anonymous asked:

can you give some good doctor who blogs that are still active (and post a lot of eleven)

omg i know so many blogs are either inactive or have switched fandoms i’m slowly decaying because of lack of dw

most of these will probably be slightly multifandom I’m not really aware of when someone is strictly dw anymore but I always recommend @claraoswinoswald @coffeeclara and @whouffle they are wonderful people who i’ve followed and talked to for years 

here are some other great people to follow @johnwtasons @ameliapondsy @wandamaixmoff @clarabosswald @claramaximoff @ninerose @runcleverclara @twelvesoswald @claraoswinr @cvbermen @bisexualamy @rorywilliams @weepingcapaldi

I’m also a part of @dwgif which is an entire blog for dw gifs so you should check that out!!

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