"Slay the Incubus" – Dwerek

I seriously made me laugh in this one. Every. Time. Buddy.


If a Windsor would ask Dwight where he was the night of Friday, the twenty first of January, he would say that he was out hunting. And he was hunting, he really was. It was only a little… different than the other times he did hunt. He was absolutely certain that Derek Seigerson was an incubus. Where did his conquests go once he was done with them? Exactly. And Dwight was there to put a stop to it. He had to be destroyed. So he stalked his target one evening and cornered him behind Stuart house. At first Derek was surprised (and Dwight swore he sensed fear too) to see the hunter that evening.

“What the fuck?”

“I’m here to destroy you, you incubus!” Dwight said bravely even though he was just about to pee his pants.

“And how are you going to do that?” Derek asked smugly.

“By having s-sex with you.” He answered, now that wiped the smug smile off of the athlete’s face. “It’s the only way. To have sex with a virgin man will destroy you!”

“Virgin you say…” Derek regained his smirk and grabbed Dwight by the coat and turned him around to slam him on the wall. It knocked the breath out of Dwight and he saw a little fuzz around his vision before regaining all his senses. Derek’s face was centimeters away from him and Dwight stared back. “Well then.” Derek whispered, his lips brushing against Dwight’s as he did, sending shivers down the Windsor’s spine. Derek grinded on him, getting a gasp as an answer. “Destroy me, Houston.”