. They found him with like $150 cash in his pockets so they think he robbed another place too. Mom didn’t know much about it but she thinks he was getting ready to run away, why else would he have that much cash on him you know?

The baby should be coming in the next few months, I’m thinking about maybe naming him after Charlie.

Stay out of trouble,


Dating Two-Face would include

-Most likely you’d meet in a bar or something
-He’d be the guy who got rid of the creeps bugging you
-You guys went to Denny’s after talking a little bit
-Of course you’d be a little afraid at first because, well, villain.
-But rest assured Harv is a golden person
-After your first official date he’d walk you home and everything would get a bit awkward for a minute because neither of you wanted it to end
- Harvey having a major romantic side that no one knows about except you
- You frequently recieve cutesy gifts from him like flowers, chocolates, pretty much anything you ask for
-after a few dates he brings you home to meet his daughter
-you two clicking over how much you both care about Harv
-Helping him when he feels down
-this man would cuddle you forever if you let him
-he likes to spoon and be big spoon, but if you wanted to hold him he’d totally be up for it
-Doing things with Duella like clothes shopping or watching movies when Harvey ends up in Arkham
-Bailing him out of jail quite often
-Helping him make decisions for trivial things like dinner or what detergent to buy
-You’d be his everything and he’d be yours
-Between his two sides and Duella you’ll never have a dull moment

Dating Castiel Would Include

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Could you please do a Dating Would Include for Castiel from Supernatural? You’re amazing!!!

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  • It’s not really dating, per say
  • But you two do have something going on together
  • Something trully special
  • He calls you by your full first name
  • Which you find adorable
  • There’s not much physical contact
  • Maybe a bit of hand holding
  • And a few kisses here and there
  • But that’s all
  • Because Cas is a bit shy and awkward about it
  • But there are lots of hugs
  • Like a lot of constant hugging
  • Since even though he’s still awkward
  • Castiel doesn’t mind you hugging him at all
  • Basically you and Cas are like best friends
  • He’s not against trying new things
  • In fact he enjoys discovering new stuff you tell him about relationships
  • Like dates and the usual things people do
  • Sam and Dean keep telling you how adorable you both are
  • Cas always asks Dean for advice
  • Because he wants to give you the best and is afraid to mess up
  • Protective!Dean
  • As in “Take good care of Cas, alright, kid?”
  • Even if him and his brother are always smirking when they see you and Castiel together
  • Cas trusts in you as much as he trusts Dean
  • And tells you everything, including his worries
  • He can be a bit oblivious of some things
  • But is more than ready to learn and listen
  • A lot of perks from his angel powers
  • Like being healed instantly
  • Even if it is just from a mild headache, as soon as you tell him Cas heals you from anything
  • As well as popping up whenever you feel like it
  • Even if that same power gets on your nerves sometimes when he randomly appears out of the blue
  • At first he used to accidentally scare you a lot when he did it
  • And he would cutely apologize
  • You love teaching him stuff about movies, music, etc
  • And he likes telling you stories about the angels and God and history
  • You’re so damn protective of the other
  • Because you deeply love each other 
  • And think you are too precious
Dating Harley Quinn would include

-Harl showing up dressed to kill
-Going out on the town and wrecking shit
-Harleen Quinzel is the epitome of the phrase “party animal”
-though sometimes it’s best for the two of you to stay home and binge watch Disney movies
-no matter your gender, Harley will play with your hair and give you a manicure just for the fun of it, and of course if you ever wanted to play with her hair
-oh God she loves it when someone plays with her hair
-“(Y/N) I got you a gift!”
-“Harl, honey, do I actually need another dog?”
-“ What kind of question is that, of course you do!”
-Hating to but eventually having to turn down her fur baby offerings
-She’d totally be a fan of Gorillaz
-10/10 she’s got dare blasting when she works out
-she may seem a little over the top sometimes but she’d drop the act in a heartbeat if you were ever really hurt
-“Oh shit, (Y/N), you’re bleeding!”
-its just a paper cut but she’s got you covered
-after the adventures all over, you’d totally both get a hot relaxing bubble bath and chill with some champagne or something

Dating Nick Clark would include…

  • Helping him with his drug addiction
  • Him protecting you with his life
  • Nick treating you as part of his family
  • Having to deal with his sometimes selfish actions
  • Knowing that when he says how he feels it’s the truth
  • Heated arguments
  • Passionate love making
  • Nick always surprising you when he’s selfless
  • Knowing that his addictive personality could one day lead to him leaving you
  • Having a good friendship with Alicia
  • Nick doing sweet little things to surprise you
  • Him protecting not only you but your family
  • Loving how caring he is about the people around him
  • Cuddling
  • Falling asleep in his arms
  • Telling him that you love him even with his flaws
  • Finding yourself wanting children after seeing how good he is with them
  • Forehead kisses